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There is a new reward, a portrait with the title Starcraft Master. Is this an error? Is this intentional. It is a repeat portrait of the zealot chef. When I hover my mouse over it, there is no description. Why is it a duplicate when there are unit portraits that were never used.

What the heck? How do we get it? Where did it come from? Explanations, theories, suggestions!

And if anyone gets it tell us how.
And if blizzard reads this please let us know!
You become a master at Starcraft.
i think unlock all portraits
inb4 TommyLove comes back and farms it in 2 days.
I guess its a bug, it appears right after the Predator only in the ingame rewards screen. Theres no description on how to get it and its just the zealot chef you get from the custom map.
search feature is your friend, there have been like 3 topics on this in the last few days.
it is a black box but i was reading some on it and theory suggest its not up yet but there's a custom map thing you can do and that's the way it was supposed to be
i am seeing that aswell, very weird i looked it up and everyone else sees a chef, mabey were the speacial ones with good grammar.....
i see both "starcraft master" and "Zealot Chef"
I think its something they have put in the game, but not actually released yet. My guess is its either a huge achievement (something like get every achievement lol) or it has to do with blizzard dota.
This portrait farmer does not have Starcraft Master, and he has the maximum achievement points.
to get it you basically have to sell your soul to Satan and play starcraft for so long you develop blood clots in your legs from not moving for a elongated amount of time and then you die upon acquiring the reward. in other words, you have to ruin your life.

It's for a future custom game mode from blizzard.
seems like you need to unlock every achivement or every portrait im not sure though.
i want it now...

..give me something to do while i wait for them to fix bnet
Blizzard is trolling the portrait farmers.

And I love it.

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