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Eh...if you guys had been following my deviantart, you would probably know about my major artblock I got right now... had also escalated to a bit of a writingblock, but that should hopefully be easily fixed. I've been listening to my music more lately, something I normally did on a regular basis but stopped doing more after school ended.

It's giving me more inspiration juice, it would appear, because I've just come up with a little art music video idea I believe I shall now be working on for a bit, :3 Hopefully at least my artblock shall be broken to a degree.

On the side, if I can figure out what I want to do with the story, I think I can break my writing block in the same fashion I am trying to break my artblock~perhaps some story character drawing from here, :)

We'll see how well it goes, but I'll try and work on the story and see if I can find a route I like for the story to fall into.

PS: I liked romantically apocalyptic because it made me laugh, :3
:3 Hope it all goes well Mockinjay. I still need to get around to reading the greater portion of this, but by what I have read, I think your writing is quite good.
07/21/2012 05:17 PMPosted by Mockingjay
PS: I liked romantically apocalyptic because it made me laugh, :3

ZOMG U 2??? :>
Jay, you should make a website dedicated to Jay the Ghost. Broadcast it everywhere, and post it in chunks every Tuesday or whatever. That way, you can still write it here, but also have it so others can read it too. It also makes it so if you ever stop coming on these forums, you can still post them on the site, so we can still receive your writing. Who knows, you might get famous. ;)
Mockingjay is already famous on the forums, so I think they already have that covered.

People would have to understand Starcraft 2 lore to really be able to understand the story. Idk if others other than those on the forums here would really enjoy my reading either...I need to work on it. A lot. XD
Hmmm, I don't know about that. I get the idea that the story is well enough written and explained that most people would be able to figure out some of the basic points of lore that are relevant. And if not, there's always the wiki. For that matter, it would probably get many people who read it into playing Starcraft after reading the lore and story, wikis are somewhat addictive. You know... I have a feeling that Blizzard would be rather pleased if you posted the story somewhere. xD
"And you would get beta keys."
...even if I were to make a website (Of which I'm uncertain if I can) I'd seriously consider rewriting the entire story. I want to change things that I believe I didn't explain well, Impliment things I had meant to but forgotten, and some other things too.

Although, I think it would be fun/kewl/AMAZING if I could do that.
My gawd though, I feel weird enough being "Famous" on the forums here though, xD
I never expected so many peeps to actually enjoy this story, O_O

Perhaps after I get my new drawing of Jay done and colored, and get it posted on deviantart, maybe I'll just post a link to the story here. That's all I'll probably do for now...

...I'm just scared of Trolls and Critics...they worry me a lot, >_<
Trolls are trolls, and there is little you can do to deter one.
Critics? Meh. What people's opinions are is their own business.
If you posted it on your own site, it wouldn't have to be based purely on SC lore. You could make things up.
I perfer using the starcraft lore simply because it's something that I can already use to base things in my story-and plus it's supposed to be, because the entire story is based of a starcraft roleplay character and related ideas from rp stories I've had with said character.

Actually, the story as it is right now isn't entirely based upon starcraft lore-but it has many of its ideas and base. It would still be a bit confusing I believe...

Btw, STORY UPDATE ON PAGE 17 comments on the plottwist in the new chapter i did? xD 'Twas expecting like "OMG WHAT??" 's and etc.
Oh, sorry. Was too busy fighting in the Academy before lol. I like it though. Any good story needs to have a few major plot twists in it. Somewhat reminded me of Starship Troopers though xD
"It was good, but it was seen coming, in almost every love aspect of a story it is like that."
Gah. I keep forgetting to read this. If I thought it was a good idea, I would post a way to contact me, just to yell at me for being forgetful XD
Great writing. Keep it up! I seriously want to know how this pans out later.
I'm eager to see what Shadow does.
I saw "plot twist" before I read the chapter... and went through the whole thing thinkin NOOO SHADOW'S GOING TO DIIIIIIIEEEEEE!"

How could you do that to me -_-
"Knarled, have you ever read a book with a love aspect (I despise that aspect)?

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