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/ / / Shadow / / /

“COME ON!” he whispered harshly to me. I hated it when he did that, and right in my ear.

I think he spit in it, EKK!

Here we were, Lt. Brash dragging my !@# through the god-forsaken woods. We finally reached the fence he’d been telling me about-the one that electrocuted him last time he came without me. I sigh, and begin unpacking my equipment wordlessly, Brash sitting next to me keeping watch. I finally find what I’m looking for-two square-shaped converters-and begin placing them gingerly on the posts of the fence section, one on the left and one on the right.

I hear the buzzing of the fence as I put my face up to the left converter’s tiny panel-online.
“Its good to go, the electric current’s disrupted.” I state quietly to him.

He nodded and began to dig in his own pack for the spray can. I furrow my eyebrows as I start to scan the area beyond the fence. It was quite similar to the fence’s outside-trees everywhere, filling the world with their greenness. I know better than to mistake this for just another section of woods though-this was part of the Dominion Facility we were to scout.

Finally I hear Brash struggling for the cap of the spray can. I smirk. “Want some help there?”
He grunts and pops the cap off, then smirks at me smugly as he approaches the fence. He sprayed the can’s contents in an oval shape, one that we could easily walk through. Can empty, he tossed it back into the bag. A moment later there was a large gap in the fence, pieces of melted chain-links piled under it. Brash, with his smug look, says, “You first.”

I groan, then carefully make my way through the hole. This wasn’t necessarily safe-if you let the acid from the can onto your armor, let alone your skin, it could start to eat away at you. I didn’t fancy that we had to enter right away, instead of taking a 15 minute break to wait for the acid to set. Now standing on the other side of the fence, I notice Brash simply sitting there. “You coming?”

He shrugged, his smug look still plastered to his face. “I think I’ll stay here and keep watch, to make sure they don’t find the break.”

I sigh. “Whatever then. At least gimme the binoculars.”

“No, you got your mask on, it has them vision settings in it-use them. I didn’t bring my visor with, I’ma need these more than you.”

Grumbling to myself, I leave Brash with the binoculars and start to silently trek through the trees.

Still, I felt a bit of happiness as I creeped along. At least they were beginning to trust me to do things on my own. Considering my age-15-they didn’t let me do much on my own, mission-wise at least. Usually 90% of my time was spent surgically-attached to someone’s side, not allowed to stray too far.

Suddenly, I pause mid-step….someone was watching me.

I drop to the ground, crouching slightly. I psionically set my mask’s vision to far, and begin to scan the area. Sadly, I don’t find anything, but the feeling fades, as if the eyes watching me lost interest. I frown, then close my eyes, letting my senses take over….”Northeast” I whisper outloud as they I let my eyes open again.

I begin walking in this direction, pretty sure where the eyes were watching me from. I stealthily go from tree to tree, hiding myself in their cover. I didn’t get the feeling again though, but I was certain that the person was still there, simply focused on something else…
That’s when I notice the clearing, about 15 yards away.

I stop, and duck behind a nearby tree. Using my mask to extend my vision, I peek around the tree. There were people in the clearing…two? Yes…

First off, there was fighting, but not the aggressive kind. It was more playful, as if they were simply having fun. There was a woman fighting, pretty tall with black hair, similar to my own. The person she was fighting was a man, with snow-white hair. I note this. The man was much too young to have the white hair that covered his head though-he seemed only 20.

They were using psi-knives, the kind I wish I had but couldn’t afford. They were fighting quite intensively, but again, in a playful manner. Only after this did I notice the girl.

She was sitting there, smiling as she watched them fight. Her dark brown hair was pulled back tightly in a ponytail, but a few strands rebelled and feathered down the side of her face. She had icy blue eyes, the kind that caught people’s attention, that seemed to glow faintly. Her structure framed this, tall but lithe, seeming to fragile to be wearing the body armor she did-that of a Ghost operative like myself. I looked at her curiously until I think she noticed-her intensive eyes looking directly at me.

