And it all comes falling down...

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Ok. You hear a faint buzzing noise.
BRB..We need more members... Gather your friends?
OOC: Okay, here I am! sorry, I had dinner. I'll continue typing when I grab my dice.

Okay. 4 d20s, 5 d10s, and 2 d6.
I start to feel a torch just have to find matches...
then I remembered the metal, "I bet if I hit them together I could make a spark!"
10/30/2011 10:13 AMPosted by Vultureling
Zerg Armor
You mean roach, hydra, or ultralisk?
Or Armor made up of zerg plate
Or infested terran?

10/30/2011 10:13 AMPosted by Vultureling
Terran Hybrid, you are a human with a basic gun
So why not say human?
I think the Terran Hybrids turn to gestalts or something, and zerg armor is probly because their skin turns to armor or something
I made a spark and picked up the torch, it was a cavernous room and I saw a vault door
OOC: Question. Do we have a zerg exoskeleton over our suit of armor, or did we lose our armor?

I slowly came to to see... well, nothing. All I saw was black, but I felt blood rushing to my head, so I knew I was upside down. I bend up and attempt to feel for what I was hanging from, but as I lifted my hands, I couldn't for the life of me move my fingers or wrists on my hands, but as blood began rushing to the rest of my body, I realized I didn't even have hands! I couldn't feel what had replaced them, so they must've been bone or something, but I started to think about what the rest of my body looked like if my hands were so drastically changed...

I put the thought to the back of my mind as I regained focus. Before I could do anything else, I needed to get whatever was strapped to my legs cut so I could stand upright.

Guys. You have Hydralisk Armor, and the claws. Hybrid is because you can melee, OR range.

Jake gets a bonus, as he REPLACED his hands with katar-claws. Good touch.

With the torchlight, you see someone standing to the side, still managing to be silent.

You lost your armor. Your guns are Crossbows. Grenades are these weird bottles...
"w-who are you?" I ask the man. I had to hold myself back from lunging at him with the newly lit torch.
"...You don't know? Perhaps this will help." he flashes his hand, and a small lightning ball pops out. It promptly disappears. "Ok, perhaps not. I'm Viss. And why exactly are YOU here?"
I start to think back, "Viss, I am here because... well who knows I only remember falling out of a medivac."
"Mmhmm. Almost got sent with...*Thinks* *quietly* you were a Marine...Maybe. *normally* You, but. Did the Confederacy propaganda-ize me yet?"
"there is no Confederacy any more there's the Dominion, but the Confederates are no more" I state to him
"Whaaaaaat?" Viss sounds shocked. "Wait...WHO are you, again?"
"The names Razor."
"I am... I was part of Raynor's Raiders"
"Who now? And, uh...Can't say I've heard of you. Sorry."

You feel...cold...

Brb for maybe a half hour. Sorry!
"I am called Razor from killing two zerglings with a razor" I tell him, "it makes sense that you haven't heard of me, I was only a normal everyday marine." I look around again and saw a crossbow in the corner with a couple bolts so I decided to grab it and strap it to my back.
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