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On the same (but different) note...

Thunderclash returned and announced his intention to restart cloaked love to a slightly different storyline.
Wait, the Z&Z thread assosiates with this?
Now i'm confused about the whole storyline :/
Z&Z has nothing to do with this. This is the Cloaked Love Prequel's Prequel.
The prequel of my prequel is my friend.
Zannon, have you not seen any of the Z and Z threads? They were written WAYYY before cloaked love. They started on the day joeyrays bar fourm was opened.

...I've got to fit those in here as well...


I participated in 7 Z&Z threads as "Jay".


I gots an Idea...sorta...In how to fit it all in...

Or Idk.

This is sort of a strict prequel to Cloaked Love, but its also Jay's backstory...

...Why must writing be so complicated? lol


Join us Jay!
Soo.. would Z&Z occur after Cloaked love?
The two are not related in any canon way. (So far as I know)
What two are you referring too? Z&Z and cloaked love?
I believe she used about the same character in both, she is trying to use info from both.
Eh... had been my plan to just draw out the story before Cloaked Love... sorta just occured to me that maybe I should include the lore I used for the Z&Z threads too....

I don't know! XD
The Z&Z threads are back up, are you going to join? And have you seen Sittinducks? Anywere? At all?
I haven't seen sittinducks either.
When was Ender last on line?
Damn. Jay dissapeared... AGAIN.
Jay, why do you always dissapear randomly?
Damn it.
Jay, can you at least tell us when your going to dissapear?
A-a-a-anti troll.

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