I gasp and duck back behind the tree. I didn’t dare peek back out until I was sure she returned her attention to the fight. It seemed that they finally finished, the white-haired man’s arm around the dark-haired woman’s shoulder. They were all smiling, something I didn’t see often in a Dominion Facility…

That’s when reality struck me.

These were the enemy…yet…I find myself stareing at the girl again. She was so pretty…

“SHADOW!” I jump at the shout through the comm.

I slump down. It was Brash.“Yes?”

“I’m going to head back, I’d suggest you come with.”

I stiffen. I wanted to stay though…besides, we could always use more scout data. “But I’ve found something…just go back without me, I know the way.”
There was silence for what seemed like forever, but finally Brash spoke again. “Fine, but if you get into trouble, don’t blame me for not coming to save your $%^. I’ll see you later.”
I nod, then return my attention to the girl. It seemed that it was her turn to fight, and she was going to face the white-haired man. She had a faint smile on her lips as she started to combat him, with the "go" of the dark-haired woman. She was actually pretty good, considering her seemingly fragile build. They seemed to be having fun...

But then again, these were dominion Ghosts, who were trained to be the bloodthirsty horrors we faced on field…

I glance at the girl.

I hoped to god she never ended up like that

I sigh, then start trekking back to the break in the fence, sprinting silently to hopefully catch up with Brash, the realization buzzing through my mind.

/ / /

(Out of Story)

Okay, this is starting to depress me how little feedback i'm getting on this story, xD

Sure, you guys do, Ender and Zanon and them from the forum all do sometimes, but not many outside the origional Cloaked Love readers and cast. This is a story that doesn't require knowledge of the forum, and can be read before even batting an eye at the origional cloaked love forums. PLEASE-GIMME REASON TO TYPE GUYS!


Oh, and P.S. Zanon and wfawwer , you both can post your stories on here, :P

I am really enjoying your story. I would post more often, but I find that it often significantly slows down the story.

One tip. I have been confused at the start of several of the posts. On the one above, I thought it was Jay breaking through a fence, and didn't really notice otherwise until (she?) got to the clearing. You never specified this new character's gender, but I think it's a girl b/c I thought it was Jay.

Remember, you know your characters WAY better than anyone else.

(I'm trying for constructive criticism here, I'm not trying to be mean.)
I understand this, but for you guys from the cloaked love forum, i would expect for you to realize that this character, whose point of view it is from this particular chapter, is a boy.

Its Shadow, even look at this:

10/02/2011 08:38 AMPosted by Mockingjay
“SHADOW!” I jump at the shout through the comm

I write a lot differently.

I write this way as to intend you guys have open minds,

many of my chapters are of different people's perspectives, so you've got to pay attention based on the writing. Although, i will put an effort in the future to make this clear-i could have infered this was Shadow also in the way of mentioning the Raynor's Raiders symbol on both his and Brash's uniforms, but that didn't occur to me until now to add.

Keep an open mind, and hopefully this won't confuse you as much, :P
Here I thought that shadow was a warning that someone cloaked was nearby or something...

Yeah, now that I re-read it, I can see what Zanon is saying, your character just has a name that can be confusing to the reader.
That didn't occur to me, O.o

Sorry, :P
It's not your fault, just make sure that we know about who/what the characters are talking to and/or about.
there are a lot of perspetive changes.
I r confuzzled.

And i'm gonna assume that my previous character is monitoring every ghost here.
there are a lot of perspective changes.


10/04/2011 02:16 PMPosted by wfawwer
And i'm gonna assume that my previous character is monitoring every ghost here.

Here, from now on, i'll put the character's name at the top of the chapter, so you can expect who's perspective its from, :D

I'll go back and add them in as well,

Hopefully that should you confuzzled people.

Although, my honors buddies can read my writing clearly, but they're more used to my writing than waht you guys are i guess...

plus, they're honors, like me, so, we must be special like that, xD
10/04/2011 05:54 PMPosted by Mockingjay
honors buddies can read my writing clearly

Honors English @ school?

