And it all comes falling down...

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(Credit goes to, well...You know who you are. Don't you?)

Please choose between Zerg Armor, or Terran Hybrid.
You awake in a small, dark room.
if Zerg Armor, you awake , hanging upside down (By chains). You cannot see.
If Terran hybrid, you awake with steel balls weighting you down by your foot.
If Protoss Mage (Me. Only me.), awake with vision (As the DM :P)

Zerg armor, you are a human with Zerg exoskeleton, and Katar-like claws.. You were a (Choose Marauder, Firebat) before the Invasion of Kerrigan (Sc2 plotline.) You had invaded Char, but had been knocked out at the cave. Your goal is to make your way out alive.

Terran Hybrid, you are a human with a basic gun. You were also in the war, but you were a (Medic, Marine, SCV), and you vaguely remember being tossed into a Dropship, then falling out.

Protoss Mage (Me), *hidden.*

You have no idea who is here. Time is ticking by. Find a way...

(Please state Class, name, etc. IT OFFICIALLY BEGINS AT 7:00 EST.)

Please note that I'll be rolling stat averages for Zerg and Hybrid. My rolls (And rolls for luck) will determine some things.
Name: James Vallian.
Class: Zerg armor former Firebat.
OOC: Damnit, this is interesting, but I don't think I would be able to Roleplay for long past 8:30 PM (7:00 EST is around 8:00-8:30 at my place). But good luck with the RP.
OOC: @Jake I think you live in CST which is an hr behind EST. I wont be able to be here for the start have work at 5 till close.
OOC: Well, in that case, I better get my homework done before 6:00. In the meantime...

Name: Marcus Flinn
Class: Zerg Armor Marauder

Anyone else from the Cloaked love series and remember the Marauder I had made?
2 hours left guys!
Name: Shadow
Class: Zerg Firebat Armor
Name: Razor
Class: Terran Hybrid Marine.
I also have a question why call it a hybrid?
Because it has range and melee, while Zerg is melee. Protoss'll see.
Do zerg armor have four arms? or just two?
Two arms. We are all human...for now.
and do hybrids start with weapons i.e. Gauss Rifle and Bayonet attachment. we are all human except for you right
only 10 minutes left
We are ALL human...for now.


Please prepare something, a reason why you should have bonus equipment and such. Or your characters thoughts. Something to give me an idea of your style of roleplaying.
I felt a heavy weight on my feet though I couldn't look to see because I felt very weak. I hated feeling helpless that is why I joined Raynor's Raiders, to fight the Mengsk and the Zerg by of witch He saved me and the settlement from.

Viss was a quiet person, not the type who would stir a fight. He was to be enlisted in the army (As an orphan, those who possessed certain talents had to join), but he managed to cheat his way out (Weak security systems.). He had just fallen asleep when he heard a dull THUNK, and now he was here...

More in a sec

You have regular clothes, no "Power Armor". Your weapon is now...well, you can't see it.
I remember that I fell out of the Medi because of how reckless I was I decided to shoot the zerg. But when my commanding officer yelled at me to get in when the area was about to be overrun I just barely got my fingers on to the doors but after a minute of struggling I fell, after there was complete darkness...
What do you do now?
New page.

Ok. I'll do mroe when someone else joins, or in 1/2 hours. Actually, in 1/2 hours.
I start to bring my strength together to get my legs moving. but when I felt at my feet I felt metal balls I start to try to roll them off them, I barely got them off when I felt like I was about to pass out. I wondered if everything here will be that hard. I got up and went to get a sense of my area.

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