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Oh my god, wtf is this skirt I am wearing? No seriously, why am I wearing a skirt? Wow, I am feeling pretty vulnerable right now, not sure why.


We all know that if a robot was ever a female it would be the Sentry. This is why statistically speaking, so many female SC2 players play Protoss. It is purely for the Sentry.

"Omg you are in my space, get away from me,"

BAM - Forcefield. The auto defensive wtf why are you all in my face spell. The hand that says, get the ##%$ away from me I am going to unleash hell. Oh no you didn't.

Ya, I did and you spanked it.

"Umm ya, dancing sounds great, you mind if I bring a few friends?"

Hallucinate. You know, scouting is the most important part of SC2 and sometimes, even if you miss something, you can just leave it there and you can always count on the scout to recount the tale of what the hell is going down.

"Aw, come on, seriously? I heard a rumor that if you stand up after you can't get pregnant."

Guardian shield. Everything to do with Protoss is about protection. Protoss has to cover every base, it lessens the risk.

High Templar

This is the ultimate caster of all casters. If any caster in SC2 had a father, the HT is that Daddy. We all know how women love Daddy and this is the Daddy of all Daddies.

"If I see you near my family again, I swear to God..."

Storm. If you ever see this, you better deal with it fast or it's gonna fly fierce and hard.

"Do I look fat in this?"

Feedback. Don't ever underestimate Feedback. EMP yourself first, get rid of all that energy, I mean do what you gotta do but never ever walk into this with the expectation that you have the right answer. Whatever you have, I can promise you, it is wrong. The only way to respond to feedback is to leave what you have at home and hope to hell that you can produce a counter.


"Ok seriously, anything you can do, I can do better."

ChronoBoost. Protoss will always be the epitome of efficiency. Everything you thought you can do, Protoss can not only do it better, but they can do it faster. Before you even thought of it, Protoss already did it.

In closing

I challenge any Zerg or Protoss to do a likewise thread for Terran.

Gl hf.
Seek help immediately from a mental health professional. Seriously.
Visual gags don't work without pictures.
Meh. 4/10.

I just Inproved your thread by 200%

Fine, try to do something fun, peace gg.

I am done with B-Net, enjoy.
But.... What about the Mothership! Shouldn't she marry the Daddy Templar?

But the child is a Sentry... So how did.... I won't ask.

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