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We missed you. Good luck with WoW.
this is so I can come back to read the rest with ease of finding because I only on page 3, I accidentley sent a request for a sticky, and one page with absolutely no story


Silence, and a fekking lot of lights.

That is all I could make of the room when I opened my eyes.

Eyelids fluttering slightly, I scanned the bright room, the light emitting from the ceiling hurting my eyes incredibly. They felt as if they were on fire-maybe worse. I was in the med-bay, someplace I hated dearly, I observed. The sickly smell of a doctor’s office wafted to my nose, making my face cringe, which also hurt. Ekk, why was I so sore…

That’s when I rememberd.

The woods. Brash. The red-eyed Ghost. The electric fence.


Oh god, Jay.

She was there-and she was scared, I could feel it. I could have sensed it. Her soft feet tip-toeing through the grass, unsure of how to approach. It was a horrible choice-the people her duty lied with, or me.


Why me?

She chose me, but wasn’t sure of how to help me.


She did help me.

My memory came back in spurts. I could faintly remember the smell of burning flesh-my own, and that horrible ghost’s. I could recall Brash’s horrible look, watching as the electricity surged through me, causing me to go into seizures. He quickly lifted me from the fence psionically, as to not get fried himself, and then proceeded to drag me out into the woods, back towards base. The sounds of rustling leave accompanied us, I could feel Jay linger. So innocent, so afraid. I felt sorry for her-it hadn’t occurred to me that she had never truthfully seen hand-to-hand combat before.

And the fact that it happened to someone who she knew so well.

Someone who liked her so much.

Right before her eyes.

I remembered Brash’s helpless sigh as he became too tired to drag me any longer. He was too worn from fighting for his own life, let alone mine. Jay stayed with us for a while, invisible to the human eye somehow, for I do not remember actually seeing her. Cloaking perhaps?

Soon after Brash had set me down, I recall hearing rustling in the trees-but it wasn’t Jay. I could sense her sitting next to me, feel her hand brush softly against my face. She too noticed. I could sense her shiver, the fear of Brash and I being discovered becoming a reality as the shouts carried in the breeze.

Brash looked up helplessly, and I remember sensing his anguish.

We were utterly trapped.

But Jay.

Oh, Jay.

I could kiss her for what she did.

She did what I couldn’t imagine possible, even for such the trainee.

Somehow, she got us out. I think she teleported us. There is no other explanation. I can’t think of any other way. She had done it. Without even truthfully knowing where our base was. Wow. It shouldn’t have been possible.

But there we were, sprawled out on the ground just within the border of our stationed base. I could remember the wind rippling through the flag-that stupid flag I thought was so pointless, but now cherished just for that moment-the surprised officers who had been strolling around the encampment, finding us lying there.

MEDIC! One of them had screamed when one of them eyed me.

There was shouts and yelled orders as a couple medics came. They hovered over me, inspecting my body. One of them was utterly terrified of me...maybe even for me…her gaze never left mine. One of them pulled a needle-one of those big-!@# ones. The kind that gave even me the shivers. She pricked me.


I don’t remember anything else.

But it was enough.

My thoughts kept wandering back to Jay though.

Creative, innocent, caring, utterly terrified, Jay.

I think I love her for this.

She saved my life.

My thoughts simmered as a couple of nurses plus a guy entered the med-bay. The nurses looked at me with bright expressions-either because they were truthfully happy I had woken up, or to reassure me for something they were going to tell me.

I was particially right with my second guess.

“Shadow? This is Head Surgeon Peerson.” Said the man. He wore a plain white uniform.
I tried to open my mouth to acknowledge him, but I couldn’t even form the words. It seemed as if I was unable to speak. I looked at him with pleading eyes.

He frowned. “Hm…this wasn’t expected…Nurse!” He stated, and one of the nurses at his side came to mine, then waved a scanner over my head. She frowned when she returned to the surgeon. He kept his face masked this time. I’ve always hated doctors when they do that-it felt like an impending doom, like something was wrong yet they didn’t want you to know.

