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yeah i never get the team to read so i just skipped it seems like a waste of forum space
*Shrug* idk what we're gonna do, but after im done with the backstory, i have a feeling we'll have something to work with. i got an idea...although i don't promise any huge story cure.
I think killing the clones off was a bad idea. My plan was to have them reanimate Shadow into a mindless slave. Then again it was prolly good jenkins plugged that in :(
Idk, I wish you guys would type paragraphs at a time, instead of just 1 line. they tend to be nicely thought-out, more plot sprinkles per cubic word.
Yes, I'm a hypocrite...Zling and Zlot wasn't a good example. Rise and Fall was better, though.
Yeah, Firebat (now Zanon's) I think is the best example of long paragraphs (well, the most recent one)
I lost track a long time ago, but I thought the story was entertaining, if not a little out of control.
The problem is creating consistent dialogue between characters controlled by different people. If we could agree ahead of time what was going to happen before we posted it, I think it would be better.

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