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It dosen't matter if you'e been following the thread or not-this is simply a story for your guy's enjoyment, :P

For those of you who HAVE been following the cloaked love thread, this is an extra treat for you guys.

Feel free to leave comments of my writing, which does need some attention...not as good as i used to be, :\
Wait what? You had to make a whole new thread just for your character!?
A young girl walked aimlessly through the woods. She didn't seem worried that she had gotten lost, she instead continued forward, making her way through the darkness. The girl needed time to think, this was the perfect way to do so.

That day at her colony's school, she had done something she couldn't of her classmates, a particualy annoying one at that, had been making fun of her. She suddenly stops, closing her eyes, the memory coming back to her

\ \ \

"LUNA! Why are you so weird? All you do is sit there, like a retard." The boy laughed at his own comment, several others joining in. The girl called Luna simply sat there, staring at something distant. The boy smirked. He jabbed a chubby index finger at her. "FREAK!" At that point, everyone had started into the laughter.

Luna's eyes flickered for a moment, but she stayed in her motionless state. The boy's smile turned smug, noticing. "You try to ignore me Luna, but i can still get under your skin." He then shoved Luna aside, making his way across the playground. Luna turned her head slightly...had anyone noticed, they would have seen her eyes glowing lightblue.

Just then, the boy started to float into the air. He struggled, trying to get down. Then, he flew across the playground, landing in the sandbox...facefirst. Luna stood up and turned her head around and started to giggle. Everyone turned to her, and they noticed-her eyes were still glowing blue. They began to back away, starting to whisper: "Dude, how did she do that?? She really is a freak...wait, what do you think she'll do to us?"

The girl could sense their unease, she didn't quite like it. It didn't help that they were all stareing at her. She backed herself into a tree-one of many others, marking the wood's treeline. Glanceing back at her classmates, she bolted deep into the leaves.

/ / /

Luna opened her eyes. That was how she got here, out in the middle of absolutely nowhere. She sighed, then looked around. The trees seemed to go on forever-but the girl knew better than that. These were the same woods that circled her home's backyard. She could simply walk there from where she was, if she could pinpoint the hill her house was on.

Closeing her eyes, she let her senses take over...when she opened them, she was facing a different direction, her eyes glowing softly. She smiled, happy her idea had worked, and trudged forward. She didn't even care that her eyes seemed almost natural to her, like they were supposed to do it.

After what seemed like hours, Luna could see her backyard through the trees. She hopped over a few bushes and walked around in the clearing at the base of the hill. She peered up at her modest little home and smiled, but it soon faded. Something was wrong...there were lights flashing, red and blue.

Panting, she ran up the hill and around the side of her home, then froze. There stood dominion marines and their cruiser, the town's poliece enforcement, and there stood her stepfather, staring at her with narrowed eyes.

/ / /

Mathew Starlite stood there motionless as he turned his gaze, noticing his stepdaughter running up the hill. He pointed a finger at her. "There she is officer." His wife, Veronica stared at her 10 year old daughter, who had leaves and twigs clinging to her. How much trouble she had caused her...she didn't want to deal with it. She nodded as one of the marines asked for custody.

/ / /

Luna stared blankly for the second time today, processing what was happening. The dominion were here to take her away...the marines took her arms. She came back to reaility. She didn't want to go-this was her home, it was all she had. Struggling, she tried to free herself from their grasp, but their hands only clung tighter to her arms.

One of the marines noticed, but it was too late. Her eyes began to glow fiercely, and the left marine flew into the cruiser, making a dent in its hood. The right marine glanced at the other as the girl free herself from his grasp. He quickly fiddled with a device on his side, aimed it at her, and shot. Two prongs dug into Luna's skin, jolting her with electricity.

Luna's eyes fluttered as she dropped to the ground. The last thing she saw was her mother, holding her hands over her mouth, the marine jogging up to her, and her stepfather, glaring at her with his cold eyes.

