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Hi MockingJay. If it is ok with you, I'd like to put my own characters history on this forum.

Just to clarify, this is some where between 7-14 years before cloaked love? I don't remember how old Jay was in cloaked love.
Story way out: Tell boss.

Boss gets interested and orders time guy to be shipped off.

(we haven't met her instructor yet right?)

Boss decides to leave her in basic training to see if she actually has potential.
*facepalm.* Jay was 21 in cloaked love, but that is actually in comparison to her real age-10 She looks a bit older than what she seems-er, i don't really want to go into that right now, i'll do that in the story. really don't seem to know the skill of foreshadowing, and figureing out what's going to happen...Charles is already going to talk to the headmaster.

I'm debating on doing this one thing...and Charles-time guy in your reference-needs to stay. He has an important role in Luna's training-and her future decision (Which i won't spoil, :P)

Idk about the other thing Zanon, about letting you on here for your backstory,
*Shrug* So be it.

EDIT: I know he was going to tell boss. You hinted at as much in your last paragraph.

I don't see the corner you backed yourself into though.


lol, did you bring that to every forum that we use?
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lol, did you bring that to every forum that we use?

Just about.
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Just about.

Is Jay gonna start posting again?
I can't post often guys, still having comp issues

And my ma isn't letting me touch her new comp she just got this week.

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/ / / Luna / / /
It felt strange…I was asleep, yet, I could tell what was going on around me. I knew I was encased in some sort of cell. I could sense people running about the room my cell was in, occasionally checking the control panel on my cell’s side, and the many other cells in the room, which I assumed had other people inside them. I could even make out the words of their muffled conversations. So strange…

I stiffened as I sensed two men walk into the room. Their stature was different of those in the room, who all stopped suddenly to acknowledge them. They were obviously of higher command then they were, and they filed out of the room when they asked. I could barely hear their conversation as they proceeded into the room, whispering to each other. My heartbeat quickened I realized they were coming to my cell.

They paused a ways away from my cell, then one of them reached for my cell’s panel. I could hear the quiet beeping sounds it made as he went through data. Suddenly, it stopped, and I heard more whispering. There were more beeping sounds, and I could feel myself actually waking up.

Steam hissed as the doors to my encasement opened, I could feel my eyelids fluttering open, yet I could not see. Someone spoke, “Don’t worry, it’s only a side effect.” My eyes adjusted a bit, and I could see again, but my sight was blurred. I scanned the room, my gaze settling on the two men that stood before me. I open my mouth to speak, but one of them shushed me. I squinted, trying to make out the man that walked up to me. He was older than me, but he seemed too young to have the snow white hair that covered his head.

The man beside him seemed just as old as the other, with brown hair that seemed to be singed by burns. He stood more so on the side by the panel, still pressing various buttons. Only then did I realize I was wearing some sort of suit with wires attached to it, feeding into the large machine next to my cell. It made loud Vrring noises, occasionally sparking. I tilted my head at it, wondering what it was. The man with white hair smiled, as if he enjoyed my being observant.

I turned my head back around at him. He stared back at me expectantly, as if waiting for something. I simply stood there, taking in my surroundings. It wasn’t then till I realized how large the room was. Countless cells lined the walls, their cylinder shape taking up most of the wall’s space except for an occasional monitor or machine. Only 5 of the cells actually had people inside them, each of them younger boys…almost my age perhaps? …Wait….how old was I…?

My eyes widened as questions began to flood my mind. How old was I? Where was I? This place didn’t seem familiar…neither did the body I was in. I looked at my hand, splaying out my fingers as if to look for something wrong with them. They didn’t seem natural…why did I feel this way? Who were these people… ”WHO AM I?” I suddenly stated out loud.
The brown-haired man suddenly tore his gaze from the panel. He glanced at the white-haired man, and then went back to the panel again, less intensely this time, occasionally looking in my direction as the white-haired man started to speak. “You are a person, a very special one at that.”

I stared at him blankly. “…Sir…that doesn’t answer my question.” I reply simply. He smirked, then started to pace around me, looking me up and down. He paused only to step over an occasional wire that trailed from my suit, which clung to by body like some sort of armor. Its soft angles felt natural, staying within the form my own shape provided. It covered my skin neck-to-toe, covering every inch of skin. My own face was the only think not covered, and my long dark brown hair hung loosely into my face protectively, as if to hide it.
Finally he stopped pacing, stepping back in front of me. “You don’t remember, do you?” He asked.

