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Hello. I have to say, I am a fan of your stories, MockingJay, ThunderCrash, Ender, IMDoomer and Jake. I find them very engaging. Keep up the really awesome work!
Actually I am saving your stories on Word to read later. Noice work!
I hope I won't get in trouble via copyright...
JAY WERE ARE YOU!!!! Btw, you play on PC or xbox or what platform? If on PC, what is you steam account name so I can add?
It's been almost a month since Jay last posted.

she's online, But she says she has writers block. Check online Starcraft on the weekends to talk to her.
I earned my Eagle Scout award!

Meh. This story needs to come on! I'm dying of suspense!
This is getting kinda annoying.
We shall endure!

Plus i'm trying to get this on, so other peeps can read it, :P

But god i feel bad...I nearly forgot about this between school and all the other artsy crap i've been doing...o.O

I promise I'll try and get better at this guys, and thanks for staying with me throug the story, :D

Jay is back! Sound the trumpets! Make way! Jay is back!

/ / / Charles / / /

“FEKK!” I screech, punching the panel before me. I instantly regret it-metal is a lot more dense than my hand. I swear under my breath, pulling my hand back to me in an attempt to make the pain go away-too late.

“Hey,” Demitri says from behind me, putting a hand on my shoulder. He frowns at me slightly, but he didn’t need to ask-he knew I was still having a rough time trying to crack the code for the new machine we’d brought in. He himself already knew how to use it of course-being the technology genius he was-but I still found myself struggling with the simplest tasks I tried to get it to preform.

I sigh, and let my hand drop to my side and let my gaze fall to the ground. I was starting to get paranoid-I’d stopped sleeping lately, fearing that something might happen to Jay while I was asleep. It had been what, at least 5 weeks now since she’d put herself in this vegetable state? I wasn’t worried so much of her lack of training-she still surpassed the others by a longshot-but I was more so worried for her well-being. How long could a person stay in a coma like this?

Demitri finally speaks to me. “Why don’t you take a break?” He asks simply, furrowing his eyebrows. “Domovoi and I have it covered, you know,” He added a sort of playfulness to that last statement somehow, and Domovoi himself glances back from a screen of his own in a reassuring way.

I groan ever so slightly…but I knew they were right. “Fine…” I say, and I glide out of the room and through the door.

Not long after doing this, I actually run into Natalia after two turns down the winding hallways of the Faciltiy. She smiles as she speaks to me, “Long time no see,”. I chuckle at this statement. It had been a while since I seen her last, but she too came often to see Jay. I could tell she worried about her too, the way I did.

I nod, “Yes…” I glance back in the direction of the med bay. “Demtiri and Domovoi, they thought I should take a break…” I hold up my bruised hand. “Lost my temper…”

She laughs softly-something she hadn’t done since Jay went into her coma. “I see…” She says, taking my hand for a moment. She inspects it for a moment. “Hm…I’d maybe get that looked at though…” Her eyes show slight concern as she notices my knuckles are bruised.
I chuckle. “Its not that bad…” I pause, because I notice something else to Natalia’s eyes-sadness.

I frown. “What is wrong?”

She sighs, looking up at me. “Something’s come up…” She looks around, and drags me into a nearby room-a simple storage space, tools and scrap alike piled along the walls.
“Why the storage room…?” I ask warily.

She shushes me. “Shh…I’m technically not supposed to tell anyone about this…” She glances out the door as she closes it behind her.

My frowns stays. “What…?”

“…I’m being sent out into the frontlines again.” She states, obvious sadness ebbing at her voice.

I stiffen. “What? They can’t do that! You need to be her-“ She cuts me off.

“They’re loosing a skirmish on this place called Ghram,” Natalia whispers, “There is zerg there, trying to establish another foothold on the sector. It’s getting out of hand…they’re loosing too many as it is…so they wanted to see if I went there if the situation would improve.” She sighs again, glancing at the door.

“But…you’re a mentor…you can’t leave…” I state, sounding strangely child-like. Sometimes i didn't act my age...

I soften as she looks up at me with those eyes of hers. “I don’t want to leave…they just keep throwing reasons at me for my departure…but,” She leans in and kisses me on the cheek. I blink as she pulls away. “I wanted to let you know the real reason for me leaving.”
I nod slightly, staring at the ground.

She frowns again. “When Jay comes back, they say they’ll try and get me back here as soon as possible…but otherwise, I’ll be staying there until we’ve cleared out the zerg on the planet.”

I let my gaze meet hers. I stare at her for a moment, trying to make out the emotions I see behind her eyes-Sadness…for leaving.., Longing…for me?... the people sending her away…and surprisingly a hint of Fear…of death? I furrow my eyebrows.

“Are you worried?” I state simply.

