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Strategy, tactics, and skill. At the heart of StarCraft II are the legion of skilled tacticians and brilliant strategists leading armies of zerg, protoss, and terrans to war across the scarred battlefields of the Koprulu Sector. Knowledge is power; the greatest commanders throughout history earned their victories not merely by virtue of strategic brilliance, but also by applying themselves to rigorous study of warfare and the tactics used by those who fought before them. You too can tap into this valuable resource, and that’s where StarCraft Art of War comes in.

Are you a veteran player? Are you new to StarCraft II and striving to improve your skills? In this weekly feature, we invite players of all skill levels to ask questions, share their tactics, post replays, and provide advice for understanding and defeating today’s most popular units or strategies.

This week, we’re analyzing:

Terran barracks. How has the adjusted build time on this structure influenced how you play terran, and how you play against them?

Art of War Rules:

  • Stick to the rules. All posts should abide by the forum code of conduct and the Art of War guidelines. Feel free to disagree with each other, but please do so respectfully. When you express opposing opinions, focus on the idea, not its author, their record, or perceived skill level.

  • Be constructive. The purpose of this thread is to share effective tactics and strategies; to adapt, overcome and become a better player. Claiming that a unit or strategy is overpowered isn’t conducive to learning better play and tends to just derail the discussion.

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  • Important: Please provide explanations and be prepared to provide evidence. These threads exist to elevate the level of strategic discussion on the forums. When appropriate, please provide replays illustrating tactics or techniques you believe to be effective. When using videos or replays please post time stamps to help direct people to the specific points in the action in which you’re referring.

  • Ask questions! These threads aren’t just for experienced players, but also players who are learning the ropes or want to improve their skills.
How I play against them?
Nope still rush +1 Armor and go heavy heavy gateway.

For some odd odd reasons however I have seen a lot of T do more early game bio pushes which I love as it's a simple as FF my ramp and then finishing up +1 Armor and then cleaning up afterwords.
First. I honestly think it doesn't affect the metagame by a huge margin except for timing pushes and build orders that relies on specific timings to execute.

Well damn... I got beaten by an excellent timing push executed by the above poster. I need to improve my timing pushes regarding Firsts.
I may just be silver, but I haven't noticed any difference at my level. Just 5 seconds later. I suppose a 3 rax lands a bit later.
I see where this is going, cant wait for infestor one...
Hardly notice it watching Protoss and Zerg get whacked in GSL. This nerf didn't feel like it attacked the problem head on. It was a good try though.
No offense, but is this a serious question? How did a 5 in game second (2 irl second) extension change the game?

Before patch
10/11 - Supply Depot (1)
12/19 - Barracks (1)
13/19 - Refinery (1)
15/19 - Marine (1)
15/19 - Orbital Command Upgrade
16/19 - Supply Depot (2)

After patch

12 barracks
13 refinery
16 scv
17 marine
17 orbital command
17 supply

You make one more scv before making an orbital command.
As someone who customs with a lot of terrans, i haven't noticed a big difference from this. It doesn't necessarily seem as though it's changed the protoss side of things more so it's changed the terran side of things in very minor fashion. It's still a slight nerf to timing attacks and early rack pressure, but it doesn't really impact it too much, and it doesn't really do that much to slow down the 1-1-1 either. The main thing i hear is the choice between one more scv or not doing anything until racks finished to get same supply OC.

While this next part is theorycrafting, so ignore it, it seems like the time nerf would have worked better on the tech structures like factory or starport then the basic barracks.
Literally changed nothing. It's just annoying that I have to wait 5 more seconds for it to finish.
Haven't noticed a difference.
Haven't noticed a major difference in my play. However, I'm sure it affects the prolevel scene more.

No offense, but is this a serious question? How did a 5 in game second (2 irl second) extension change the game?

A 5 second delay on your barracks means your next MULE is produced 5 seconds later. If you postpone the OC for another SCV (16 OC), then your first MULE is 17 seconds later than it usually is. An influx of 270 minerals 5 or 17 seconds later into a Terran's build order screws things up. Over time, this will amount to bigger and bigger amounts, it's just that lower league Terrans don't notice it because we don't pay attention to timings that work by the second.
I have found that my build timings are off, but not too bad. I find that holding out against a 4 gate is harder, since its taking longer to get my unit production buildings up and a bunker too. That part hurts a bit, but it isnt terrible.

Ultimately I don't think it is gamebreaking, but I really don't see how it is needed either. Slowing down Terran early game seems to be ensuring toss/zerg earl expo strategies work, but the metagame may show us ways around that so its FAR too early to soap box (which isn't allowed anyway :P )

Kind of amused by he blueflame nerf. Haven't seen a hellion since. Its sad, especially since they are still good harass and are still useful to have around. Suppose that will change too. Who knows.

Side Note: still loving the infestor change. OMG is it nice to not just die when infestor numbers hit 6-8 or more.
Instead of 15 OC.

Do 16 OC with a Marine in production earlier than before. That's what I read on TL and it's worked pretty well so far for me.
09/29/2011 07:56 PMPosted by Panzer
Literally changed nothing. It's just annoying that I have to wait 5 more seconds for it to finish.
Have not noticed any difference what so ever when facing terran.

Zilch, nada, zip.

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