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Man, it felt good to be alive. All I have to do is fry Zerg all day, all night...smells good, you know. Roasting Zerg reminds me of old-world Barbecue. Then my commander zaps me for bypassing the neural implants again. I had been a Firebat for ten years. Commander Creed usually let me be in the front lines, never in those boring Bunkers. I had been to Char and back, made it alive with the Raiders. Never could remember what that girl looked like that Raynor saved...must have been another im-
"Quit that!" Creed yelled, as I passed the implants yet again.
"Sorry..." I replied sheepishly, because I respected him. I thought about hooking up with him for a long, long time, but I thought I remembered having a husband back on Chau Sara. I went back to work on repairing my boots, and reported to the mess hall at exactly 0700 hours.
(Yay! It actually worked! I'm gonna continue this in a new thread some time..)
I was pretty lonely, eating my RAT pack. Those legendary things had "food" in them, but they saved lives. Not from malnutrition, but the wrapping on the chocolate bar was rumored to be bullet-proof. I wolfed the disgusting stuff down, and headed out to the field, for inspection. I scoffed as some of the Marauders looked at me, wishing I was available...They voiced that opinion loudly as I passed. I was first to get there, with my spit-clean boots and shiny red suit. The inspector quickly inspected me, and I was allowed to leave early. I went off to find Creed, for no real reason. Then the Protoss came.

The Protoss used Ships, so I couldn't even fight back as the whole place was destroyed. I fled into the surrounding cliffs, and hoped Creed escaped. A Zealot appeared. So they're using Ground forces as well...I killed him/her, and then a Stalker shot blacked me out.
The Raiders healed me up again, and I was ready for anything.
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