He looked up at me, his gaze softened. He walked up to me, then sat at my bedside. I tried to tilt my head to get a better look-he looked familiar, but I don’t know how-but my neck ached so bad, I couldn’t even manage a simple turn.

He looked at me with sincerity, but I knew what was coming. It couldn’t be good.
“Shadow, your skin has been utterly charred. We’re undergoing tests to see if you’re fit for a few skin reconstructions...” His gaze settled at my toes as he scanned me. I followed his gaze, but I couldn’t even see my own skin, for I was covered with a light blanket. The surgeon returned his gaze to my face, this time, his mask faded to a sorrowful expression. “…the damage isn’t permanent Shadow…we are working hard to reverse it.” He looked at me unsurely, but reached above my head to a mirror on a robotic arm. It edged down to my eyelevel…I was utterly shocked.

Splotches of red covered my face. Puffy, red, disgusting. I looked like a fekking Zerg.
Tears welled in what I thought were the corners of my eyes, now taking in the brown charr my skin had to them from my electrocution.

Never would I have thought it was this bad.

"The good thing is Shadow, is that you survived."

I couldn't helpt but think-Jay would have thought the same.

/ / /

Out of Story-

I'm going to attempt to type up at least one chapter a week like this, but i'll prolly do more. Dosent take me that long to type around 1000 words, :P
You are doing extremely well. Keep it up!
I'm sorry i haven't posted in a while....

I've been caught up in the world called Modern Warfare 3

Damn girl. You have been busy in my absence.

/ / / Charles / / /
“Damn it.” I swear aloud as I worked on the control panel some more.

Technology hated me, I swear. Only Demitri seemed gifted enough to be able to work with it. Back when we were on the dropship, it was always him who worked with the machines and monitors in the stasis room. I just watched, and did what he asked if he needed help. I wish he was here right now…

But he would be here soon at least, according to the comm-message I received.
Pulling away from the control panel next to the huge monitor, I walk up to the table that held Jay, seeming deep in sleep. But the fact Jay’s eyes were still open, made it seem unnatural. To add, it didn’t help that her iris was now completely devoid of color.

It made me sad to see her this way. The bright icy blue color of her eyes missing, the gaze that was always as bright as the girl who owned them. When I showed Natalia the other day, she let out a strange gasp, and sat by her for a long time. It was shocking, how lifeless Jay seemed.

It seemed as if she was dead.

But she wasn’t-not on my watch.

But it had been at least 3 weeks since we found her like this...

I jump as the door to the room opens. My frown vanishes and is replaced with a wide grin.
It was Demitri.

“Hey Charles,” Demitri said, a smile of his own spread along his face.

“Demitri.” I shook his hand, then pulled him in for an embrace. “It’s good to see you.”

He nodded, now staring blankly at Jay. “That isn’t her…is it? She looks so different…”
I follow his gaze, eyes settling on Jay. It surprised me a bit-for I’d just noticed how much she’d changed since we brought her. Her face was sharper, along with her form. Lean muscle lined her arms from the countless training hours spent with Natalia. She was becoming the Ghost Operative she would someday be.

I was taken aback for a moment. I felt like I was looking at her with different eyes.
“Jesus Charles-What the hell is wrong with her eyes?” Demitri states, bringing me back from my spaced-out moment.

I sigh. “I don’t even know. I’ve tried looking though the graphs on the control panel by the monitor,” I pointed “But you know me Demitri, technology hates me.”

Demitri chuckled as he went up to the panel himself and began to push buttons. He pulled up several charts that had been recorded though the last few days. He gaped at the mental activity chart as Natalia, Vicent, and I had the other day.

“Holy Fekk Charles…” He turned to me “…have you checked her class?”
I shift. “No….i’m almost afraid to.”

He nodded simply, and resumed messing with the panel. He then pulled up some vitals, and his gaze softened.

“Okay, this tells me why..”

