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First off, Let's take a moment of silence for this unit..

Now let's think about how cool this unit would be if it got completely revamped for multiplayer and took away the cool down and made it as a full fledged unit that attacks, not a summon! Or maybe an early scouting option from the hatchery or queen? Two different ideas! Do you guys think it should stay? Let me know! What are your guys' thoughts on this unit?

Also unrelated: What do you guys think about moving burrow to hatchery tech? I would LOVE that.
If it attacked.. then it wouldn't be a changeling, and, it would cause enemies to auto-target it, instead of having to manually target it.

The changeling is a very useful scout solely because it is not auto-attacked by enemy forces. Even probes/Drones/SCV are auto-targeted because they all have the ability to attack.

And, the changeling wouldn't be effective early game unless it had a slightly extended timer so it can make up for traveling the distance between bases.

I like to use the Changeling, because I like to use items that force an enemy to try to think, instead of blindly pushing one style or another forward, and do feel that it should stay in some form or another... hmm.
What do you guys think about moving burrow to hatchery tech? I would LOVE that.

Roach rush with Burrow?
Well, let's say it's made from the hatchery like a queen for a small amount of minerals and morphs into an enemy drone before hitting the base, or you have the option to choose to morph into either a drone, probe, or scv. You still retain the attack of the drone and you can mime resource gathering, but never really gather resources. It can still harass workers and you have a scouting option. I think that's a pretty sick idea!

And roaches would not be able to burrow move until lair tech silly, but baneling mines on the other hand will open up for new possibilities, but by the time a push would come you wouldn't be able to accrue enough banelings to do significant damage. I just think it would be better with burrow/unburrow tactics and ambushes.
Burrow shouldn't come into play before your opponent could realistically have detection. Having burrow tier 1 would prevent pretty much all protoss aggression until they could get out an observer, and would put terran in a really uncomfortable position with scans. Burrowed banelings are just way too powerful to be sitting around in tier 1.

I never thought changlings were very good. If you had an overseer sitting around not doing anything, I guess they weren't bad, but any good player had total vision of his or her base, so sneaking one in isn't really viable. It always seemed like a better idea to just grab ov speed for scouting.

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