I shake my head in answer, still trying to figure out the seemingly endless puzzle in my head. Who was I? How old was I? Where were we? What on earth where these people doing to me while in that cell? Why was I here…I closed my eyes, then opened them again. Startled, I noticed my reflection in a nearby cell. I stepped away from the men and looked into the shimmery refection on the cell’s glossy surface. My eyes were glowing brightly, an almost light blue color.

The white haired man stepped up behind me, looking at me through the glass. He started to say something, then bit his lip, as if he almost said something he shouldn’t have. “You’re a psionic. Just like the rest of us.” His own eyes turned white suddenly, not glowing, just completely white. It scared me. “We’re ghosts, training to make the world a better place.”

I turn around to him. “Ghosts?” He nodded, his pupils fading back. I noticed for the first time his eyes were an extremely light gray color, seeming to rebel the bright colors eyes should have. My own eyes faded back to an icy blue.

I stared at my reflection for a long time, taking in my own look. I was quite tall still not as tall as the white-haired man, but quite close. My dark brown hair was thick and long, going down to my shoulders and a little longer. The sharp-soft angles of my face seemed fitting, exaggerating my intensive eyes. The more I looked at myself, the more lost I felt. This wasn’t how I was supposed to look…was it?

The man behind me seemed sad, as if he knew the truth, but he said nothing. Instead, he asked me a simple question. “...Who do you think you are?"

I blink, taken aback by his question. Who did I think I was? My hands balled up at my sides as my eyes closed shut. I searched my own mind, trying to think. My mind had so many thoughts and ideas, not seeming empty at all...but the empty spaces were what scared me. I felt that there were supposed to be memories there…but there weren’t any at all. My pulse quickened as I went into panic. What on earth had happened to me?

Suddenly, I felt lost in my own mind, falling into a swirl of darkness. I gasp out loud, but my eyes don't open. Feeling trapped, my sub-conscious tried prying me back into reality, but to no prevail. It was dark, a shroud of nothingness…no way out. So lost…

Finally, after what seemed like forever, my eyes open up. I look up to see the brown-haired man staring at me, no longer working with the control panel. The white haired man seems fine, yet there was a concerned glaze to his pale eyes.

My legs crumble under me as my thoughts wander back into place. I stare at the floor for a long time, and then slowly let my eyes wander back up to the white haired man’s face. I look at him, him staring back at me. Finally, I speak. “I…I think…” I shake my head. “I…I’m Jay.”

/ / /
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“I…I think…” I shake my head. “I…I’m Jay.”

Neat. I tried to think of the best way to describe how I felt reading that last line but could not quite figure out how to do it.

If you can make your audience feel something when they read your writing than you have a talent. Keep up the excellent work Jay.
Thankyou Zanon, :3

I'm gettin the next few parts going on Microsoft Word

Ma finally got it for me for school, helps a whole lot, :D
Wow, this stuff is really good Jay! I can't wait to see some more!
/ / / Charles / / /
I hurried down the hall with the 6 recruits trailing behind me. Demitri stayed at the back, keeping an eye on them. We didn’t need anything unexpected to happen on the way to the training wing of the facility. All we needed was for the boy, Andrew, to set someone’s head on fire again.

Awakening the recruits was simple, but I took more time with Luna simply for the fact I was scared for her. How would you feel, waking up, no memories at all, and feeling like you didn’t belong in the body you were in or the age you were labeled with? It would be nerve racking, yet she showed no signs of distress or instability. She simply walked with the others, her gaze scanning the hallways as we made our way down the main way. I was right-she would adjust.

It shocked Demitri and I how much she didn’t seem to know. Demitri had even double checked to make sure the artificial memories were there-they were, but her mind wasn’t picking them up. It was as if it knew they weren’t real, and simply ignored them without thought. As for her not remembering her encounter with me…We had no idea. She should have remembered-but she didn’t.

I paused as we reached the bay doors to the training wing. I waved my hand over a panel, it reading my hand’s signature as the door made virring noises, opening up ever so slowly. The recruits watched with wary eyes as they opened, unlike Lu-er, actually, “Jay”, who watched with interest as I started to turn around to them, shifting to the side of the hall. I gestured with my hand for them to enter, and Jay was the first one to respond, walking in with sure-feet. The others followed, seeming reassured by Jay’s reaction.