Demitri shifted away from the panel and walked up to Jay’s side, inspecting her eyes closely.
“Her psionic energy gives her eyes that icy blue color…and because she’s using so much energy, her eyes are drained of color this way.”

I tilted my head. “What the fekk…”

He nodded. “I think normally her energy would be stored particially in her eyes, and that was why she could see things others couldn't. Okay, I know it sounds stupid, but this explains a lot."

I blink. I think back to those times with Natalia and Jay before the training sessions. Jay was the first to see me every time.

“…I guess that does explain a lot.”

Demitri nodded. “It’s amazing…it hadn’t occurred to me that energy could do that to your visuals.”

I tilted my head. “Yet it makes so much sense…her energy always matched the color of her eyes.

He nodded. “Still…I find it strange that her iris would turn white instead of maybe a less sharp blue…”

“Hmph.” I state simply.

Suddenly, the metal door to the room slid open again, a tall figure walking inside. He reminded me of Demitri, only a bit taller. He had black hair, but it looked like there was a gray streak here and there, a sign of age.

Why was this person in here? I didn’t send for anyone..

“Who the hell are you?” I state.

Demitri jumped beside me, a grin spreading across his face.

“Hey, about time you got here.” He addressed the man, who nodded back.

I stared blankly at Demitri, who shakes his head.

“I’m sorry Charles, this is a good friend of mine. He worked with me on the dropship when you stayed here. I thought he could help us out here." He said.

The man before us smiled.

“Greetings. I’m Domovoi.”

/ / /

Out of Story

I bet you didn't see that coming, :P
/ / / Shadow / / /

God I missed being like this.

I jumped from one platform to the other, trying to be as quick as I could be. Some were smaller than others, and I had to judge my jump a lot more as I got higher and higher. Sweat ran down the side of my face as I progressed, my smile growing as well. It felt amazing to be alright again.

It’d been at least 2 months since my incident with the electric fence. Soo many damn tests on my skin, countless nanobots working furiously to repair it again. Finally, about a week or two ago, they put me back into the real world, out of that wretched med bay. Now, it felt like it never happened. My skin was in the same shape it was before, no more splotchy redness or brown burn marks.

But of course it happened. I couldn’t get it out of my mind.

I grunted as I got to the last platform. I looked down, taking in my surrounding.
I was outside, on the hill that was part of our training area for the Raiders. Officers patrolled the fence surrounding the base. Trainees and seasoned Ghosts were practicing close combat below in the training circle. I let my gaze wander to the platforms that were built into the steep hill. There were 49 in all, and I had jumped up all of them in only 5 minutes. I was in just as good of health again as what I was before my incident.

Stretching, I began my decent down the hill, sliding on my back on the side that wasn’t so steep. I smiled. This was my favorite part.

At the bottom, I brushed off all the grass and dirt that now clung to my suit. My new suit, to be exact. It tickled me to have it. It was like my old one, only the scales on this one shined from their newness.


…that isn’t even a word, is it..?

I sighed.

Jay would be the one to make up words like that.

I missed her so much. I wish she was here.

I shook the thought out of my head. It distracted me too much. I needed a clear head around here, or people would perhaps get suspicious.

There was no way I’d tell anyone about Jay, or my fondness of her.

“Hey,” I felt a hand on my shoulder, a man’s voice in my ear. I jumped.

“Easy Shadow!” Exlclaimed Brash, sliding his hand off my shoulder and backed off a bit.

“Oh, sorry Brash.” I muttered.

He smirked. “Jumpy much?”

“Wouldn’t you be if you got electrocuted just those couple weeks ago?”

He froze. I sighed.

“Sorry for my harshness.” I apologized. Again, with the making up of words.

He sighed too. “It’s fine. I should be sorry, I shouldn’t forget what you did…” he punched my shoulder slightly, in that playful way of his. “It was you who saved my !@# that time.”

There was a smile to his voice.

I smiled slightly. “Yeah.”

“I owe you one Shadow.”

I shrugged. “Not really, you saved my $%^ a few times too Brash. Remember on Yii Xi?”