/ / /

(Out of story)

Sure i did, this is a backstory as to what happened to her before she encountered Gabriel. I thought it would be a good outlet for all this stupid writing i've been doing, xD
09/04/2011 05:42 PMPosted by Mockingjay
I thought it would be a good outlet for all this stupid writing i've been doing, xD

Let the good times role.
Do you want to do something for Jay's time at the Acadamy? I may or may not be able to help with that.
Sorry, Typing takes forever....and it doesen't help when your comp takes a crap on you for a week, xD

I'll simply type this up. I think this will be an awesome story though...i'd enter it for the writing contest actually, but you can't have it be shown on the interwebs and crap like that.

Besides, it has to do with the thread. No one's going to go read a random thread to understand what happens in the future, :P

Plus, its not as good as it could be....
Luna awoke in the back of the marine's transport cruiser. She got up, her jello-like arms wobbling as she dragged herself to a sitting position. Winceing, she looked at her left arm-there was a large bruise. She processed what happened...

They musta thrown me back here...She grimaced, the pain starting to get to her....Quite harshly....looking up, she noticed that there was a small window at the end of the transport. Squinting, she could see the two marines that had come to get her. A face was glazed, looking at her from the other side. One of the marines had been watching her.

The marine that was looking at her, as if she might explode, had bright red armor-probably a recruit. The other, his armor much more faded, seemed older, the wrinkles in his face cringeing as he too looked through the glass at her, a smrik forming in the corner of his mouth. He must be higher ranked, she though.

The older marine spoke with a harsh tone. "Hey, look like the terror's woken up," He nudged the recruit mockingly, making him shink back. Luna frowned. She musta scared the crap out of him...its not everyday you get magically thrown into a car.

"You're going to get locked up for a long time've caused quite a panic in the colony...even the surrounding ones. Word gets around pretty fast for such a !@#$ty place huh?"

Luna's frown faded, now replaced with a more puzzeled look. What had she done? She had gotten some much-needed revenge, some justice in her life. But what she did-was that enough to get arrested by the Dominion? Her gaze fell to the floor. Sighing, she looked around the transport, wondering if there was a way she could get out...

The recruit noticed, and pulled out a pistol, aiming it through the glass. He talked briskly for a terrified person. "Don't try anything girl, I got a bullet with your name on it."

Luna stared at the gun. Would they really shoot her?

Just then, the ground under the transport started to shake, causing Luna to bounce around in the back, the marines up front also getting a bit shook up. The girl could sense something behind them...out the windshield of the transport, a dropship flew overhead. The marine driving the cruiser slammed on the brakes as the dropship landed in the middle of the road.

The marines looked at each other for a moment, looking confused, then got out to approach the dropship. Luna made her way shakily to the window of the transport, peering out. She stood on her tip toes, watching as a door on the side of the massive ship opened.

Out of the shadows, a tall man walked out. He had pure white hair, and wore a white and gray suit. He approached the red marines as they froze in front of him. They began to talk, the man making gestures to his dropship, then to the transport. The older marine shrugged, and put a hand on the recruit's shoulder, talking into his ear. Grimly, the bright-armored marine headed for the transport, and opened up its back double doors, pointing his gun at the girl. "Follow me. Do anything-anything at all that suggests you do that freaky eye thing, this bullet's going through your head."

Luna glumly followed the marine. She noticed the man with white hair looking at her with bright eyes. She tilted her head as she noticed their unusual lightgray color....she made a mental note. Furrowing her eyebrows, she noticed how young this man looked, much too young to have such white hair. There wasn't a wrinkle on his face.

"Here," The marine roughly shoved Luna in the man's direction, then returned to his captain's side. Luna looked up at the man, shrinking back a bit. He had those same cold eyes her stepfather had...yet, there was someting else in them. The man smiled as she took him in. The look on his face turned more concentraited, then the girl heard a voice in her head. Greetings,

Luna jumped at the voice. What was that? She looked up at the man again, who looked at her expectantly. Did HE do that? Was he like her-made fun of by everyone else because he too, could do things the others couldn't? Her mind buzzed with questions.

