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Look on the bright side, free iPads to keep!

I think?
Nope. We have to give them back when we leave the school,

and it costs $50 to use them each year, -_-


Laptops are a much better investment if the school is going that route. At least you can program it and it is much more flexible in terms of utility. iPads? What the hell are you going to do with a glorified tablet? PITA to type with one.

Apple, selling glorified subpar things to the masses and doing it really well.
Dis School District

Is too easily swayed

By the apparently sexy Apple Industry and dere cheap !@#$ Ipads...



(Realizes there's an iphone in hand)

"Get an Android, they turn into little robots that protect you from evil apple products."
I am bumping this so it can be read by people who have joined us in the last three months.
Good idea.

I wish this story would be finished. I realize the case has been made that there are flaws that could open plot holes, but I really want to know what happens.

Maybe you could take it over Zanon!
We must find the hero Jay, and return her here.
Even if that means pulling her past endless Floor Masters!
Hey! Who dropkicked my thread up on this page already? I was going to do that!


Anyway, xD

It hast been drawn to my attention that you guys want the end for this story and you believe I've dropped from writing this.

That is not true.

I thought I fully explained that Myth is exactly the same as Jay the Ghost, only remastered, but will still have a generally same plot and a very similar ending as to what I was planning for this story here.

I would finish this story honestly just for !@#$s and giggles, but also out of honesty, I think this story is a glorified turd that much like a %^-*ty twilight fanfic. xD

So thus. Myth, again, is going to be the *perfect* story of Jay

Just without the Starcraft Lore

And Without the same character names

Because I like origional names

A lot.


Like Nymira. (Who is to be the rquivalent of Jay)
And Ves'Pirix (Who shall be an important plot character)
And *Insert Origional Boy Name here to be known later*(Who shall be Shadow...but I'm not saying in the story who he is going to be. Yes, there will be many a love interest in this new story. Very many, >:) )

So yeah. That's my story. And I"m sticking to it.

12/13/2012 06:52 PMPosted by Mockingjay
a glorified turd that much like a %^-*ty twilight fanfic.
But isn't Twilight already !@#$ty?

And yes, I did get that. I just liked this story... :(

Can't... wait... much... longer...
Welp. I could also do this...

...take this.

Entirely rewrite it,

and still use Starcraft lore

Just remaster how the story goes, keep old names, make up new ones,

Just...make it all around better,

but still be very similar to this,


Myth needs to wait for now anyway, gotta wait until I take my computer class for school (We will be making websites in that class, so I plan to make my own Story website so I can repost Jay the Ghost (old and new) and Myth there)

So yeah, how would you guys be if I did that? Just started a new story thread and took these characters and did something betterer? I need something to do...and I have a strong urge to write again.
Inb4 everyone begins worshiping you xD
*Bows and begins praying*

For those of you with no idea of the events that have unfolded, this is where you will find the new version of Jay the Ghost:

This does not deserve to fall so far down, especially since the new version was never completed.

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