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"You might not want to go out there, there is some one just like me out there that wants to kill us." As I say it a metal pillar falls right in front of the door. "Shadow, Zerger or whatever your name is, this is where they were testing on you. Which means the Chief Scientist or researcher or the Director is near by." A smile that hints toward insanity starts forming. I run into the room. "Where is your leader right now?" I ask the scared scientists. I notice I'm stepping on Thorn, "Sorry Thorn."

Cowering Scientist 1: He left when we saw the Zerg Armors. *Points to Shadow and Zerger*
Cowering Scientist 2: Idiot we aren't supposed to say that, we're supposed to say Bob's the leader
Bob: Hey why me?

Me: "Okay I guess I'll kill you all," electricity flows from my body much like Shadows tentacles and stabs into each of the scientist sending 20000 volts of electricity into each of them, "Now where their leader I wonder."

OOC: The electricity did retract after the Bob and the other 2 scientists died. I think you might be right Zanon, I mean I can shock you sending over 20000 volts and throw your sword away (I don't want to be OP and throw you around while your in your armor) and they go into a blood frenzy every few posts and ones a complete idiot ( I am just talking about your character)
"Hmm. Razor. That was-"
I see his smile.
"Ahh. That makes sense."
I tear apart the walls as run through them, "There is only one place where I can get sweet sweet revenge." I come out in the middle of 25 marines. I turn the first groups armor into Scrap Golems. I tear apart another group with my knife and then shock the other group. I pull the still trying to digest neo-steel guy Zerger over to me and throw him at another group, he tore them apart like they were a dogs chew toy a really big dogs chew toys to be exact. The last group gets the roof to collapse on top of them. "Hurry up!!" I yell to the others.

OOC: I killed 20 marines 4 different ways XD while wfawwers character killed the last group because I threw him at them but still.
"Razor, wait. We need to get Thorn out and see what those Bas !@#$% did to him."
I Unstrap Thorn and he slumps on the ground.
"Finally... someone remembered to release me."
*Throws up*
"Lets get out of here."


-Moments after we leave-
The puddle of puke starts to smoke. Within seconds, there is a hole in the floor.
I burst through a door, and a hooded man was sitting at a desk. I saw a bunch of papers on his desk, I saw one that I recognized, it was the exact same as the file about Project Nano. This was the person who ordered us to be changed. I am about to shock the man when Shadow and Thorn stop me.
I see Thorn Puking...
"Oh no, oh no..."
The ground begins to soften and sizzle.
"Oh... Wait... OH SH!T! Thorn, are you okay? What did they do to you?"
I see Razor raising his arm, preparing to kill a lone figure behind a desk.
"Razor, don't!"
I tackle him, and the Shock flies right past his head.
"Who is this guy?"
"He is the one who made us what we are now!" I scream at Shadow. I push her away and cut the mans arm. "Now why did you do this to us?!" I ask the man.
He merely stared and said, "Because I was both trying to create the perfect soldier and trying to save you."
"What do you mean save us?"
"All of you were near death when I changed you."
"What, how," Then it dawned on me I was supposed be dead, no one could survive a 15 foot fall. "You saved us from death?"
He nods.
"Apparently none of you ever took any CQC lessons at your academies. One of the first lessons was the correct way to land from a height. I remember being knocked out."
I look at Thorn.
"Then why did you change Thorn? He obviously wasn't near death..." I prop him on my shoulder as he wobbles around.