I have all honors, Science, English/Literature, and Math, :P
/ / / Shadow / / /

“Well,” Uttered Brash as we approached the break in the fence. “I think I’ll stay here again, and let you scout. Seems as if last time you got a pretty good amount of data last time, so I’ll trust that you’ll do the same this time.” He whispered, wary of talking too loud. Even if it seemed as if we were alone-you could never be too sure, especially when you were dealing with a Dominion Ghost Facility.

I nod, smiling to myself. It had been about 2 weeks since we’d come that first time. Alone, I was able to get pretty close to a wing of the facility-a Cliffside hang-off that edged a small dip of a valley, where sat a shooting range and a sort of combat area, where the Ghosts seemed to train with each other. It was quite amusing to watch, as they pummeled each other with knives-but the funny thing was that they didn’t cause wounds, and faded through when you stabbed, and left a glowing mark that lasted a while. I found it funny-it kinda looked like they were attempting to draw on each other, fighting to keep the other’s ink off them.

“Here we are.” He muttered, then took a position in a nearby tree, jumping up into its high branches. “Come back whenever-I’ll tell you if I leave, otherwise I’ll be right here when you get back.”

I nod again, and make my way through the fence.

Taking the same route I did last time, i weave through the trees and end up in the same place I scouted from last time-a small dip in the ground, concealed by nearby brush. It was near the treeline, which went out into the open valley. It was a perfect place, easy to hide in and gather data from.

I kneel and set my pack down beside me. Pulling my new eyepiece to my mask down, I peer through its lens. It let me see even farther than what the mask itself did-and much, much clearer. Things that had seemed blurry before were now crystal clear, like the windows I now noticed poking out of the striped cliff’s side. I silently laugh to myself, enjoying my newly-found sight, observing what was going on in the valley below.

There stood about 6 recruits-at least that’s what I thought they were, for they had no rank symbol on their shoulder plates-all standing in an attentive stance. All of them were boys, except for the one at the end…My heart skipped a beat. It was the girl from the couple weeks ago, now brushing away that little piece of hair that always seemed to get in her way…

They all froze when an older man stepped in front of them. He seemed real old, for he had little for hair, and what was left was gray with age. He marched before them, stopping in front so he could be seen up front. He started speaking-I could read his lips-he said something about an “evaluation”. I noticed the girl’s eyes light up, and the boys’ all groaned. Chuckling, the old man took a seat among who I assumed were teachers, for I also saw the man and woman who had accompanied her in the woods the other day.

He called off what I thought were names-but they were strange, for I could swear he said something about “Bigfoot”-and two of the six recruits stood up, and found positions in the combat area. They both wielded the funny knives that left drawing marks on their armor and skin. Someone said go, and they started fighting instantly. I frowned-they were quite aggressive, even so for people who were simply training with each other. I noticed this on the girl’s face, how she too noticed it. There was also a frown present on her face.

After a while, they finished, for one of them had drawn a cut in a place that was fatal-the sign that the fight was over, because their opponent was technically “dead”. I see the gray haired man’s lips move again, again with those strange names…this time, I swore he said “Pyro”…and one of the boys stood up, followed by the girl.

They too took positions on the combat field, and the girl eased herself into a combat stance, while the boy looked at her , puzzled, then simply stood there, wielding his knife in a strange stature. The girl didn’t even smirk, her face masked of all emotion. The old man said “go”, and there was sudden clash, and the boy was lying on the ground, on his back, struggling to get up, the girl on his toes, ready to strike again. I gasp, realizing she had knocked him down almost instantly. The boy was on his feet again, but a bit unsteady this time, and the girl was already teasing him with quick jabs and swipes, which seemed to confuse him. This wasn’t even fair-the girl was obviously more experienced than him…yet, the gray-haired man had said this was their first time evaluating them…and that meant the girl as well.

I gaped as I watched her deliver the final blow-one that cut straight through his stomach-and stopped herself with a graceful side-step. The mark she left was wide, small, but big enough for blood to start spurting from inside him, that is, had they been real knives. The boy was lucky they were only practicing…what if she had been using a real knife? I shivered.

Wait…what if that had been me? What IF we had real knives? We would, of course, on the field…

I swear my heartbeat stopped for a moment, just thinking about it. I calm myself, reassuring myself that it would never happen.

