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The icon on my starcraft is a white page thing, and i can't load it
Could you be more specific please. is it the desktop icon or is it one of the button's in game?
It sounds like the shortcut to the SC2 application is miss-directed, corrupted, or the original file was moved or missing so it can't find it.

In Windows Explorer, can you navigate to your SC2 installation folder (usually on the C drive) and find the Starcraft II.exe and try to run it?

If it doesn't work, try running the repair.exe tool, in the Starcraft II\Support folder. If it DOES work, create a new shortcut with it and see if that works.
When i get into the game it just wont load me into any games.....what is the problem??
KCSO, can you create your own thread, and explain a little more about what is happening?

I'd try a Selective Startup first, and run the Repair tool.

I'm locking this thread because it is from 2011.
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