The man's smile grew. You're quite observant for such a young girl. The man's eyes seemed bright. A small smile creeped onto the girl's face. He had praised her, it was rare someone did. The man put his hands behind his back, then began to circle her.

I came to see you...Luna, is it? Of course it is...I came to test you. He paused in front of her again, then looked at her. His eyes turned white. Yes, I am a lot like you Luna. In fact, the place i come from has many more like me and you...I can bring you there....his facee darkens. But only if you can prove yourself.

He glances at the marines darkly, the recruit awkwardly waves. The man snorts, then his gaze falls back on Luna. Use these two idiots as me what you can do.

The girl furrowed her eyebrows. She wasn't sure if she wanted to...her abilities seemed to do more harm than anything...yet, she wanted to impress this man for some reason. The man seemed to sense her conflict, and he narrowed his eyes. Fail to impress me, and you stay on this miserable rock.

Luna balled up her fists, and let her arms sink to her sides. She convinced herself-she needed to do this. Her eyes began to glow, and she looked at the marines, who stared at her with terror in their eyes. They both began to float into the air, and they flew into the transport cruiser's side, createing a huge dent. The man glanced at her expectantly, then realized she didn't know much else. He sighed. He had expected more....still, she was only ten. This was quite impressive for such a young psionic. Approaching her, he set a hand on her shoulder, looking at her, then turned is gaze to the marines, who were trying to get onto their feet.

Luna, you have proved yourself in my will come with us. His eyes turned white, and the now pissed marines who had been charging at them froze. The man, with his free hand, snapped his fingers. The marines dropped to the ground, no longer breathing.

Luna looked up at the man with wide eyes. How had he done that? It scared her....yet, it amazed her. She wanted to ask questions as to how he did it, and if she herself could do it.

The man laughed as he read her thoughts. He quite liked this girl. The others he had gathered were quite ignorant, scared to their senses when he showed them what he himself could do. This girl was different...she was the one that would make a difference at the facility. The man smiled as he spoke to her, aloud this time. "You, Luna, are quite special." He set a hand on her forehead, and the girl's eyes started to flutter, now drowsy. Catching her before she dropped to the ground, he carried her carefully into the dropship.

/ / /
/ / /

The white-haired man carried her down the hall as the comm system of the ship blarred that they would be lifting off soon. He could see his assistant Demitri in the doorway of the chamber, tapping his foot impaitently.

(Sorry, i switched to first person.)

I can't help but laugh to myself-he could be so childish sometimes for a professional.

Demitri acknoledged me as I came to him. The girl lie soundly in my arms, snoring silently. He regarded her, inspecting her face. His gaze moved to me, his eyes narrowing. "This is obivously what took so long? It couldn't have taken that long to realize it was her."

I sighed. "I wanted to be never know Demitri."

He snorted. "What other kids around here have icy blue eyes that glow, allowing them to fling people into !@#$ Charles?"

My eyes narrowed. "Do you question my judgement?"

He put up his hands defensively. "Hey, i'm just here to do my job, can't help it if you take so long all the time." He peeked inside the doorway, then turned to me. "Come on, i think there's at least one cell still empty."

I follow him into the room. Many stasis cells line the walls, each with a person inside-ranging from children to young adults, all sharing something in common-psionic abilities. Demitri follows my gaze. "So many of the gifted now a days huh?"

I shrug, shifting the girl's weight. She was starting to get heavy. "Not all of them know how to control it though..." My eyes flicker as we pass a cell with a young boy in it. We recruited him a few days ago. He set Demitri's hair aflame, his previously brown hair now tinged with gray burn marks.

Demitri nodded, running a hand through his damaged hair. "Quite unpredictable." He stopped at a cell at the end of the room, then opened it. Mist streamed out as it slowly opened itself. He takes the girl from my arms and sets her inside, carefully closeing it again.

"She'll need to be kept here for a while..." He pressed many buttons on the cell's control panel, setting various things for stasis. He glanced at me. "Did you get to read her class? Or should I do that now?"

