Tears of a Fallen God *The Mystery Rp*

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Wit's End is located (You suddenly wake up from a dream, startled deeply. You fall back asleep.).
What's with the "File Purged" repeatedly?
Also its edited by Firebat but Roboto posted it...
Firebat and Roboto are one and the same.

*The war moved, I guess.*
Twitch, walking along the sewers, fails to hear a noise...And falls over dead.

Ebon was bored.
Peace was good. Ebon had spent his life killing things, and (He had to admit) being killed a few times too, but this was the life. He had a
This was purged because this is supposed to be dead with no one rping on it I believe
Even though Ebon seemed to always be in trouble some how, it always hurt Triel just the same... Now it was Korozain's doing, which made it worse still. But, she was his sister, not his guardian. She always ended up trying to help, and making it worse. So, she decided to turn a blind eye to this conversion...


Miko sneaks out of her house, not awakening Narko. She's certainly out for something...
Narko sneaks out of his house, careful not to awaken Miko. He's certainly up to no good...

(I need to actually be in a rp before I really get plot ideas. it's been long enough I..forgot..how to make plots...)

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