Story-Jay the Ghost

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lol, I miss Jay... :P

EDIT: Oooh! I started a new page! But...I miss Jay so much!
Where are you Jayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? =[
She must've cloaked, AGAIN.
Wheres a detector when you need one?
Hmmm.... maybe an EMP would work....
No EMP. Gives psionics a headache. Really juicy secrets work better, telepaths are pathological gossipers. Self-admitted.
*shakes head*
sorry, what? I was just chatting with my friend over there.
Maybe I should start swinging my arms around in circles, I mean, eventually ill find her.
Erupting into a category 10 hurricane would work too... Just give me some large pieces of food and I'll be on my way.
Found her! Shes on starcraft, not on forums.
Yo nick, add me. I'm going to get on.
Add me to! #2702
Fun fact; venom, the master, Rped in Z&Z.
well... can he come back..?
Ill ask him.
Character codes please.

I feel that all forum rpers have evolved into a state of friendship. *Teardrop*

Yours is 261

Magic - I has it

Yours is 261

Magic - I has it

Magic - I has it, but to lazy to apply it in real life.

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