I groan as i realized i had forgotten. He smiles. It wasn't often he got to read them-normally i beat him to it. He starts to press the button on the panel more fiercely, his eyes staying in their unreadable state when the number pops up on the screen...but it seems to changed every few seconds. I frown. That was unusual.

"What the hell...the class keeps jumping...this is fekking rediculos."

I stare at him. "Demitri...what does it mean?"

He shrugged. "I have no idea...i've seen this before in my career, but its been with much older subjects...children's classes normally don't jump so much like this...and it ranges hugely! The lowest seems to be a 5.76....the highest a 10, possibly higher."

My eyes flicker. That was more than my own class, 7.34. "But...will it stop jumping?"

He continued to mess wtih the panel. "I think...if my theory is will stop doing so as she gets a bit older, but i don't know where it will stop itself. She could be as low as a 3, or as high as a 12 Charles! I really don't know...her abilities have yet to fully develop."

He glanced at me, a glint in his eye.

"You know...there is a way to find out."

I froze. I knew what he meant...but I wasn't sure if it would work entirely.

He turned towards me again, this time looking serious. "Do you think you could manage it?"

My eyes jumped around as I try to find an answer...I myself could manipulate time with my abilities. There was a reason my hair was white like it was...i wasn't as young as what i seemed to be. "I...I could try Demitri...but i have no idea what would happen."

He looked at me grimly. "She can't train without her class settling. If it jumps like this all the time, she won't be able to preform to her full extent." His eyes settled on the cell.

"I...I don't know..."

His gaze hardened. "She could change this %^-* Charles."

My gaze fell to the floor. He was right...this girl was so much different than the others...she was a hope. A hope that we would succede. I find myself looking at the stasis cell. I nod. "It is worth the risk..."

I close my eyes, opening a channel to the young girl in the cell. My own face hardens as i focus my energy to her, white tendrils of it twisting out of my fingertips into the stasis cell. Demitri monitered her through the control panel, his eyes widening as he watched.

He mouthed words of amazement as he stared at the panel..."Its...working Charles..."

My face cringes as i feel wrinkles form on my face. I gasp, and the link is released. I fall to my knees, hunched over on all fours. I look up at the cell, Demitri standing next to it with an exited look on his face. "'ve got to see this."

I shuffle to my feet, feeling the impact of my age...i feel to be almost 40 again. I sigh. It took me forever to get to 20...but as i look at the panel, my thoughts melt from my mind. The girl's vitals had changed....that of a 14 year old. I had made her age a whole four years. Demitri was smiling at me wildly. He breathed. "It worked."

I can't seem to take my gaze off the panel. I had done it? I'd never done that before...aged someone else. It felt amazing...yet, I had a strange feeling in my gut. I had defied was one thing keeping myself from aging...but it was another making someone age a whole couple years in less than 10 minutes.

Demitri seems completely unaware of my emotion, and is now checking her psionic class again. He smiles happily, looking back at me again. "She's a perfect 9, it jumps slightly up and down once in a while, but not much more than .25 at a time."

I nod, still trying to come back to reality. What I had done shouldn't have been possible...yet I had done it. My eyes flicker. I had a power that shouldn't exist. Something that others could take advantage of...I look at Demitri, and pull him aside. I stare him down, then pick my words carefully. "We mustn't tell anyone about this..." I gesture to the stasis cell, the girl sleeping soundly inside. "Can you imagine what the dominion would do with my !@# then?"

Demitri's eyes darkened, and he nodded. He understood. Looking at the cell, he muttered. "We'll have to tell them the data was incorrect...the girl wa 14, not 10...."

I myself nod, then step back a few steps, looking into the cell. I could faintly see the girl's face-it seemed different, her facial structure changed from that of a child to that of a teenager, the baby-like round face replaced with a more sharp, adult-like face. At least no one should be able to recongnize her anymore, and missing reports would now be years off...actually, this worked almost, perfectly.