I sit back for a while, thinking it over.

When I get back up, I notice that the people in the combat area had already dispersed, all inside the facility again. I sigh, then decide to do some simple scanning of the area, to see if I could find anything interesting….

Suddenly I got a shiver down my spine. Someone was watching me again, but I didn’t know who…

My eyes flicker as I set my gaze on one of the many windows cut into the cliff. Inside one, I see a face. I adjust my mask’s lens to see clearer…it’s the girl, staring at me with soft eyes. I tilt my head for a moment, wondering if she truly saw me…

As if to answer, she mimicked me, tilting her head to the same side. I gasp, my mind going into panic mode-she knew I was out here-it was the second time she had seen me, last time, and now this. What if she told someone? What if they found the break in the fence? What if they found Brash!

Then I heard a voice.

You don’t have to worry, you know. I won’t tell. There was a hint of playfulness in it.
I find my eyes wander back to the window. The girl’s now smiling, as if she’d just accomplished something great. I furrow my eyebrows.

I heard a laugh, and saw it visually as the girl smiled through the window, her mouth open slightly in the same soft, sweet laugh.. I feel my eyes widen-how did she do that?

Hey, can’t you do this too?

I sat there, dumfounded. How was she doing that? The soft smile that had crept onto the girl’s face stayed present, and I heard her talk again.

Its not that hard, you see, all you have to do is extend your mind a bit…I felt something brush past my mind, as if she were trying to ease me into the conversation.

Wait, what was I doing? THIS WAS THE ENEMY. Why was I still sitting here? I should be running my !@# back to Brash…

I still stayed there, sitting in the brush. I couldn’t just leave her, sitting there wondering why I had left. I sigh as I let my mind ease a bit, and attempt to speak back to her.

Hello? I asked warily.

I saw her smile grow. She heard me.I find myself smiling as well. It seemed as if her smile was contagious. It had to be, it was such a pretty smile.

Good job. You know, i thought someone was watching me. I felt it, like a nagging voice just telling me to turn around... She said

I smirk.

I could say the same about you before, I laugh. When i sensed it, i got the shivers.-i hate that feeling.

Me too. She answered.

We went on like this for a while, going from the topic of her fighing with the boy on the field to fighting with the man with white hair-i got limited information though for some things, like what the people's names were. I found myself laughing, simply because she would once in a while when apparently i said something that she found funny. She had that soft laugh that people couldn't help but smile at...Suddenly i finally ask.

Who are you? I ask

Her smile faded a bit. …you know…I really don’t know.

I frown, afraid I had asked the wrong question. She seemed uncomfortable with the question.

All I wanted to know was your name.

Her smile faded back, as if i had said the right thing.

My name is Jay.

I let the name filter through my head. Jay…I stare at her face a bit-wait, did she just blush? No…maybe…-I realize the name fit. I don’t know how, but it just did…like a piece of a puzzle, it was a perfect fit, even if wasn’t your first guess. I would have never guessed Jay on my own, but, now that I thought about it…what other name would fit her better?

…would it be too much to ask…yours? Your name?

Now it was my turn to be uncomfortable. I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to tell her or not…but something in the back of my mind kept peeking though, telling me, urging me…

I heard buzzing on my comm.

Great timing Brash.

“Shadow, I’m going back. This time, I want you right on my $%^ when I leave though-I’ve been hearing weird noises in the woods today, and I’m unsure of what they are. I’m not leaving without you, but I’m not going to be happy if you keep me waiting. Be here in five minutes.” The comm went silent. Brash didn’t expect an answer-he expected me to listen right away. I sigh, then return my attention to the girl, who’s smile was now gone. She nodded, as if knowing I had to go. I nod back, glancing back at her as I trekked back through the woods.

I was sooo kicking Brash's -*! later in a training session.

/ / /
Wow. Gota scroll down for about 7 seconds to reach the the bottom of that post.

