Tears of a Fallen God *The Mystery Rp*

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Korozain: ....Them?......

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"Yes. GO speak with them. Now. I have puppies to buy and ice cream to eat."
"Teleports in na frosty mist"

Korozain: Myruko!

Myruko, speaking to Ebon, turns around to see Korozain...

Myruko: K-K-Korozain?

"Yeah, its me..." is is reply

A rush of thoughts suddenly envelope Ebon. First :If Korozain is back, what of Myruka...
Second: Is he going to...Third: No. He won't. Fourth: Why didn't Los..
Korozain: Myruka.... (caught ebons thoughts) isn't herself.... And I am hoping to take my wife back. One wy or another ( makes an Ice Greatsword and holds his pistol in the other hand..)
"Korozain. This isn't...right." Ebon says. "You cannot force anyone, in matters of love. It's her choice... If she chooses you, I'll..back down... without a fight. I expect the same from you."
"Well, thatnis true, but I was gone for what, 15 years? What has changed..."

Myruko: Korozain. I am with Ebon now, (sounds differant from her usual, casual, self)


Myruko: I might think about comming bck, but, Ebon has been here for me, and-

"Myruko is alive." he interrupts.
Ebon remains silent, standing close to Myruko. He reasons with himself that interfering will only hurt his chances..
"Ebon, I can get Myruka for you. I know you miss her dearly, and Echo will be happy."

Myruko looks a bit nervous...

"Korozain....Iam bearing Ebons child...."
Ebon decides it's time to interfere.

"Korozain. We had a situation similar to this...earlier... and Myruko was the one being bribed. Myruka is dead. She has had her life, been satisfied, and passed. As for Echo...speak with him if you wish.
"What...." he replies angrily and somewhat confused.
With that said, Ebon goes silent again.
Sorry, i was setting up my TV something got unplugged.

"Ebon, she isnt dead.... I saved her, somewhat...(Korozain)
"Look, Korozain. *seems fairly choked up about the news, though* Myruka was pleased when I moved one...she wishes to be dead. If I am wrong...*mind* She'll tell me. *normal* I love Myruko.
"Hmmm, she might be dead then. Not sure, she looks alive but, maybe dead... "*sets down a monitor, it shows her body. She is covered in frostbites an her skin is blue, and her leg isnt on quite right...*
"0_O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" *gets his calm* *looks to see how Myruko is handling this* "*sigh* Mmhmmm. She's-
Myruko: Korozain, I thought about it... I have decided that my sister, is dead, and I'm with Ebon now, but I still love you. *kisses him*

Korozain stands there blankly. Goodbye... I will be back when the Shadows emerge. *t'eleports*
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When he said "I will be baxk when the shadows emerge" he was referring to the fact that when Miko Is old enough( ebon and myruko's child) she will transform the Guardians nto the dark (but still good) Kokir.

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