Cloaked Love, Part 8

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As I destroyed the last of the fighters, I quote 'landed' into the hanger (more like crashed. It's a bloody mess) and bashed out the windows to get out before the flames got to the cockpit. I walked out, streched my back with a notable *crack* and then decided to get some food at the mess hall before I went about fixing what I could of the wreck that was my ship. But as I walked down the hall, I saw what I thought was... no, it can't be...


All I had on me was my knife, my pistol, and my training, and I knew if I tried to fight the hydralisk, I would end up as, 'a fine red mist' as the snipers would say. So I simply sounded the alarm and sprinted toward the armory.
I felt sad. The ship was mostly empty and now this guy came along. I gritted my teeth and ran after him.
I reinforced the armory door behind me as I entered. I obviously didn't have time to get into proper armor, so I simply got on my flak jacket, put on my helmet, grabbed my neosteel Spear, got my steel shield since I figured I was better with something between me and the hydra and my knife, and prepared to fight.
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I stared at the Terran, then said to him-
<Stand down!>
As I spoke, I began to absorb some of the heat around me.
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Crap, musta lost him,
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*Mark smiles*

"I will always love you to Jay, nothing can ever change that."
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Kiss him again.
"You know, I can never tell what you are trying to acomplish by dropping the temperature. And you really think I'll do what you say, lizardman?"

And with that I charge. First I fight with spear and shield. then sword and pistol. the knife and fist. I knew I wasn't going to survive this fight, but I resolved to give this hydralisk a fight to remember.
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I decide that I have learned enough from the classified files today and start randomly walking through the ship. I will be able to be where I'm needed instead of where I want to be. I turn the corner and enter the hanger bay. I see Jay and Mark kissing.


What did I miss?!?! Did Digger actually hit their heads together? Did Moirana? I notice the drop pods. Then it all makes sense. Looks like one ran away, the other followed, and Moirana (being very tolerant of their foolishness) dragged them both back here.



*Mental shake* Wow. I thought I would explode because of the excess energy before I saw this.

*Takes out camera* FLASH

Now I can look at this picture and remember anything is possible.
blah blah blah then i come and kill all of you
blah blah blah due to random events the would-be assassin is blown up by a lightning bolt. IN SPACE. It seems god didin't like him at all.
* Jay beat Ghostgirl's comment and goes in and kisses him. After while, she pulls back and smiles.*

"You came back. That's all that matters."

*She gets up, not even wobbling on her feet. Now it seems as if she's sure-footed again.*

"On the've shocked me into getting my mobility back."
The hydralisk slammed me into the wall. I was defeated. Both me and the hydralisk were seriously wounded. I had impaled it's head several times, tore a deep wound across it's spine, and had sliced off part of it's left claw. Although compared to me he merely got a scratch. He had amputated part of my left arm, I had spines across my left thigh and leg, and Due to wounds all over my body, I couldn't feel a thing. I still held my knife tight, but I was beginning to fade. I coughed at least a pint of blood as the hydralisk approached me, satisfied that he had finally beat the annoying terran.

(Just in case the first one is blurry.)
I send the picture to a separate drive so it can't be lost.
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Now, then, I think it's time we do something with you.

Pulling the young girl from Jay's now oblivious mind, Moirana takes her within her own, before making her way to the girl's body.
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Hmmm... Moirana's here too. I wonder if she shows up on the picture.
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