What is your Words Per Minute Jay?
hey jay, im loving the story. it was the first one i started reading, here on the forums, and i have to say, i really like how you implimented yourself into the story. well done :) looking forward to more.


i got a fan, outside the cloaked love forum, :D

Oh, btw Zanon, my wpm is about 50, on an okay day.
/ / / Jay / / /
The wind rustled through the tree’s leaves as I sat intently in one of its branches, leaning against the upper section. I gazed at the sun-or star, as Charles had recently taught me…although, it felt as if I already knew it was a star, despite my little knowledge of it-and let its rays gleam onto my face. Charles had taught me that the sun’s light rays were just fragments of the sheer energy that it generated, spreading light on the planet’s surface, but, according to Charles, the light itself had to travel for what he described as “Lightyears” to get to the surface world. It took a whole 10 minutes for it to reach the planet. To think, the light that now was warming my face took ten minutes-10 MINUTES!- to simply light the world around me.

I often sat up here, in my tree, reflecting on what I had learned the previous afternoon I would have a teaching session with Charles, who now had become my second Instructor. He taught me of all sorts of things, what the Dominion was, about the Dominion’s politics-its Emperor, Mengske. He also told me of the Dominion’s enemies-there were a lot-like Raynor’s Raiders for example. Raynor was the man who founded the rebel group, who was seen as a terrorist. Recently, he had planned an attack on the planet Tarsonis, and had stolen a very important prototype siege-walker mechanism called the Odin-and had attacked several military bases on the planet’s surface. Aparently, after getting what he wanted, he left without a trace, taking the massive siege-walker with him.

I found this quite interesting, and started thinking about what the emperor Mengske did with his armies, as described by Charles as well. After reflecting on this, I found that the emperor himself wasn’t much better, that is, in my opinion, but Charles made him sound so great of a person…

But Charles also spoke of Raynor in a respective way, and even showed me a news clip of him giving a sort of speech somewhere on a desolate planet. I found it very inspiring. The man sounded like a simple freedom fighter, like what the Emperor was when he overthrew the Confederacy back in the days before my generation of future Ghost operatives. I found that I almost liked this Raynor guy more though, for he didn’t seek to rule the sector with an iron fist, he simply wanted freedom for it.

But my duty lied with the Dominion.

Letting my thoughts simmer a bit, my thoughts now wandering back to the boy in the woods from what seemed like forever might as well could have, for it had been at least 3 months since i'd last seen him. I remembered it was like yesterday though. He wore a black suit, with a sort of visor with green lenses that, as he said, helped him to see farther. I shook my head at this-he didn’t need a device to do this, for I myself could see for yards around if I put effort into it along with some energy. The more I thought about him, the more curious I became-what group was he associated with? Was he dangerous? Was he as dangerous as a fly? Would he be a threat to the facility? Should I tell Charles about it, so he could let Headmaster Vincent know?

My thoughts wandered off this, and into different directions. Who was he? What was his name? What did he look like under that mask? What did he think of me, seeing me the way I looked?

…Would he ever come back?

This last question depressed me deeply. This hadn’t occurred to me-whether or not he would come back. I found myself contemplating, trying to figure out if he would ever return. I felt my heart sink. Would I ever find him trying to hide in the brush again?

I stiffen as I heard rustling on the ground below me. Instinctively, I press myself tight against the tree’s soft bark, trying not to make a sound. I let my breathing ease to a more quiet tone, despite my edginess. Peering through the leaves, I crane my neck to get a closer look at the intruder.

And there he was.

It was the boy, walking swiftly yet silently through the brush. He kept a particularly slow pace, seeming a bit on the edge himself, trying not to be discovered…

He chose the wrong tree to sneak under though.

Smiling, I ease myself back onto the branch. I get a utterly reckless idea. Letting my legs fall to one side, I swing on the branch so I hung upside down-right in front of his face.


He jumped higher than I could have. Had his mask been removed, I bet his hair would have been standing on end. He seemed monumentally frightened, but eased as he seemed to recognize my face.

“Jeez Jay, you scared the fekk out of me!"

Smiling,I hung there like that for a while. The blood rushed to my head after a while, and forced me to jump down from my hanging position. As I get back on my feet, I begin to take in his appearance more closely.

