And it all comes falling down...

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I run to the door and start turning the wheel.
Name: Unspecified
Class: Zerg armor

I woke up, softly swaying. I attempted to turn around, but bright pain shot through my head. I decided not to move for now. Controlling my breathing, I recounted everything that had happened. Walking into a cave with some other marauders, then sudddenly falling, spiraling downward in an eternal process.

I attempt to tilt my head once more, bracing myself for the pain.
OOC: This is what my katar-claws look like (Except they're bone, of course):

Without hands, I decided the only way to identify what was connected to my feet was to strike it with whatever had replaced my hands. I swing out with my arm. I hear a clang, and I get a spark from what must've been metal, and what I saw in that moment terrified me.

First of all, I looked like a Zerg creature that had the shape of a human. I'll start with my torso, I guess.
My chest had what was basicly a ribcage with two zerg plates covering the left and right bone set, with seperate plates (I can't even tell what the material is) covering the rib bones that were cartilage. My stomach area was devoid of such plates, but the muscle there seemed to be toughened.
My legs were covered in bone armor, 1 'plate' surrounding my thigh, 1 knee-cap with a spike pointed upwards, and a 'plate' covering the leg area. My feet, like my stomach, had no plates, but the muslce again was toughened. My toenails had been replaced with short claws, like those at the end of the zergling's hands (their hands, not the things attached to their back), with the big toe obviously having a bigger claw.
My shoulders had simple pieces of armor, with each side (The parts where it slants down on the back and chest) ending in spikes curved to the left on my left shoulder piece, and pointing right on my right shoulder. the shoulder pieces were in the shape of this:

Except for it to look a lot like a trilobite, with the heads pointed toward my head (Pic of a fossil here:

My arms once again, had bone armor that looked like this:

Except for the elbow pieces to have a spike on the tip, and my hands have been replaced with bone katars.

I couldn't tell what my head or back looked like, but if I ever got these chains (which were metal) off of my legs, I figured I could simply look in a mirror.
when the door finally opened I wasn't sure what I saw.
OOC: Vulture I am waiting for you to say what I would see

When you open it...A corridor appears, No doors except at the end.

Viss sees the Zerg-Thing. "What the?!" He then looks at it closer. "Oh. Well, we have a nice company here."
I thought I would see a large cavern room full of zerg or something, "Viss where would I find who put me here?" I ask him, "and that thing?"
"Well. You're all gonna be here for a-" A bat pops out, complete with a foot long claw.

Viss promptly shoots a bolt at it (-3). The bolt is just an electric line, nothing special.
Your move.
I do the one logical thing run to the end of the corridor and try pulling it open
Lol. It fails. The bat tries to attack you.
I duck. I was so mad because I am imprisoned and this rabid bat thing is trying to kill me and I don't want to waste ammo. Through my anger I try to pull its claw off.
Ohkay then! You have a shiny new weapon. The bat screeches, and runs. Next?

"Uhhh... Nice?" Viss says.
I take the claw and start slashing and stabbing at it and yell "How do you like someone trying to kill you with a claw?!"
The bat goes up high. You look like a noobish noob. (-1 fame)

Viss ignores it and goes to the door, which open at his touch.
I yell at the bat "Yeah you better fly off," and follow Viss out the door
OOC: Yay I got 3 weapons a claw, a torch and a crossbow =D
ACHIEVEMENT (1+ fame) : Beastly self-complement.

Inside the door lie 3 doors. Viss approaches one, and is shot with a small bolt. It seems to do an INSANE amount of damage to him. "Traps..."
I look at the doors "I wonder..." I look around for 2 rocks to throw at the doors
Ok. Rocks are thrown. One door was trapped, the third, untrapped door, looks like it WANTS to be opened.
I turn to Viss "and thats how you detect traps." I seem to be proud of myself but when I walk through the door I get a boxing glove to the face.
The door laughs. Viss actually opens the door. You see a treasure chest!!!!1!11!!!!!

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