“It sounds horrible,” Looking up at me, she takes my face in her hands. She starts to murmur. “…I don’t think I’ll come back…”

At this I snap. I kiss her, and we stand there for a long while. I pull back, my heart racing. She stares back at me, and I swear I hear her heart doing the same.

“Promise me something…” She whispers.

“What?” I ask

She kisses me faintly again. It feels like we’d been feeling like this forever…it was just hidden under the surface.

“…bring Jay back for me.”

/ / /

(I've been meaning to do this for a while, XD)
Hi Jay!
Hiya, XD

That above post was typed in 15.7 minutes, lol
It is wonderful that you are back.

Separate note: There has been discussion on if we were going to raise Cloaked Love from the ashes. (I still haven't written an ending :P been meaning to...)

I saw this less than an hour ago...
That was really fun for me, I had to keep coming back to the forums to read, I was so hooked!
Thank you, IMDoomer, Mockingjay, Ender, Thundercrash and Chesty, and anyone elso who did that, for making that incredible RP.
I am looking forwards to more.
Or possibly to participate :P

Edit: I just realized I'm not on this list T_T
I really wish I was going to have more internet access more tomorrow...
Parents plan to keep me busy cleaning till 4:00 or so...

One of my favorite RPers comes back and I'm busy for most of the next day.
Life is unfair :P
Indeed, :P

I'll be typing a smitload anyways to get this story going again anyways, it works out okayish then , :D
Smitload away. I'll look forward to reading it all once I get back on line.
Goodnight Mockingjay. I'm glad I was online just now. Nice to hear form a friend.
Goodnight, :P
/ / / Jay / / /
Living in your own mind gets to be a bit…mindless, after a while.

Lately, I’ve been doing absolutely nothing but sleep, sleep, and sleep. I didn’t’ think I could sleep for this long until now. It’s strange, being stuck like this…but I’m still thinking of what to do. It’s a never-ending cycle for me…and it’s getting to be much…

I still sort through my memories. I keep finding hidden ones in the corners, as if trying to hide from me. I pull them back to the center though, trying to make sense of them. They’re bits and pieces that are so unfamiliar…but they seem so real, I can’t get myself to toss them away again. These are the memories my mind actually registers for some reason, unlike the fake memories I’d sorted out long ago.

I’m watching one right now, but its broken and torn in places, making it hard to remember.

“All you do is sit there, like a retard,” says a mean-looking young boy, laughing his head off.

I frown slightly as the girl he’s talking to stiffens, and he notices. There’s a space here-and now the boy’s face-first in a sandbox, the girl standing feet away. This memory confuses me…who is that, and how did that girl get the boy to fly into the sandbox at least 7 feet away? She surely couldn’t be strong enough to do something like that…and I can’t think of any other way she could have accomplished it…although, perhaps she's like me and has psionic abilities...

I let the memory fade again, meaning to come back to it later. With as much time on your hands as what I’ve got, you tend to space off things for later…it’s just a matter if you actually remember to go back and do what you spaced off. I’ve forgotten so many things I had been meaning to do…it’s hard for me to concentrait.

At least it keeps my mind off of…Shadow. I still worry about him-I can feel that a long amount of time’s passed sense the incident, and it pains at me to wake up, to see what time it truthfully is. I fight the urge though…I really can’t…

Not yet.

Soon…I’ve almost figured it out.

Besides…I’m still doing some experimenting…

I’ve found that in my sleeping-state I can brush past other people’s minds, and see what they’re thinking. It’s like I’m talking to them, only I’m silent and only listening to their thoughts talking, and they don’t even know I’m there. I’ve done this a few times to a few people working in the facility…but I haven’t tried Charles yet, for fear he could sense me…
…yet…what could I have to lose if he did sense me…?

It hits me.

Why not try?

I let my mind stretch itself, and I feel around absent-mindedly as I find the familiar touch of Charles’s mind-like when we used to mind-speak when I was awake. I touch it lightly, sneaking into the web-like membrane of this thoughts.


He was with Natalia…and they were kissing.

I couldn’t help but laugh.

I’d been waiting for something like this to happen-I could tell plain as day how they felt towards each other during my training sessions-and honestly it wasn’t that hard. The way Natalia would always smile at Charles when he would be concentrated on something. The way Charles would chuckle at things Natalia would say sometimes. It made me want to say something about it…but I’d felt in time they’d figure it out themselves.

I was right.

Bombarded by emotions coming from Charles, I retreat back into my own mind-for my sake, and to give them some privacy. I would think anyone would want it…and I'd think it would be kind of strange not knowing you have a younger mind mingling with yours when you’re feeling that way…

I let another laugh echo through the void of my mind, and I let myself sleep again.

I’d try again…later…

/ / /

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