Up close, it was much easier for me to spot the little details I had trouble with from a distance. I realized he was actually a little taller than me, with a much stronger build-his muscles showed through his suit. I then begin to take in his suit itself-I realized that it was made up of little scale-like structures, made to fold over each other like an extra skin. Voluntarily, I trace one on his shoulder with a gloved finger. He stiffened at my touch, I realized, then quickly pulled my hand back.

He was the first to speak. “Long time no see.”

I nod. “You know, I was just thinking about when I’d see you again.”

“Really now?” there was a hint of a smile in his statement.

“I never did get that name.” I state simply.

“I was wondering if you’d ask that.” It sounded as if he had put a lot of thought into wondering whether or not he should actually tell me. I hoped he did-for I had told him my own…even though I doubted it was my original name.

Still, the “J” seemed so familiar…the “a” almost natural, and the “y” seemed to pull it all together.

“My name is Shadow.”

I smile at his answer. Shadow. It matched well, especially with the midnight-colored suit he wore. I frown as I noticed how seemed to slouch slightly.

“Tired?” I ask

“A bit. It takes a while to trek up here from where I come from.”

I nod. An idea came to mind. “You in a hurry?”

“Not really.”

I smile. “Follow me.”

I then jump against two nearby trees, gaining the altitude that was required to get up into my usual wide-branched tree. I then walked toe-to-toe with my arms out until I came upon a wide branch-wide enough and strong enough for both of us to sit on. He stared up at me as I did this. “You coming?”

Smiling, he mimicked me, brushing past me softly as he took a seat next to me on the branch. He couldn’t have sat any closer-our shoulders often brushed against each other’s-yet the branch was big enough to let us sit an arm’s length away from each other. I didn’t mind though. It felt nice to know I actually had company in my tree.

We started talking about the most random topics I had ever talked about-all of them based off some of the things Charles taught me about, like the sunrays and such I mentioned before-making it a fun conversation.

After while, I couldn’t help let my thoughts wander….what did he look like under that mask? The thought buzzed around in my head as we talked. Finally, I couldn’t help but ask.

“Shadow…what do you even look like?”

The question had caught him off guard. He leaned over his part of the branch, making it sway softly.

“Well…” He looked at me, his eyes peering through the green lenses of his mask. “I guess it wouldn’t’ hurt to show you…”

He pressed a series of buttons on a small hidden panel on his wrist. The scales that made up his uniform folded against each other, in such a way I hadn’t expected. It was awesome, how they seemed to fold into each other. It happened in a few seconds, and all that was left was his face.

I couldn’t help but stare as I took in his actual appearance. He had soft, jet-black hair, that stuck out in spikes. His eyes were the shade of the tree we sat in-a dark brown color, that faded black to his pupils. His face was angled in such a way that I thought it was sculpted, seeming nearly flawless. He smiled, a smile that only made my own smile grow.

“Do I look like you expected?”

“I didn’t know what to expect.”

He chuckled. We sat there on the branch for what seemed like forever, now staring off into the sunset…

“Oh fekk, I need to go.” His eyes flickered-there was a hint of panic in them.

I nodded.

Glancing back at me, he let his mask fold back onto his face, covering it completely again.

I ask warily “Will I see you again?”

He stared at me. “I promise you will.”

I let a soft smile escape. Something inside me seemed to send soft shivers down my spine. The kind I hated…yet now made me feel wonderful.

“Goodbye.” He said simply, just about to drop from the branch.

A split-second before he dropped, I stole a quick kiss on his cheek-which caused him to stumble when he hit the ground, making me laugh-he glanced back at me before he was swallowed by the endless green of the woods.

“Goodbye.” I whisper silently to myself.

/ / /
10/05/2011 07:09 PMPosted by Mockingjay
A split-second before he dropped, I stole a soft kiss on his cheek-which caused him to stumble when he hit the ground

Poor guy...
/ / / Shadow / / /

She kissed me.

She kissed me-on the cheek-with my mask on.