Demitri seemed to read my mind, commenting on my thought. He sighs, then begins to walk out of the chamber. He looks back at me, his eyes still seeming dark. "But...I just can't help thinking Charles..." His gaze fell to the floor. "What if the girl.....what if she's more trouble than she's worth?"

/ / /
Hey Jay...

I have an idea.

You seem to be pretty good at writing.

(I hope I write ok-ish)
Wanna make a story?
(SAMPLE of Nea, an average Terran Firebat)

Man, it felt good to be alive. All I have to do is fry Zerg all day, all night...smells good, you know. Roasting Zerg reminds me of old-world Barbecue. Then my commander zaps me for bypassing the neural implants again. I had been a Firebat for ten years. Commander Creed usually let me be in the front lines, never in those boring Bunkers. I had been to Char and back, made it alive with the Raiders. Never could remember what that girl looked like that Raynor saved...must have been another im-
"Quit that!" Creed yelled, as I passed the implants yet again.
"Sorry..." I replied sheepishly, because I respected him. I thought about hooking up with him for a long, long time, but I thought I remembered having a husband back on Chau Sara. I went back to work on repairing my boots, and reported to the mess hall at exactly 0700 hours.
(Yay! It actually worked! I'm gonna continue this in a new thread some time..)
I was pretty lonely, eating my RAT pack. Those legendary things had "food" in them, but they saved lives. Not from malnutrition, but the wrapping on the chocolate bar was rumored to be bullet-proof.
I mean a new storysauce.
Wait what do you mean by a story? Isn't that what i'm doing? O.o
I mean another story.
*(sorry for late reply, I was writing more :D)
Either continue this one, but I contribute, or start a new story, complete with new characters and such.
Ah. I don't know, i write better if i just continue of my own writing, not used to semi-relying on other's posts for stories, aside from rping.

Actually, the only reason i'm able to make up this one is cause i have a general idea of where i'm going with this.
Well, I'm off to continue Nea!


Story sounds cool though, :P
/ / / Charles / / /

My heart seems to skip a few beats as the guards lead us away from the dropship. We had finally arrived at the facility, or what it was formally called-the Northwind Ghost Academy. I can't help but glance back at the dropship. My thoughts wander to the girl...making me worry even more. I mind-speak to Demitri.

Demitri, how will she respond to her age when they wake her? Will she adapt? Will she freak? What about if-He cut me off.

Stop worrying so much Charles, His eyes seem sincere. I've handled every outcome i could-I've given her a few artificial memories. It will be enough for her to believe she really was 14 to begin with-besides, its just guidlines. She can't remember much of her past the way it is...His eyes flicker, a small frown creeping onto his face....Strange thing is, there was a name in her mind i couldn't quite free. I left a few chinks here and there, they were quite determined little memories, wanting to cling to their spots, but it shouldn't be enough to trigger anything-that would be a problem.

I let it sink in, finally nodding. Demitri had handled least that let my mind settle...but only a bit. I sigh. This crap normally didn't happen to me, worrying about anything and everything. I felt out of it, not like myself.

The guards had finally lead us to the brief room. My eyes flicker. This meeting was quite importat-we were to decide what we would do with the new recruits. Beside me, Demitri ran a hand through his hair. He was quite nervous, he never did like the meetings for some reason. Demitri could be quite anti-social if he wanted to.

As I walk in, the guards finally leave. Inside, several eyes look up at us. I quickly find myself an empty seat at the rectangular table in the center of the room, Demitri following my lead, plopping into the empty chair next to mine. I glance down the table-all 7 chairs were full. me including Demitri and I. Everyone important was here.

At the head of the table sat a man that seemed older than time. Wrinkles lined his face, tracing the outline of his face and various scars. My eyes flickered. It made me glad I had the abilities i had...i couldn't imagine being so old...let alone feeling like it. I shake the thought out of my mind. I shouldn't think that way about the Headmaster...

