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Myruko senses that Ebon is in trouble and sprinrs to him through the dunes of snow, ready to fight any demon, or "Sentry" in the area, she also seems to be eminating an aura that creates heat to energize some of her spells (ones that involve fire)
The warmth in the area alerts two of the 10 sentries in the area.

Ebon looks where his blood drops, and see's an inscription in the ice on the ground, which reads:

"Sentries come in pairs, and die, in pairs..." -The Frost Master, Korozain
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(What Myruko sees)

Triel looks to be involved heavily with Ebon. At first, she's outraged, until she sees the large pool of blood...
Go on...

Upon blasting Triel away, Myruko slowly walks closer. Quickly reading his mind (checking for sanity) she finds a certain...sickness. Los's scythe cut was perfect ; entering Ebon's side to stop him, but curving just over his heart, and under his lungs. Triel's venom, however, was a bit worse. Designed to trap and prevent a victim from moving, or using magic, it caused a severe mental illness. The pool of blood was from Triel's sloppy eating ; the scythe cut caused almost no bleeding.

As she approaches, he's eerily still...Mayhaps the venom already ended him?

Myruko attempts to heal him, but decides to stop the bleeding. She does so and gives some of her blood to him(using a psionic syrenge), through his blood vessel in his neck so most of it goes to his brain. And fixes the minor cut Los did. She then tries to abolish the poison. But a pair of sentries find thier way... (ill do the fight tomorrow)


Dante finds Los and blankly says "Dad, why..."
"Reasons beyond your comphrehen- Fine. I was trying to make Ebon think on his actions, by applying a literal pause. Ok, fine... I was trying to surprise Sol'Dur out of Ebon."

Sol'Dur heals well, and Myruko's blood negates some of the poison.
"You know quite well "Sol'Dur is apart of him... "He replies...
"... Sol'Dur...*mind* This is hard to explain*....Was a part of the natural balance of Ebon. Sol'Dur is, imaginably, the darker side, and Ebon is the lighter side. Together, they were the Ebon we know. Sol'Dur took Lighter Ebon's side of Twilight Ebon, and so Ebon has been corrupted. Myruko doesn't know it...she's in danger."

*pauses for a moment*

"Ask Xena about the "Balance". She'd understand what I'm getting at."

"Umm, alright..." is his simple reply, and he goes to thier hut where she is sleeping...

"Heyyy... " he says lightly as he wakes her.

"Hmm?" she tiredly moans.

What do you know, of the "Balance"

(you do this part please)


Myruko changes to her warrior side and pulls out her psionic blades. She easily takes down the first sentry with a series of slashes in the back and chest. The second seems augmented with an Icecrown Sapphire. She attemts to strike it but her arm is frozen from doing so. She morphs back to her caster side and evokes a flame spell and weakens the sentry enough for her to strike. She then explodes the Sapphire psionicly and then the debris shatters and works as shrapnel on the sentry. She then finishes it off with a rain of fire, which takes alot out of her... She limps to Ebon and teleports them to the camp here she makes a fire and lays Ebon down to rest. She creates a lrge shield around the campthat us sustained by a void shard and she makes dinner.
(Section A)

"What do you need to know about it?" Upon Dante telling the scenario, she becomes colder. "Ebon may die. He may also doom us. Any other questions?" The too-short answer seems out of place for her...Dante thinks maybe she isn't joking...

Ebon is sustaining a high fever, seeming to be "sane" one moment, and spitting curses at random things/people the next. 0_O.
"Alright. I apologise for asking... I have some buisness to attend to..." he replies woth a blank stare at the sky.

Xana: What 'buisness'?

Dante: Something. (goes out to find Viss)
Upon finding Viss...

Viss listens calmly.

"Yeah, Ebon may die. Nothing too big."

Viss seems to know something trippy.
What do you know of this, Viss.. He replies coldly.
"Apparently more than you do." Viss replies, until he sees Dante's weaponry being displayed. "Sob." After more cold looks at the weapon, then Viss, Viss relents. "Ebon's Balance has been shifted by the emotional hardships he's endured. he eventually made alternate personalities so he could still live with hope... so the lighter Ebon was born. Sol'Dur (Evil version) went into submission. Sol'Dur eventually grew bitter of being in submission, and took control. This happened 50 years ago, the end of his time with Myruka. That is the true Ebon. When Myruka died, the positive energy he was draining was replaced by evil. Sol'Dur, with this additional energy, won the fight for the body. This was not meant to be. It disturbed the balance..."
I may not be able to play this weekend...please wait for me to rp.

But I may be able to.
Lots of TEXT RP!
I cant get on for a long time because i gotta fix my computer.
Well, gnight!
"Make plot"
"Hmm, I know whar Ihave to do. I'll need your help though. Itnsounds crazy with all the paradox's amd such, but we need to make a time machine, and make sure the crash doesnt happen. We can
A. Make the (overminds race here)
B. Wipe them from existance...

Your choice..."
"We need to...*a sudden explosion rocks them*"

Back at the camp, Ebon, with some guidance by Myruko, had tried to expel Sol'Dur. It failed.
Myruko: Damit! Why arent these spells working?!?!

She then realizes, the answer lies within Korozains Fortress...


Sol'Ebon (not middle Ebon, they're different), severely weakened, takes a drink out of a flask. He seems to recover quickly. "Then, let us go..."
(Sorry about briskness, been pretty busy.)

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