I stay in pace with Demitri as he walked up to me. The metal beneath our feet clanked as we proceeded down the hall. A while more and we would be in the cadet briefing room, instructors lining the large elevated table at the front, the recruits left to stand and look up at them while they were evaluated. I turn to Demitri, but instead of speaking to him aloud, I speak into his mind.

…who do you think will take her…?

Demitri shrugged, running a hand through his burnt hair. I have no idea…any of them could, but I don’t know who would be best for her. I do hope she isn’t stuck with someone completely stupid…his voice trailed off as the recruits reached the brief room. They paused a few feet away from the instructors, their eyes wandering over their faces.

Many of the facility’s instructors sat at the table, but what surprised me were the few that were actually there. Many of the more experienced instructors were there, as I had expected, sat among the mass, but there were also some elites…including Natalia Sharp, who eyed me curiously as I too stood with the recruits, Demitri at my side. There were also fledgling instructors here, still getting the hang of the concept of training others. What surprised me more was the fact that the Headmaster himself was there, his sweeping gaze going over the recruits.

“Welcome to the Northwind Ghost Academy.” He stated loudly, seeming to echo in the large room. The recruits looked up at him with a sort of respect, probably mostly from his sheer age-which now pushed an even 100. Quite a bit old, yet, it was also my own age. I shivered. I sure didn’t feel that old.

“You are to be of the next generation Ghosts. A generation I believe will surpass all past ones.” He paused, and started to pace along the table’s edge. “For you new trainees, we’re trying something a little different this time in the training process. Instead of the usual grouping, having several instructors teach you all at the same time, we’re having each free instructor hand-pick their “Apprentice”. This way, each of you will be taught a different fighting style and develop a sort of individuality, instead of everyone learning the exact same thing… Teaching this way isn’t as efficient, but will pay out as time goes on.”

Vincent’s gaze again settled on Luna/Jay, and stared at her as he watched her scan the room, looking at each of the instructors. I also noticed Natalia watching her, with what looked like almost…curiosity? her eyes. Jay didn’t seem to notice though, and went on with her business of taking in everything.

The Headmaster began to speak once more. “Sadly, to do as I have planned this, we still need to start with the group instruction. Today, we are going to learn what your personality is, and based on this, an instructor will decide if they want to choose you. Once this happens, the instructor that picks you will become your permanent teacher-teaching you every single thing they know to you, after you have learned your basics of course.” Vincent looked down the ranks of instructors, each of them nodding their heads.

He then looked directly at Natalia and who I assumed was Instructor Henderson. He gestured to Demitri and I as he said: “You two will help prepare the recruits for training. Take them to the armory and fit them with basic armor plates and the other standards.” They both nodded, Natalia glancing at me expectantly. I shifted on my feet uncomfortably-she often had that effect on me for some reason.

With that, the room was dismissed, and I found myself walking beside Natalia as we hurried the trainees down to the armory, at the more southern tip of the training wing. I glanced sideways at her for a moment, then asked warily, “What do you think of them?”

She simply stared forward, watching as Instructor Henderson and Demitri lead the recruits through the winding hallways. “I think Headmaster Vincent is right…” Her eyes settled on Jay for a moment. “This group will be the first of the best.”

/ / /
Can my first CL character be in here?
/ / / Natalia / / /
After what seemed like hours, we reached the armory. The large double doors shut tight behind us as we walked inside, the recruits gazing in awe at the weaponry that lined the walls. Anything from your standard Guass Rifle to more exotic Rifle-Bayonets were mounted higher on the panels that fit themselves into the wall’s think metal. When I saw the boy Charles pointed out as Andrew pick up a Shredder Grenade, well, that was where I drew the line.

“Put that down! You have no idea what that even is.” I state, and the boy put it down gingerly as we continued through the room. At the back, where we were taking them, was where most of the armor was held. They would need to be equipped with more standard armor than what they were wearing-they needed to start to be accustomed to their suit plus their new armor’s weight. It took a while to get used to, so why not start early?

I work my way to the front by Henderson and Demitri, who were already taking out various armor plates and pads, placing them in front of each trainee who now stood in a neat row by my orders. I let my gaze wander over them-there were six in all, five boys, and only one girl, whose hair hung into her face. I frowned. Her hair would get in the way…

That’s when Henderson noticed, then instinctively reached for a compartment where we kept scissors for cutting the recruit’s hair. I stopped him. “No, let her keep it…” The girl looked at me with a grateful expression, seeming to be able to hear what we were saying. Instead, I reach for another drawer and take out an adjustable metal-linked ring. I stretch it out as I walk to the girl, then fit it over her head until it went around her neck. From there, I let it go, and it went over her face and pulled back her hair into a tight ponytail-but a few strands of hair still rebelled, and feathered over the girl’s face. The girl smiled and pushed it aside so it hung to the left, out of the way.

