why so much cheese...

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i mean come on the last flipping 10 matches ive done pretty much were all cheese against me i was actually going for a real build... banshee rush... cannon rush. why dont people play with out things like that? ive won 6 of them but it's just annoying having to deal with it
cheese is part of the game. winning is winning. there's no correct way to win.
Is a 7 roach rush a cheese or timed push? That's always my opener on toss :O.
What kind of banshee "rush"? Because I keep using that on people; but after fifteen minutes it's not a rush -- you're just bad.
Its the level that you are at... I saw alot of cheese before leaving silver too. you will be stuck in silver until you learn to beat it.
You mean quick builds that sacrifice security in the long run for an early strike?

Because everyone knows that a fast expand is the "correct" way to play...
People cheese on ladder to try to get a "quick easy win", pros cheese to punish greed or to try to catch their opponent off guard and try to mess with their mind.

It is part of the game and you need to learn how to stop it.
Rushing is fun. Defending rushes is fun. It's all fun!
but my point is i beat it 6 out of 10 times it seems O_O im just wondering why use such a silly tactic :D
Because they can beat lesser players with it easily. BUT THEY WONT KEEP US DOWN NO SIRRRIE!

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