Tears of a Fallen God *The Mystery Rp*

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Ebon remains silent, waiting for Myruko to speak. he seems a bit, disorientated.
Myruko: Come on Ebon, I think we should go and rest...
His mind is going VERY quickly. "Alright." he says rather slowly.
Later at thier hut. Myruko is in her night gown in the bed with Ebon.

Myruko says out of nowhere, "Korozain , he seemed...different..."
Ebon was following the same mental track. "He's gone through what I did, after the Drow experience... *quietly* welcome to the real world...

He seems to quietly laugh a bit, his mind far away. He phases back, more subdued.
An ice shard blasts through the window with a small tomb(book) attatched to it.

Myruko: What the...
Sol'Dur sighs (Sol'Dur is..different... More demonic. The accent is more demon/dragon, instead of angel/demon), and looks at the book.
The Tomb reads on the cover. "The Tomb of Korozain, the Master of Frost"
Sol'Dur Baenre reads VERY quickly, reading pages a second.

Ok. I'll go get a snack.
Ho humm
This may take a while to type...
Just before the crash, I bolstered my armor with the cobalt shard I found, and It worked... But Myruka was badly injured. In the few seconds I had, I grabbed her and burried myself and her deep in the ice and snokw and encased us in a coffin of permafrst for 10 years. After I awoke, a blizzard had overcome the planet, and Ivgained new power.... I took Myruka and tried to preserve her the best i can, but she was dying...slowly...and i knew... I created a fortress with ice spires and plates. I improved my armor and my abilities. When I awoke Myruka, I was horrified. She looked even worse than I did. And when she took her first breath, she didn't sound human, I turned her into a demon of some sort... So I re-froze her... I then spent about a year watching all of you, and deciding when to make my move. The wintery planet soon started changing to spring. When that happened I soon found demons among me... It was a very small battle and I nearly died. And later about the time when Ebon and Myruko started liking eachother, I slowly emerged... And well, I started noticing things... I saw things that could hav drove a regular man insane... (after a few more pages of what he saw [mainly the future of the Guardians and the Nokar] ebon reaches his final entry) Befiore I reveal mysef, woever reads this book, Myruka's "husk" is in the mountains of the south side of this planet, you will see a fortress which isnt too hard to find., nut thier are many traps and senteries... This is the Master of Frost, quoted by Fate, ending my final entry.... (the book fades in a blue frost-fire)
He laughs quietly. Then reads the Myruka part. D::l

"That, was... Odd."

Korozains voice is faintly heard..."Go get her....She is out there, and she needs you....
"Myruko. We need to get your sister, and quickly... *mentally* I hope this turns...decently...*a bit of mental weakness, Myruko can do pretty much anything to him at that point*
Alright. She repliesmand teleports to the location that was described in the book.
Ebon goes manually, first teleporting out of the house, and, using Dragon wings, fly/runs at the same speed. Preparing something "special" as he runs, he doesn't notice Los trailing him.
Myruko starts to make a Waypoint Plate, and then meditates, for she still doesnt know her power...
Once at the location, Sol'Dur draws out his two curves blades, holding them backwards (blade pointing down, or, in this case, towards him (curved)).

G2g, can you plot for a bit, and I'll continue it tomorrow?

We have a good plot going.

See ya.
My computer is completly busted now, i cant update, cant reinstall anything... So text RP is all i can do untill i find my backup disc so i can redo my computer. Also, there is a new page if you hadn't noticed.

Sorray, I'm stuck today and maybe tomorrow.

Ebon continued running. Los was well prepared. Cutting at Exactly the right moment, Ebon was impaled quite nicely through the side. At his speed, Ebon couldn't stop, and the blade was ripped out of him.

Triel, who was in the area, smelled the fresh blood. She didn't care whose it was, but she needed it. No matter what...

She pounced.

Los, realizing his good luck, left.

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