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How many should I have out (assuming I'm not in panic mode because of an imminent push) and where should they be or what should they be following?
i usually try to have one around my base (if i suspect any kind of cloaked unit is incoming and one directly on top of my opponent army, so i always know where he is
i tend to make 2-4 depending on the matchup, very useful.

1: a little bit out in front of your base
2: in front of their army
3: scout drop, sides of bases
4: army,etc.
I watched a series of NightEnd versus Boxer, and I was a changed man. NightEnd always had two observers, hotkeyed, never patrolling, always moving around the map. He was constantly controlling observers. It was mind-boggling.

I'm not that good, so I don't manual control them often, but I try to always have two observers patrolling un-taken bases. Whenever one of them dies, I MAKE ANOTHER. I do NOT say "screw it, I'm making Colossi now!"
And do you guys control group them? How often does your camera view actually go over your observers?
As a bad player, not too often. But your main screen not as important as the minimap when it comes to Observer-scouting. If you see enemy colors, that's when you pay attention and move the Observer back and look at them.
If games look to be going long I'll set a few on patrol around the mineral lines to let me know when to snipe expansions.
I usually make 3, one for my base, one for my opponents base, and one to follow my opponents army.
it actually depends on the matchup a lot... like PvT, you really only need 1 at his base. there's really not that much they're gonna surprise you with, composition-wise. and since they're just gonna kill it when they see it, i say just put it in a strategic position where you just see army composition, how defensive they're being, if they move out, that stuff. you'll see if they have ghosts or vikings pretty soon after they make a transition anyway. if you get lucky you might even see a dropship load up, which is always the best. if you really want to see the production facilities, you can take a trip. you can have that one check for a third every so often too. any other observers you probably want spotting drops.

PvZ you really have just tech to be watching, so that's what your observers should be primarily watching for.. you don't really have drops to worry about (but an obs might catch that), so otherwise you really just need an obs with your army. but the most important one is you should always have an obs on their rally point. that way you see any tech you missed, if they move out, and IF THEY'RE DRONING OR NOT, which is by far the most important thing to know.

once you get to late-game in PvT or PvZ.. usually dt's are pretty effective at just being your patrolling spies and stuff.
1-2 nothing more nothing less
For me, it's usually 3.

1. My base/ramp
2. My main army
3. Opponent base/army
I usually have one with my army and a couple at the sides of my base to cover the most used flight paths for drops and mutas. Later, I add a couple to scout the map for expos. So yeah, I´m heavily addicted to Obs.
I am a proponent of spamming observers.

I was listening to a podcast a while back where 2 grandmaster protoss players were discusssing protoss strategy and they both agreed that they spammed observers for map awareness.

It just seems to make playing protoss much easier if you always know what the other guy is doing. I have since started taking their advice and while losing many games since.......its not because I was surprised.
I'm still sort of just getting my feet wet with observers, but I like to keep one with my main army, and one in my base somewhere. I put pylons around to try and catch drops.

Against zerg I usually do some sort of air pressure at the start, and once is it inevitably denied, I set my phoenix to patrol all untaken mineral patches. They are so fast, that even I will get eyes on an expo before it finishes building. They're easy to quickly recall to your main army if you ever need them as well.
I chrono constant obs out of my robo late game vs. T. 7-8 is my goal, but they get sniped quite a bit.

That just fits my style, though. 2-3 is the normal (I think).

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