I nod, almost smiling myself, and help Demitri with the last of the armor. I almost smack Henderson on the side of the head for making a mistake-he almost gave the girl a boy’s armor, which wouldn’t have fit her at all. I mutter under my breath as I myself pick out some for her-some shoulder plates and arm and knee covers. The suit she was wearing seemed to have most of the basic armor molded to it, so I didn’t bother grab anything more. Instead, I grab a belt with pouch on it for her to keep a knife in. Judging by her size though, she may not need it. It didn’t look like she was fit for close combat…

Soon, they were all ready to go, their gray-black armor glistening in the armory’s sharp lights. I stand to the side of them, evaluating them, ready to go. I glance to my left to see Charles, his gray eyes seeming lost in thought, his gaze settled on the girl. I put a hand on his shoulder, looking into his eyes. “We’d better get them into the training area.” His eyes glinted with a startled flash, but it vanished just as fast as it had appeared, and he nodded, out of his trance.

Just as fast, we were out of the facility, the light rays of the planet’s sun warming our faces. I stretch my arms up in the air, glad to be outside. Being inside the facility was boring in my opinion. I always enjoyed training outside, for the inside training facility made me feel uncomfortable, the metal walls making me feel trapped. Out here, with the open sky, it felt much more…free.

We proceeded down the metal panel sidewalk to a fenced off area. Here, there were many trees, made to simulate the environment while being on the field. Off to the far right, there was a cliff elevated high above the trees. Built into the side of the cliff, which was semi-visible from where they were standing, was the Cliffside Hangoff, the metal panels in the cliff shining from the sun’s reflection. This was were the trainees lived while training here. I envied the trainees for this-they got the epic view of the woods, and had actual windows to their quarters.

What made the trainee’s quarters so great was the fact that they were actually carved inside the cliff, their metal rooms outlined with the cliff’s striped rock which they used to accent their rooms. It was awesome. I myself remember living in one…seemed like forever ago.
The trainees lived separate from the facility for many reasons, but mostly for the simple fact the training area was right below, in a rift-like valley that the trees thinned out to. There was a shooting range and a combat area for the recruits to train at, where the instructors could easily watch from afar or a few feet away.

We soon made our way to the combat area, where Headmaster Vincent stood. He greeted us, “Good, you’ve arrived.” He looked at each of the recruits, a simple smile spreading on his lips. “You are to be evaluated,” He then gestured to the side, where a hangoff protruded from the Cliffside Hangoff, where the trainees would often be briefed for the day. “You will wait here, and you will be called off by name.” His gaze settled on the girl. “Jay, you will be first.”

I furrowed my eyebrows. Wasn’t the girl’s name Luna? I looked at Charles, who still stood with that stupid blank stare of his. I hated when he did that…it was the same one Headmaster Vincent got once in a while. It reminded me how old Charles was…yet I couldn’t help but think how I felt about him. I shook my head. This was no time for this crap.

Headmaster Vincent then gestured for me to come, and he handed “Jay” and I a metal knife hilt. I pressed a button and a green light-blade protruded from the hilt. I smiled. Light Knives were used for training-they didn’t cause pain, but they left glowing marks showing where you had been supposedly “cut” that would fade after a few hours. It helped us instructors teach trainees how to avoid certain cuts that could be fatal, and ones that could be accepted and treated much easier.

Sadly, after while, we would have to switch them to real knifes.

Vincent stood aside, and I lead Jay out to the combat field. I looked at Jay, who looked at her knife hilt, a bit confused. “Don’t worry, they don’t hurt-it’s just so that we can see what you already know, and figure out your fighting style. We can compare it with other instructor’s, and see who has a similar style. That way, it is easier to find a good match up.” The girl nodded, and pushed the button on her knife-it was light blue, like her eyes.
I walked a few feet backward, giving the approximate 5 feet standard for a starting point. I turned back to face her, and noticed how she eased into a simple fighting position. I tilt my head slightly-it looked much similar to the ones we were taught…yet how did she already know it? I shrugged it off and eased myself into my own fighting position, and waiting for the Headmaster’s mark. “Go.”

