new to multiplayer, looking for tips.

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I mainly play terran, but Im in the Bronze league and hover around the 50 mark... any tips to improve, things I could be doing wrong?
More workers, and wall off.

More workers.

NEVER bank.

Day9's Newbie tuesdays are also good.
Here is the list of them all
and his website
Do you buy upgrades?

If you don't, you need to

if you do, you're either making them too early or too late
ALWAYS poke at your opponent with air, once you can. (Or Drop units, usually Hellions)

Get Upgrades in longer games (10+ minutes).


Static defense is for people who use heavy static defense-NOT GOOD.
Listen to everything these people say, but pretend I said it.

Seriously though, always scout as soon as you can. Also, protoss players like to save up minerals and warp in pylons and photon cannons right in your base, so WALL OFF.

Unless you're protoss. I had a 3v3 partner trap himself inside his base. It wasn't pretty.
Always give your marines combat shields if you favor that build. Best single upgrade for a unit.

Besides maybe Psi storm for High Templar (suddenly they are actually DANGEROUS!)
I think all of you guys are right, but if his mechanics aren't solid then it won't matter.
You need to work on your macro and micro.


Essentially this is using up all your resorces because if it's not being used then you're behind.

Also supply block falls into this catygorey, because if you're supply blocked as terran you'll have to make another supply depot(very slow) or use energy from your orbital to supply drop (immediate but not recommended)

You should not be floating on much resorces as terran, because you should be constantly be building units.


This means to use units to the best of their abilities.

For terran that means dropping behind lines with medivacs or fighter mode vikings.

One very important aspect to get right is shoot and scoot.

Shoot and scoot is where you alow the units to damage and then move them slightly and bypass the attack animation.


It's self expainitory, but you should always be upgrading your units with attack and armor upgrades.

For any bioball it's recommended that you get these upgrades in this order

Armor 1
Concussive Shells
Attack 1
Combat Shields
Attack/Armor 2
Attack/Armor 3
Also, watch the back of your base. I know from personal experience that it is easy to get units in that way (I've gotten Medivac/marine'd a lot). I got a mothership into the middle of somebody's base one time.
Learn hotkeys, they save a lot of time

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