new SC2 avatar popped up?

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There seems to be a new portrait on the list, just before the solo campaign avatars, and after the team play avatars is an image of the Aiur Chef, but with the moniker "Starcraft Master." it has no mouse-over, saying what reward it's attached to ...any ideas what this is? Is this a placeholder for the blizzcon avatar?
bump...srsly what is this new avatar?
Been there for months bro...No one knows what it is.
I don't see what you're talking about....?
It is before the campaign portraits, and right after the random ones.
It's not in the battlenet page. You actually have to launch SC2.
So its been around, maybe nothing todo with blizzcon. Still a damn mystery to me, why is it there?

It's been discussed here. Apparently it's going to be a reward for a Micro orientated map that blizzard is creating. The map has been in the game files since the game came out, but it was unfinished and not offically released. It's believed blizzard is going to finish the map off, release it, and if you beat it, will be rewarded this "Starcraft Master" portrait.

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