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I look "woops wrong door" I jump out and walk to the other door but this time a pygalisk was in front of me I was now so pissed off at the cave that it looked like my head looked as if it would explode and take out the claw and stabbed it into his face so hard it was as if a anvil dropped on it
Brb supper
OhkaY. Viss goes to the chest and opens it.
OOC: Should I just wait, since you're busy with plasmaman, or can I keep RPing? By the way, I finished writing my appearance.
Do it now!

Your character can pop in easily.
OOC: @#$%, it's a school nice, I forgot. I have to go now. I guess that's what I get for taking so long to write what I look like...
There's always tomorrow.
IC: I go over to viss and say "how did you get to it" after I found out what was in the chest I went back to the place where I saw the pyga and went down the corridor because that was the only one that didn't end in a dead end so far.
"There was *Looks* a scroll of...I din;t know. Let's try it." A convenient goblin appears. Viss invoked the scroll. And a 10-foot-long banana pops out. Its sharpened tip reeks of banana fart, if that's possible. The goblin just...DIES.
I awake and feel myself in chains. I feel cold, "Am I dead?" No, something far worse. I break the chains easily, since being a former Firebat took some serious strength. I find a door.
when I hit the end it was just there were 5 doorways I threw a stone at all of them but none of them set a trap except for one the one farthest away, I open the one closest to me and to the right, and instead of a hallway I found a cell with a man with kaiser claws instead of hands. "what are you?" I ask the strange being.
Babies, you are TELEPORTED! To us. Who were also teleported. Sadly, RIGHT IN FRONT OF A GIANT...

Viss cowers.
but as I asked it I teleported and saw a large creature
After cowering, Viss, like an idiot, charges suicidally. You forgot the banana! (To HowBaby : Some weird banana thing appears. Like a spear.) He impales the giant, and the banana fades. "Fuuuuuu..."
"so Viss tell me what was that thing it looked like a banana"
Well. I don't really know, but it WORKED!!!" He dodges frantically as the giant's hand smashes down.
Brb, maybe till tomorrow.
you already said it see ya'll tomorrow
IC: I look at the corridor and see a door, I run over to the door and try opening it.
OOC: this should be cortexed
I see someone charge at a giant with a banana, and, oh, btw there is a weird giant. I do what I'm best at. RUNNING AROUND IT AND POKING IT!!!
Cya tomorrow
After doing some self-inspection, I found out that I looked like crap. My torso had wave after wave of zerg plating, while my arms and legs were suppile and leathery. I easily slipped out of my chains, but landed on my head. Strangely, I felt no pain. I decided to test out the Katar-like protrusions on my wrists on the door.

Several minutes later, I had carved a small hole into the door. Never use a knife on a door- I made a mental note to myself. I cautiously stepped outside and glaced around.

OOC: Alright, here I am :D

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