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My god.

I have fallen in love.

My god.

I have fallen in love.

This is an emergency people, love emergency. This is not good for the future of these forums.

(You know I'm jking right)
Hi Jay.
Twas getting lonely out here. None of the major players of last Summer are around frequently (except me). Not that I have any problem with the new people, but one misses hearing from old friends.
Can you hurry up and finish your story before Wfawwer comes back. I don't want my hide to be hanged over a fireplace and my head on a pike.
I like your writing Mockingjay, but I question you choice of webcomic. It is my opinion that that particular webcomic was a waste of valuable time.

The only truly funny part I saw in that was the cancer causing handbag.
There is no accounting for taste, Zanon. You of all people should understand that fact.
I do understand that there is no accounting for taste.

Buy why me of all people? >(
I sympathize, Zanon. In a perfect world I dictate everyone's tastes.
I reject your reality and substitute it with my own. *Glares at KnarledOne.*
Really? Problem is, I don't have a reality. MUAHAHAHA!!!

*burrows into the fabric of space-time*
Adam Savage :D He has one of the best jobs ever, right up there with professional gamer.
I seem to recall many people arguing with you on musical/videogame/book taste a while back. Unless it was someone else entirely and I'm way off base.
I don't understand most of those arguments. There really is no accounting for taste, because 'taste' is relative. I happen to like country music, but that doesn't mean that I think country music is the best music in the world. I just think that it's the best music for what I like. You can present the different points of different genres and the like, but criticizing someone for their taste just doesn't make sense in most cases.
Meh, my personal preference lies with heavy metal and punk music myself, but I'm not going to argue with someone over it. Opinions cannot have proof or support of any kind, and thus are worth no one's time arguing over.
I don't really care for music.
I still need to read this. And I felt the need to bring it back up.
There is no shame in bumping Jay the Ghost.
07/20/2012 05:38 PMPosted by KnarledOne
There is no shame in bumping Jay the Ghost.
"There isn't? So I can bump it?"
Feel free.
To Jay the Ghost! To Mockingjay! To . . . erm . . . to . . . to awesome things!

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