He smirked, his gaze floating to the sky. “I suppose…you were a bit stuck in that cave that time, all them zerglings following you like you were their first meal in 7 years.”

I laughed.

“Still, that was sorta my fault.” Brash murmured, “Shouldn’t have let you alone…” his voice trailed off, probably going back to the fence topic again. I sighed. I didn’t want to talk about it.

“Look Brash, I’m tired.” I state.

He nodded, as if understanding. “ ‘Kay. I’ll see you later Shadow.” He walked off into the training field.

Muttering to myself, I headed off to my quarters.

Walking in, my quarters isn’t much. Just 10 by 10 room with a closet and a bed. There wasn’t even a window. It depressed me that it didn’t-I liked the outdoors.

Sighing contentedly, I plop backward onto my bed. I fold my arms and stare at the ceiling a bit. Letting my thoughts wander, I start thinking of Jay’s quarters, with that window looking out over the woods. I think of that second time I saw her, looking out it, down at me. I think of her soft laughter.

I close my eyes, feeling sad. It depressed me to think of her…

My eyes open again, and my gaze stops at my closet.

Out of impulse, I jump off my bed and open up my closet wide. I quickly grab a box, and set it on my bed. Pulling it open, I drop its contents on my bed.

My old suit.

The last thing I wore when I saw her.

I sigh, finding no answer from the clothing. I don’t know why I pulled it out-maybe just because of that little thing-the fact I wore it when I saw her.

The fact Jay kissed my cheek while my mask for it was folded on my face.

I find myself tracing the lines of the scales with my thumb, stopping at the belt of the suit. I stare at it. Attached to the belt was a little loop for my knife, which I lost that day while I had been sitting in the dark wooded tree with Jay, our shoulders brushing. But instead of the loop being empty-there was something in it.

Staring, I look the object over. For a moment, I thought it WAS my knife, but that didn’t seem possible...

…maybe Jay had slid it into the loop before she teleported us here…

But looking at it again, I notice that its hilt was made of steel, not the wood-metal combination that the handle for my knife was. There wasn’t even a blade to it, but there was a little button, and a piece of paper it seemed wrapped around the hilt.

Curious, I take it out and test it in my hand. It felt light, and the button was naturally in the same place I would keep my thumb when I’d normally hold a knife. My curiosity getting the better of me once again, I press my thumb on the button.

I jump when a black energy blade pops out of the hilt. I gaped at it. My thoughts wander to the woods the first time I saw Jay, in the clearing, and her fighting with that psi-knife…

Heart racing, I carefully pull at the little piece of paper wrapped around the hilt of the psi-knife. It came off easily, and the paper curled in my hand. Releasing my grip on the button with my thumb, the black energy blade fades away, and I set the knife on my bed.

With both of my hands, I uncurl the piece of paper. My heart skips a beat as I see actual writing on the paper-no, not typing, actual handwriting on the paper. It was beautiful, the letters light and airy on the piece of paper. I read it ever so carefully, as if the words would float away if I wasn’t.


    A trade….


/ / /
/ / / Jay / / /
I just couldn’t stop crying.

Those first few hours, I felt myself tremble. The tears just kept coming, like a never-ending river. I had felt like I could have cried forever.

But the strange thing was, I wasn’t really crying.

I was trapped in my mind it seemed, and my body didn’t express the things I was doing. I could sense my stillness, as if I were unconscious. When I did something, it wouldn’t actually happen, like the crying fits I had those first hours.

I felt alone in the space that was my mind…but I needed to be alone. Being alone would give me time to think. Thinking would make me feel better.

But it didn’t seem to help this time.

I kept worrying. Worrying what had become of Shadow.

Out of instinct, I think I had teleported him to his base he had recalled to me once. He described very little of it-probably still wary of me on certain topics. But I hadn’t minded…although it would have been nice to know. I have no idea where I actually sent him
I hoped so much that I sent him to the right place.