With that, I lunged forward, going for a simple cut on her arm, but to my surprise, she expected it, and slinked sideways, stabbing me in my shoulder. I blink, realizing what she had done, and recoiled. How had she done that so well? I glance at her, her wiry frame sneaking to my other side, her bright eyes looking at me expectantly. My eyes flicker. She was quite observant.

I decided to take it up a notch, and instead elusively run to the side, and get behind her. I stab her in her back, but she too got another cut on me, stabbing me in my side. I instinctively put my hand to the cut, but remember that we were only using light blades. I furrow my eyebrows. She was pretty good for a trainee.

I smirk, then go in for a parry of stabs, which she blocked a few pretty good, our hilts clashing often. I get the better of her though, and get a handful of stab marks onto her armor. To my surprise, she soon adapted, and started blocking many more of my attacks. We stay in close combat for a while-me getting a few stabs in, Jay blocking quite a few and stealing a few stabs of her own into my armor. After a while, I notice how tired she got. I glance at the Headmaster, who said “Stop.”

I felt a faint smile on my face as Jay dropped to the ground, panting yet smiling up at me. That was actually quite fun, and I learned something important-don’t underestimate your opponent.

/ / /
(Sorry, had to add this, my post ecceded 10000 characters, O.o)

/ / / Natalia / / /

As the day had progressed, we went through the rest of the trainees, Demitri taking Andrew, Henderson taking two of the leftover boys and Charles the other two. I found myself laughing when Andrew made Demitri’s hair set aflame again, Charles smiling next to me. At least this time we were prepared, and Henderson had a bucket of water ready, which he poured all over Demitri, who wasn’t too happy with it.

Now, we were sitting inside the large auditorium of the Cliffside facility. I stood among the countless instructors who had watched the videos taken of the recruits training. We had many arguments before as to who would get who, who suited this person more, etc. After watching Jay’s briefing, many wanted to claim her. Only one of us got her though.

Headmaster Vincent had the recruits stand from their seats up front. He called up the name of the recruit, and then the instructor would take a step forward, the one who claimed them as their apprentice. We came up with new names for the recruits as well, as we always did when we accepted them into the academy. Like how Andrew became “Pyro” for his incidents with Demitri and the boy named Quin became “Fox”, for his fighting style with Henderson. We addressed them with their new nicknames as they were taken to the front to their chosen instructor.

Soon, all that was left was Jay.

/ / / Jay / / /
I stared up at the too-many instructors at the stage. All the others had been picked already, “Pyro” standing up by teacher, instructor Hellfire, whom I recognized from the meeting before, “Bigfoot” standing up with who was introduced as instructor Jasper .( I nearly laughed when I heard the nickname for the boy. It fit perfectly for the heavy set boy.), “Fox” with Henderson, which wasn’t surprising considering they fought with the same eagerness and agility, and the others with their matches. I had no idea who would take me.
The headmaster now addressed my name. “Jay.” He said simply. I shut my eyes. It took a few moments until I heard footsteps walking to the front of the stage. I soon heard them stop, but I couldn’t bear opening up my eyes yet. It wasn’t until a familiar voice spoke.

“I chose Mockingjay.” I heard a smile in her voice.

Natalia Sharp.

It was only then did I open my eyes.

/ / /

(Out of Story)
Okay, me thinks 2,000+ words of typing is enough for one day, XD
/ / / Charles / / /
The weeks after the trainees were chosen went fast. They were assigned quarters, training routines, and special training time with their instructors, who would teach them something they had learned on their own. I kept an eye on “Mockingjay” a lot more than usual, watching for any signs of memories returning-there were none. It relieved me, but at the same time, it disappointed me for some reason.

Demitri also assisted me with this, often staying in the general area of the Cliffside. Jay would often greet him, he said, and have a short conversation before running off after Natalia, whose company she seemed to enjoy the most.

I myself often came with them on training trips into the woods, where Natalia was more relaxed and happy to converse with me. It was also my chance to see how Jay was progressing, which was pretty fast. She had already surpassed the others according to Demitri, who were still struggling with the basics. Jay was much more capable, and could lift things with her mind better and even teleport a few inches.

Now it was at least a month since she came.

Today was a day I got to accompany Natalia and Jay out into the woods. I smiled as I walked down the facility’s halls, down to the front doors and around the corner to the metal sidewalk to the fenced-off area. They were going to try close combat in the woods today, and Natalia spoke of the possibility she’d switch the light knives for real ones, for Jay had mastered blocking most of Natalia’s attacks. It scared me somewhat, but it also made me feel proud. I had brought Jay here myself, and it made me feel great that she was progressing so well.

