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Or... you could design a maze that does both. If you think that's impossible, you simply aren't considering all the options, since there's plenty of people already succeeding at doing exactly that, even on the higher difficulty settings.
Replay of extreme difficulty, killing the final damage test (2.5 million damage done).

The game doesn't really require much luck if you have a good maze. Notice in the replay that most waves don't even make it to the second checkpoint; the maze is primarily there to kill the boss.

While it is possible to lose through horrible luck, but that will only happen in the very last waves when you finally just don't have enough anti-air to kill things. What does require a little luck is killing the damage test; if you get absolutely no armor debuff towers (gold/paraiba) then I really don't think it's possible.
not a lot of people have the time to a 2 hours+ game.
can you make changes to shorten the game?
like only 25 waves but with 20 creeps per wave and make 10 gems per wave but keep two gems each round.
I have played Hard 3 times now, and killed the Thor on first pass twice, the other time he got away with 2k HP. It's all about an efficient maze, and firepower, utilitizing aura's.
Theres a major flaw in race now, its happened twice to me now.

I was playing Normal, and a guy on EZ finished his Wave 51 while I was on 50. Then it just went to victory screen and I didn't get to finish my game.

Later, I was playing HARD and I was the first one of anyone to finish wave 50. Another guy started 51 just after me, but my maze was 3x longer, so he got done while I was still running. Then it just went to victory screen.

What I think would be best, is to not end the gave because someone won the race. Certainly it's not fair if someone in an easier mode gets their. I'd like to see the race to 50, then everyone jumps to 51 regardless. So the more waves you got, the more gems you were able to build and more minerals you have (theres your win).

Then you do your damage test on 51, but never does it destroy your maze because someone finished 51.
Everyone seems to play race now, because the other game takes too long if someone has a slow maze. What could remedy this is that the next wave starts 1min after the first person finishes thier wave.

Or, at minimum, give a bonus for 1st,2nd,3rd finishing, so there is a reason to not build a slow maze. A troll could simply build on the 7th node.
It would also be nice to be able to pick which minerals are going into your combo.

The biggest one for me have 2 perfect opals, one nicely centered, the other way off. You have one of the other ingredient for BlackOpal nicely centered, so you select that to build the black opal, but it uses your nicely centered Perfect instead of the one that's nearly useless.

That's a huge game changer.
That's one feature that would really help. There's a few times where I want to use a certain gem that I have two copies of, but it chooses the "wrong" one.

Grats on recreating this map, it's surprisingly faithful to the wc3 version and I've had fun. A couple things I'd like to point out for balance though.

1. Yellow Sapphire's one of the worst tower combos at the moment. Not only does it overlap with the Silver's functionality, but it completely loses in term of range and damage output. Bloodstone ends up putting out more damage than a Fire Ruby, so why does the Yellow Sapphire lose so badly to a Silver Knight?

2. Dark Emeralds lose their slow poison (from Emeralds) and gain stun. Stun doesn't work on bosses. Is it just me, or are dark emeralds really useless where you really need them? Might be nice to let them stun bosses (even at a reduced rate) or hey maybe AOE stun normal waves? Yes, they also crit, but if I wanted crit, Pink Diamonds have them beat.

3. Great Diamonds are... sad. Their damage output's worse than a pink diamond. All the other Great gems have some awesome game breaking ability. Diamonds are missing out. Iono, maybe give them something random like bouncing attack.

Just some minor things that have been bugging me, doesn't matter a huge deal if you'd tweak them Aries. I do hope you'd consider these points though.

Oh and I wonder if there's a way to speed up the game. Double creep movement speed and halve their hp/double tower damage maybe? As much as I love this game, I'd rather play 2 1-hour games than 1 2-hour game.
I happened to agree on all 3 points, actually.

1. y.sapph does more damage now, i think its mostly fine though, it has a far larger splash than silver does

2. bosses can be stunned now

3. great diamond now has topaz's ground armor reduction, and topaz now has a new ability that maybe you'll see someday if you're lucky
when are you going to change the game length?
2 one-hour-game is better than 1 two-hour-game.

the map is now reduced in size by 1 rock space at the last waypoint.
another player's gem towers can attack my creeps if they are in range.
can you get rid of that problem? b/c i dont get kills/money if other gem towers got the kill
We played last night. I told you I would beat it. Here are the screenshots.

Killed the extreme last boss when he was about 70% into the my maze. It was easy and only my 2nd try, 1st try was 2160000.

I am pretty sure my maze is close to perfection: 109 towers/rocks vs 1653 path length with a round like maze centered on the path X where mobs pass 8 times.

The difficulty of the map is good, I think. But when you find a good maze, since there is no randomization in terrain, it's pretty much the same thing every game. It gets boring.

Newly added zones is a good start but most people ignore them because they are too small and their modifier don't have enough impact. IMO, zones: 1) Shouldn't be optional. 2) Should be all negative attributes. 3) None in easy for noobs learning the game, few in normal and hard, LOTS in extreme. You could add zones where you cannot build like... lava patches, rocks, burning trees, etc. that forces you to adjust unlike current zones.

Extreme must be extreme. As of now, you just plan on paper an optimal maze, do it in-game and win most of the time. Beating level 50 on extreme should be rare. Beating the extreme final test should only be possible with perfect maze, great luck with gems and great luck with zones.

On a final note, I know it's probably a LOT of work but levels and bonuses are very popular these days and could be added to the game to make it even more addictive/rewarding. Beating hard and extreme should only be possible with those bonuses.

That's all I can think of for improving your game. Even tho I stated a bunch of things I'd like to be improved, I am a big fan. EVERYTHING besides those few points is greatly done! Keep up the good work.
Cool. Time to check out the new stuff :D
I notice that anti-air towers are no longer firing at the re-runner. bug or bug-fix? and why shouldn't anti-air towers shoot at the damage test? shouldn't their damage count towards it?

also, sometimes a dark emerald stun messes up pathing and the creep runs right for the end, ignoring the rest of the checkpoints
While the various leaderboards are nice, I think a lot of people would like to see a table or something of what gems they already have (in order to help with combos).

Or perhaps when you're clicking on possible gems, and it shows the special combo, namely the gems in green (the ones you already have), there could be a "x#" displayed next to one you have multiples of.

Just saying, it'd be nice :P

Otherwise great map. I'll be tackling extreme soon.

Also, 4 Lucky China Jades give hilarious amounts of cash. Lucky Chance every turn! :P
Unless you are Bryvx you should atleast credit him for being the creator of the original game in the wc3 version. How ever I appreciate this map and you've done a good job with it but there's 1 thing I think it's missing, and that would be bonus minerals at the end of each wave. Playing Extreme is pretty rough, I end up getting owned at level 35-40 and unable to afford max upgrades because i've been upgrading gems instead. Also the boss monsters should be able to be stunned by dark emerald and the jade.
I 2nd the notion to at least have an option to drastically reduce the length of the game. Having to play 1 map for 2~3 hours with little to no rewards at the end is very bothersome to play this great map, otherwise.
Just beat Extreme. Was fun. I might suggest buffing ground units. Lost about 4 lives by the last air level. Used 3 China jades and specifically made my maze kill slowly to get a ton of cash to use lucky chance every turn. Then when laying down my gems after 48, I got 4 Perfect Aquamarines! Thank you for having something beyond Great Gems. It made my day.

I'll be sure to send you your share of the lottery. :D

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