Across the table sat 3 men-some of the academy's head instructors, yet one of them seemed less familar-a man who's name i had forgotten. I shrug, and move my gaze to the seat next to mine. A woman sat beside me, she too an instructor, but I knew better than to categorize her as being of equal rank as the others. It was one of the elites, Natalia Sharp. I shink back in my seat as i recognize her. She had quite the rank around here, one of the highest, granting her my utter respect. Strangely though, she smiles faintly as she looks at me, then returns her attention to Headmaster Vincent, who had started to speak.

"Welcome," He greets us, his wrinkled gaze moving along the table, resting on me. "So, Charles, I hear you have some new recruits?"

I shift in my seat, suddenly feeling a bit uncomfortable. "Uh, yes sir." My eyes flicker as Natalia looks at me, her subtle smile still noticeable in the corner of her face. "We have-" Demitri finishes my sentence. "Six sir."

The headmaster nods his head slowly. "Six? Quite a few for only a week eh? Yet there seem to be more gifted around here than there used to be..." His gaze falls to the table. "So, how were their reactions? Did they preform to the data's extent?"

I gulp, my thoughts wandering to Luna, the girl. Pushing the thought to the back of my head, i answer. "Well, the boy-Andrew was his name i believe, he set Demitri's hair on fire."

A man at the other side of the table-Instructor Henry Hellfire snickers at Demitri. I put a hand on Demitri's shoulder as he starts to lean up from his seat. They never seem to get along...I change the subject. "The others were quite basic, channeling their powers in the usual way we find them..." I pause, choosing my words carefully. "Exept for the girl...Luna. She was different."

The Headmaster leans back in his seat. "Really? Interesting...Luna, the ten year old?"

I froze. Demitri leans out of his seat and speaks for me. "Actually, I believe the data was wrong...she's 14 sir."

Headmaster Vincent also leans out of his seat, furrowing his eyebrows. "14? But, how could the data be that off? Four years is quite a bit difference."

Demitri shrugs. "I don't know sir, but whatever the case, the girl's quite the psionic." The others at the table become interested, and they listen to Demitri as he talks about the girl. When he is done, Vincent shakes his head.

"She sounds like the others though, nothing all that special."

I bite back a retort. How could he say that? Couldn't he see how special the girl was? She saw things differently than the others, reacted different...did that mean anything?

He sinked back into his chair, pondering something. Finally, he spoke.

"All six of them, we'll put them in for basic training. After that, i want to try something different..." He gets up from his chair-something he did rarely-and walked around the table.

"Instead of keeping them in their group, i want them to train individually with an instructor, but I don't want them to pick their instructor," He stops at the other end of the table, setting a hand on each corner of it. "I want the instructor to pick the recruit, based on their training stype, form, and personallity." His gaze passed over us. "This way, I can test my new training idea and perhaps enhance these guys to their fullest extent." I can't help but noticing his eyes flicker. What could be going on in his head? He stands up, and folds his hands behind his back. His gaze falls on me. "These guys will be the start of a new generation. A generation that I hope will succede."

He pauses. "You are dismissed."

We all stand up to leave the room, Demitiri and I trail behind the others. Suddenly, i feel a hand on my shoulder. "Charles, I want a word with you."

My eyes look pleadingly at Demitri who shrugs it off. "I'll see you at the ship, we'll need to get the recruits ready to go." He then leaves-leaving me all alone with the headmaster.

Vincent stares at me for a moment, then gesters for me to follow him back to the table. He has me sit next to him on the left side. Folding his hands, he looks at me expectantly. "Charles...i feel you're not telling me the whole truth about this girl, Luna."

I feel my insides twist. He knew something was up, but he didn't know what. "Sir, what do you mean?"

His eyes narrow. "I think you know exactly what i mean."

I sigh. I couldn't argue with him...after all, he had been my best friend once upon a time.

/ / /
I had a brain fart for a moment and thought Demetri was a younger version of my old character. Then I remembered his name was Domovoi :P

I thought that was what his name was too, xD

Oh well, guess this is just a guy with a similar name

Bad news is, i've written myself into a corner, gotta figure out how i'm going to make this next part work...

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