I spot Natalia and Jay through the trees, deep in conversation it seemed. Jay was the first one to notice me, as usual, and pointed in my direction. Natalia looked up and smiled, something she seemed to be doing much more lately, and gestured for me to come over. I sprint the little distance between us and catch up, and pick up on the conversation.

I find a smile on my lips as we reach a small clearing in the woods. Natalia had found it forever ago, and often used it to train in herself. Now she took Jay here to practice as well. She shared much in common with the girl, they both seemed to thrive on the freedom they were given. Both would rather be outside than cramped up inside some building. I myself didn’t share this interest with them, but could understand why they enjoyed the outdoors so.

Natalia paused at a small log at the edge of the clearing, and set down her pack. Jay mimicked her, and set hers down next to the other. She watched carefully as Natalia unpacked a couple knife hilts out of her own pack. She tossed one to her, and she looked at it questionably. “These aren’t light knives…are they?”

Natalia smiled. “Good eye. No, these aren’t light knives, but they are similar. These are psi-knives, a few I picked up a long time ago. The only difference is that these knives,” She gestured to hers as she channeled some energy into it. “Is that these you need to channel your own power into them. Plus, these are the real thing, and will actually hurt if they give contact with your skin. I thought we’d try them today, to give you a little bit of a challenge.”

Jay stared at the knife hilt in her hand for a moment, then light sparked out of it. She looked at it blankly as she turned it around in her hand. It glowed brightly, just as bright as Natalia’s. Eventually, Jay came back to reality, and nodded. I frown slightly. She seemed so lost when she got that blank look on her face…

Natalia stood at the edge of the clearing, and Jay stepped to her side. I myself sat myself on the log to watch, and also to keep watch. Natalia and Jay both watched me carefully, and waited until I gave them the go. I smile, letting them wait for a moment, then suddenly blurt “Go.”

Right away they clash, Jay’s hilt clanking into Natalia’s. They hold like this for a few seconds, then break. Jay goes in behind Natalia, who anticipated it, and lunged at her. Jay’s eyes widened as she nicked her with her psi-blade, making a scratch in her shoulder armor. Jay recoils, and gets a scratch on Natalia, who hadn’t been paying attention.

They go on like this for quite a while. Neither drew blood though, for Jay was quite keen on blocking Natalia’s attacks, letting less important attacks slide as she focused more on the attacks that could break skin. She herself didn’t seem intent on harming her instructor though, and didn’t let herself no more than make dents in Natalia’s armor.

I notice Natalia frown as she too starts to notice, then glances at me. Getting the signal, I say “stop.” Jay freezes then slinks over to the log and sits at the other end adjacent to me. Natalia still has a frown on her face when she approaches Jay, kneeling before her. Jay was staring at the ground, in a knowing way. Natalia looks up at her.

“Jay, you know, you’re supposed to go in every chance you get.” She stated simply. Jay nodded slightly, but sighed. “But you’re my instructor, not the enemy.” She looked up, her icy blue eyes glowing softly. I note this. Jay’s eyes did often glow when her emotions clouded her. Natalia’s frown disappeared, and she sighed as well, coming to sit beside me.

I shift a bit uncomfortably beside her. She had that effect on me…her green eyes glanced back at me for a moment before continuing her conversation with Jay. I couldn’t help but stare at her for a moment, she was quite pretty. She had dark hair like Jay’s, but hers was completely black and cut shorter. Her sight goggles held her hair at bay, keeping it from hanging into her face. I shake my head-it wasn’t like me to let my emotions go all fuzzy like this.

Jay finally nods and says she won’t resist when fighting anymore once Natalia gets done telling her the importance of it. Besides, Natalia was quite a quick healer last time I heard. Plus, in the med bay there were nanobots that could repair skin and flesh quite quickly if things got too serious, which I doubted would ever happen anyways.

Jay’s gaze moves along the trees I notice, more so to the south. Her eyes glow faintly for a moment but fade just as quick. As if nothing happened, she looks at me. A small smile forms on her face.

“Hey Natalia, how much would it be to ask to see you and Charles fight close combat?”

I find myself smiling at this comment. I was a bit rusty, but I could hold my own, even against Natalia. Natalia seemed to appeal to this idea and was starting to stand up, a smile of her own plastered to her face. She looks at me with bright eyes, and tosses me a psi-knife.

“Best two out of three?”

/ / /

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