Like a Toss (Like a Boss parody)

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Mr. Huk thank you for coming to your interview

No problem.

So, your a pro toss (unintentional)

Absolutely. Im the toss.

Ok, so take us through the life, of a toss

Well the first thing ya do is

MINE MINERALS! (Like a toss)

MAKE SOME PROBES! (Like a toss)


REMEBER TO SCOUT! (Like a toss)

SEE A 6RAX! (Like a toss)

NOOBS RUSHIN! (Like a toss)

MICROMANAGE! (Like a toss)

FORCEFIELD! (Like a toss)

TRY TO PUSH! (Like a toss)

SEE A WALL! (Like a toss)

PUSH FAILS! (Like a toss)

SWALLOW SHAME! (Like a toss)

GET A ROBO! (Like a toss)

TECH COLOSSUS! (Like a toss)

LOSE TO VIKINGS! (Like a toss)

PLAY SOME LADDER! (Like a toss)

METALOPOLIS! (Like a toss) (imagine this is a while ago)

1-1-1! (Like a toss)

NO PROMOTION! (Like a toss)

SEARCH AGAIN! (Like a toss)

SCOUT A CANON RUSH! (Like a toss)

PRESS ENTER! (Like a toss)

GG! (Like a toss)

Crap man i cant do it!

BACKSPACE! (Like a toss)

GET A 4GATE! (Like a toss)

LOSE MAH PROBES! (Like a toss)

RUSH THE GUYS BASE! (Like a toss)

KILL SOME PYLONS! (Like a toss)

SEE THE DTS! (Like a toss)

RUSH MY OWN BASE! (Like a toss)

LEAVE THE GAME! (Like a toss)

PLAY SOME CUSTOMS! (Like a toss)

MOTHERSHIP RUSH! (Like a toss)

WIN THE GAME! (Somehow)

PLAYIN MLG! (Like a toss)

PLAYIN IDRA! (Like a toss)

MATCH START! (Like a toss)

HALLU SOME UNITS! (Like a toss)

PUSH OUT! (Like a toss)

IDRA GGS! (Like a toss)


NOW IM DEAD! (Like a toss)

Uh huh, thats an average day for you?

No Doubt

You mothership rush and die?

Hell yea

And i think at one point you talked about GGing?


Actually im pretty sure you did...

Nah, that aint me

Okay well this has been eye opening for me...

Im a toss!

So old....BUT AWESOME!
This. Is. Epic.
As a protoss player I actually see some of this stuff.
Someone needs to make this a reality.
They already did lol that's what I said it's so old.
Actually i wrote this without any knowledge of the actual song. (Compare they should be different, if they aren't...)
they are slightly different

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