Can we get a Balance Discussion forum?

General Discussion
The entire General Discussion forum is full of people complaining about balance. If you do this Blizzard then things will be all good, if you do this Blizzard my race will once again be playable. Blizzard doesn't care, Blizzard hates us, Blizzard this and Blizzard that. *UUUGH*

It's getting impossible to get through this stuff and read anything related to the game outside of balance issues and people complaining. The funny thing is it's so minor nobody can even agree on what's wrong. I think 90% of the threads are people that just can't play their race and 10% valid balance discussion.

People have a right to talk about this but it's gotten out of control of those of us that want to visit the forums from time to time and don't care what Joe 35th in Masters has to say about SC2 balance.

So easy fix. Create a balance discussion forum. Move all threads created about OP/QQ/etc, etc, etc into the balance forum and people can visit that forum for this type of discussion.


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