Now, that I have somewhat found my mind, I still needed the aloneness. It felt nice to be alone like this sometimes though. Plus, I knew as soon as I would finally break free of my own mind…there would be questions. Questions I don’t think I’d have the answers to…or want to answer.

How could I tell them what happened, without actually telling them what happened?
If I told the truth, I’d have to tell them about Shadow…and I don’t know what they’d do to me if they found out. It probably wouldn’t be good though…for Shadow would be considered the enemy. Headmaster Vincent would probably be somewhat pissed.
If I lied…I don’t know. It seemed wrong, and to add, they’d probably search though my memories…and then they would find out anyways.

For now, it was best to stay pent-up like this, at least until I figured out what to do.
I’ve also learned lots simply from searching my memories. I discovered that those empty spaces, the ones that scared me when I first came…I was right to be scared. There used to be memories there…there’s still a fragment here and there of what used to be. I can’t hardly read them, or remember them, because they are so broken.

Another thing I discovered were the fake memories. There were things in here that simply didn’t belong, that I knew shouldn’t, but I didn’t know how I knew so. It was as if when I found something that seemed to belong, it would stick out, and then my mind would comprehend that it shouldn’t be there. I don’t know…it may just be instinct. I’d already gotten rid of these fake memories, so I could use the space for new ones.

Hopefully, some meaningful ones, like those times with Shadow…

That’s the nice thing about being trapped in your mind. I can re-live my memories sorta, like a dream. It feels like a third-person story, I can watch, I can listen, but I can’t interfere. I still enjoy it though. At least then I can see Shadow…

By the moment, I’m replaying the last time I saw Shadow, in that darkwood tree. Shadow has jumped out of the tree, nearly missing the landing because of my little kiss. I smiled. It was funny every time.

But this time, instead of watching this memory just for thsi part, i watched the hole thing play back though my mind. Shadow's knife in the grass. My eagerness to get it back to him, just to see him one more time. The break in the fence. The blood-eyed Ghost. Shadow's helpless friend. Shadow's helplessness himself. My breakthrough, finally helping them. Shadow's fence incident. My silent cry. The trip through the woods. The trade before I teleported him away, and myself back to the fence....

and he was Gone.

My subconscious turned black.

And that was the last memory before I locked myself away.

I shouldn't have watched it though.

My tears came back, flowing like waterfalls.

/ / /

Made a Super-Edit here, it kept bugging me...
If some advice is not unwelcome.......

I would suggest not creating more perspectives than you already have. Otherwise people may lose track.

Other than that, excellent work.
I know. I'll keep with Charles, Jay, and Shadow only probably. Natalia's part was only for that certain part of the story.

I might add a little perspective here and there if i find that it is needed, otherwise i'll just stick with these three.
Some guy: Catch my drift and *hint hint* in the same paragraph? You make it far to easy to guess that one of the main characters is going to d-*BANG*

Other guy: Run! its the Invisible protoss sni-*BANG*

i got a fan, outside the cloaked love forum, :D

Oh, btw Zanon, my wpm is about 50, on an okay day.

make that two <3
(im only on page three so if you have another I dont know DX)
Keep up the good work Jay, you're amazing at this.
Damn. I wish I could write like this. By the way, Z&Z Threads are kinda resurrected. If you dont remember, you just entered the Warp Prisim with Steve. Oh, those were good days.
Jake: Hello. I remember Mockingjay had been writing a story on her character from Cloaked Love, but I was too busy to keep up with it. How much has she written since then?

Forum Manager: Oh, I think this is what she has so far... *dumps a book the size of the online wikipedia*


Forum Manager: Well, we also have a book for each chapter, so you could start with chapter one... *hands a book the size of inheritence*

Jake: *Headdesk*
11/28/2011 06:20 PMPosted by Jake
hands a book the size of inheritence

I got that this week. Nearly done.
I got that this week. Nearly done.

I'm reading that as well. Its a good book.
Jake don't worry there is still about (Insert 20 digit number here) more books the size of the online wikipedia in a month

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