"Thorn, don't worry, you'll be *mutters* (mostly)... fine. If they changed you like they did to me, I'll help you through this."
I see that the one named Thorn was infested as well. No matter, it's the scientist that needs to be taken care of. I put a sedative dart inside the barrel, closing it off with a swift movement of my hand (I basically have a LongShot). I carefully aim it at his chest, then fired. I quickly turned on my cloaking device, and loaded the bullet. I silently fled to a nearby tunnel, trying to avoid detection.
I set Thorn on the ground, he pukes a little more, and then I take off his shirt. Nothing on his limbs were externally changed. I flip him on his back and see a bright purple sac, much like the ones on Mine and my broodmate's shoulders.
"Thorn. Take deep breaths. Eventually you will stop puking and we can get you some rest."
He looks at me, and I give him a cheery smile. Now I had two other people to help out of this hell-hole...
As the man gets impaled in the chest by a dart I fire a large bolt of electricity at the location it came from. "I don't think Thorn was near death, but he would be dead soon if they didn't do anything," Shadow stares at me blankly and I sigh, "We have been going insane to some degree, it was only time before he was killed. They made it so he could defend himself." I explain and Shadow seemed to understand this time, that or she didn't want me to try to explain anymore. "Wheres Silent One?" Then it hit me he must have been the one who fired at the man. "Silent One you idiot! He was our chance of learning about our new powers." I walk over to the man and look for his pulse, "You basically killed him through to much sedative fluids."
OOC: I assumed you were talking about the Head Scientist because you saw Zanon.
OOC: That was a long bug fix.......
IC: I had reached to the other side of the cavern, the sniper rifle's scope scanning possible kill spots.
"I know, but the scientist had to die. You may not remember, but he was a traitor. He promised you to keep you alive, not test a virus."
I put the rifle on my back and deactived my cloaking (I'm wearing a more armored spectre suit with a trench coat on).
"You may not remember, but I do. If you were with me when I wasn't with all of you, then you all would remember. Bloody right I killed him too, you are becoming psychotic."
I withdraw my faceplate.
"And you can't remember what happen on the dropship, do you? Our assignment? Our trust? Everyone we left behind?"
There was loud footsteps getting louder all around us, voices shouting. I put my faceplate back on, then cloaked.
"We were a team.... Wish that was true........"
The footsteps reveal several maruaders, one of them speaking.
"Alright, gas them boys!"
They started firing sleeping gas, which would knock out all three of them if they don't run.
Is your armor the same as the NCP Veteran Armor in Fallout New Vegas?
IC: I crush the marauders in their suits of armor and I start to run dragging the others with me. "I don't remember anything, you must have fell before me, I was over 20 feet in the air when I fell. Probably landed on my head too..." I say to Silent One, "Whats your real name, or at least what the squad called you?"
OOC: Basically, yes
IC: I fired a shell through two maruaders, then went to firing psionic pulses.
"My code name is Ravage. But, I know a way how you can remember everything before this."
I shot the blaster of a maruader, causing it to explode in a green mist.
"There's a part of the lab that helps with amnesia. It can restore memories quite well, but there's a few memories you're going to have to remember yourself."
I help Thorn get up, and let him lean on my shoulder. We begin to follow the others. As we round the corner, a bullet from Mr. Social's rifle hits the wall in between our heads.
0_0 "What was that for?"
A marauder turns to me. Crap.
Thorn looks up and pukes all over him. He starts screaming and he falls to the ground, melting.
"Hey guys, I have to sit this one out and walk Thorn through this."
I set him against the wall, me sitting across from him in the hallway we just came from.
"OK. Do you feel extremely violent in any way when you see blood, guts, or any gore?"
He begins to say something, but I stop him.
"Don't talk, just nod yes or shake for no."
"That is what happens when I shoot a maruader at an angle."
I reloaded, and fired another shot before throwing a grenade, causing the roof to fall. The hallway behind us was blocked by a ton of rock, stopping our captors.
"We can have a peace of mind now. This tunnel is the only way into the room ahead, and the rocks will take them days to break through. Now, is there anyone that needs a memory recap?"
{unwell sounding} "I think I'm done throwing up. No, to answer your question. I have ever been the cold and efficient fighter. Nor does blood-lust run in my family."

I stand up unsteadily. I reach up to scratch my spine because it feels slightly odd. I find a bump. But I can feel my fingers on my back. That means it is part of me. The only explanation I can think of is plague, because that is suppose to cover you in boils.
"Plague? I've been through too much to die by plague...."
"It could be a side effect from what the scientists were doing to you," I say to him, "Okay Ravage wheres the lab?"
"Down the hall. There's some medical equipment in there we can use to check what the the bumb there could be from."
I start walking down the hall, then I raise my hand to make everyone stop.
"Stay here, I'm going to make sure no one decided to come here before us."
I cloak, and enter the room. The giant computer and several tubes were there, just how it was before.

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