I wish so much now that I hadn’t let my mask fold back onto my face…

Happy thoughts flitted through my mind as I went back to Brash’s now standard hiding position in the trees. I felt amazing…but a hint of resentment tugged at the back of my mind. I hated leaving her here, at this fekking facility. Jay was such a good operative…yet she was being wasted in the Dominion Military…


A Dominion Ghost operative trainee had kissed me.

I let this new thought simmer in my mind.

It didn’t sound right in my head though, as I let the words replay over and over.

She is the ememy.

I was starting to like-maybe more-an enemy Ghost.
The realization spread throughout my mind, now smothering the happy thoughts that had filled it before. She was part of the Dominion. The Dominion was a merciless order ruled by the fekking @#!%@@# himself, Emperor Mengske, the very man who had betrayed my own group’s leader-Jim Raynor.

A rebellious Raider falling for a Dominion Assasin-in-training.

Now dosen’t that sound like something from a story?

I begin letting my thoughts wander back to Jay. Would she someday be one of those soulless puppets of Mengske, an utter horror on the battlefield, a nuke in her wait? Would she be the one Mengske ordered to plot to assassinate Jim Raynor-and perhaps succeed? Would she, the fun, competitive, mocking-jay, someday become an empty shell of what she was now?

Of anything I thought of Jay being, it was not a Dominion recruit.

Yet she was.

“SHADOW!” someone shouted.

It sounded like Brash.

A panic-mode Brash.

I run all the way to the fence break in record time, finding Brash struggling underneath another Ghost. He had the worst eyes-they were red-and merciless expression that seemed to crave blood. Instintively, I reach for my knife, but find that it was missing. I think about the tree I sat in with Jay.

Damn it…it probably fell…I thought helplessly, staring at Brash and the blood-thirsty Ghost
Instead, I jump on top of the other Ghost, surprising him. I automatically punch him in the face, but the guy still went for Brash, now attempting to slice him up with the knife that he held in his hand. Brash was struggling to keep it away from his neck, but the other Ghost seemed to overwhelm him, and it inched ever so closely to his throat…

I do something incredibly stupid.

“HELP!” I yelled.

As if to answer, I heard rustling in the trees, but saw no one running past them. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a force came and pushed the red-eyed Ghost from Brash, unpinning him from the ground. He recoiled quickly, and even though he had lost his knife from tumbling over, he still went for me next. He was too slow though, for Brash tackled him from the side.

I watched utterly mortified by the aggressiveness of the enemy Ghost. He was now biting and clawing at Brash, like some sort of animal. Trying to think of something, my gaze sets on the fence. I hear the buzzing sound it made.

It was electric.

Again, probably the most stupid idea I could have come up with. Stupidity must run in the squad-Brash did this sort of thing all the time…

With all my energy, I all I could do-I psionically threw Brash away, and tackled the Ghost myself…straight into the electrice fence.

All I remembered was a smell like burning flesh, and a whisper that didn’t belong to Brash that seemed to come from an unknown source.


/ / /
/ / / Charles / / /

We found her kneeling outside the borderline fence, staring off into the distance, her eyes glowing madly. Behind her, there was a bloody watchmen lying against the fence, the smell of burning flesh filling the air. To my horror, there was a break in the fence, as if someone had snuck in…then I noticed drag marks that lead into the woods.

There were survivors.

Enemy survivors.

“You,” I point to one of my escorts. “Follow the trail. See how far you get-if you see anything, kill it on sight.”

He nodded, then plunged deep into the endless green.

I then turned my attention to the man lying against the fence. With a flick of my wrist, I psionically floated the body away from the fence for dispose. He was long gone-nothing we could do to bring him back.

Only then did I dare look back at Jay.

There was intensity behind the light blue glare in her eyes. She seemed to be deeply concentrated, causing the state she now seemed to be in. When I tried to speak to her, she didn’t respond. I didn’t want to move her, for fear of her reaction. I didn’t need any more injured personnel. Instead, we waited there, watching her. To my utter surprise, she just suddenly dropped to her side, as if she was unconscious.

I was the one that carried her back. Natalia, Headmaster Vincent, and a few other instructors stood there, staring at the girl lying limp in my arms.

