Starter account can't play offline??

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I paid 60$ for starcraft 2 and i used to be able to play it offline but now ever since i got WoW i havent been able too it says Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty starter accounts can not play offline. i paid 60$ for this game this is outrageous! if this is a glitch where can i fix it if this is normal and i have to pay even more to play offline its crazy! Plesae answer a Moderator or something and tell me how to fix.
This is a glitch thats been going around recently.

1. Make sure your System Clock is set correctly
2. Make sure you're running the game as an Administrator.
3. Try running the Repair.exe tool, in the Starcraft II\Support folder.

If that doesn't fix it, occasionally the issue will go away by itself. If not, please post your Dxdiag:
    Press the Windows Key + R, Type Dxdiag and hit Enter/OK, Click Save All Information and Save the file to your desktop.

This issue in some cases has gone unresolved, but by providing this information you may help find the cause.
ive been posting this everywhere ive seen this problem because i found something that "so far" has worked for me, and its really simple, just when you connect to it online check the remember account, then you should be able to play it offline after that, however it seams if you log in online it clears that and you have to once again check it, hope that helps

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