“She was there…I think she watched it.” I said, whispering to the Headmaster as well as Natalia. Soon after I had finished explaining the situation, the man I sent to follow the trail came back, saying that the trail ended after a few minute’s sprint through the underbrush.
Vincent sighed, then put a hand on her forehead, then stated calmly. “There is much tension in her mind...” His voice faded as his eyes widened. He looked up at me with glazed eyes, then at Natalia. He stared at her for a moment, then said to me, “Follow me.”

I followed closely behind the Headmaster, Natalia keeping pace with me. I couldn’t help but notice the worry plastered to her face. She cared much for the girl…

Vincent stopped all of a sudden, causing me to bump into him. He steadied me, so I didn’t drop Jay, then lead us into the room.

It was a sort of med-bay, only it was made for a single person. There sat a bed in the center of the room, a headset thing hanging from the ceiling, wires clinging to it. He gestured for me to lie Jay on the bed, and I did so, then stood back by Natalia. We then watched as the Headmaster gingerly lowered the headset onto Jay’s head. Natalia’s hand wrapped tightly around my own. I squeezed it gently, as if to reassure her.

After situating the set on Jay’s head, he then turned his attention to a screen on the wall I hadn’t noticed before. After a few moments, a huge chart started to project itself onto the screen. It was a mind activity chart, which measured what it implied. When I started to read the chart, my own eyes widened.

Jay’s mind activity was through the roof, and jumped crazily across the chart. It was dangerously high, that could leave her in a vegetable-state if she wasn’t careful. Natalia’s grip on my hand tightened as she too started to read the chart. She asked warily, “What’s going on with her?”

Vincent stole a solemn glace at Natalia. “Jay seems to have locked herself away into her own mind. The result is her now unconscious state,” he added, “she isn’t letting anyone in-I tried mind-speaking to her, but I was blocked. It’s a pretty powerful lock she’s put herself in…it seems as if she can keep this up for quite some time, even considering how much thought she’s putting into this.” He gestured to the chart, then changed it to a psioinic energy output chart-this one too lingered very close to the higher numbers at the top of the chart. Vincent shook his head. “It’s amazing that she’s able to sustain this, considering her class, being a 9.75. This sort of thing would require a higher class…”

My thoughts wandered back to the first reading we took on the drop ship. Even there, her class jumped at random times…maybe it had jumped again, but for longer this time, at a higher class…I shook my head. That was nearly impossible.

I glanced at the seemingly lifeless girl.

Anything was possible.

“It seems as if her encounter out there put her in this state. She could easily be trying to form herself a new way of thinking Charles…its in her nature to adapt. What she saw today must have affected her greatly-probably too much for her to handle. It would be her to try and overcome this…this is why I value her so much. The others’ minds don’t work this way…but it would be beneficial if they did…” he paused, before adding, “But it makes them so unpredictable…”

“We’ll have to keep her here until she awakens. Until then, she needs to be monitored every moment of every day as to make sure she doesn’t make herself a vegetable, or worse, kill herself.” He looked at me. “Charles, you’ve dealt with things like this before. I want you to be in charge of this. I’ll leave it to you to gather the personnel you’ll need for this task.” I started to say something, but he cut me off, laughing. “Yes, I’ve already asked for Demitri to come back-he’ll be of use for this as well. As for anything else, I’ll leave it all to you.”

With that, the Headmaster calmly glided out the door, leaving Natalia and I standing there, staring at the locked-up Jay.

“Charles, can you promise me something?” Natalia asked, her grip loosening on my hand, but still keeping a gentle grip.

“…anything.” I answer.

She looked up at me. “Promise me that you’ll make sure she comes out of this.”

I set my gaze into her green eyes. “I wouldn’t do anything less.”

She smiled at me faintly, then softly let go of my hand. She too glided out the door, stealing one last glace at Jay, then at me.

Just as Natalia left the room, Jay’s eyes opened. I briskly came to her side, but was disappointed to what I saw. Jay’s eyes were open...but they didn’t glow…they weren’t even lightblue.

Jay's eyes were completely white.

/ / /

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