5gate zealot+sentry

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This seems to dominate plat zergs, and given that I have not really played much since may is pretty good.

What do you guys think?

Oh and they get maaaaaad.
Oh, it's definitely strong. Try it with a nexus cancel build. 3 gates, expand and add 2 gates, and make them think you're gonna play a macro game and were just 3 gate expanding. They'll drone up, sometimes try to take a fast 3rd, then you're like CANCEL, 4 MORE ZEALOTS, HERE I COME !@#$%ES. It's completely allin, and completely holdable, but it's a strong allin and for a while nexus cancel allin was the best way to punish fast 3rds.

edit: and that's what they GET for not making any units. here's a hint zergs: the counter to units being built is to build units.
hmm i guess since it is working now ill use it as a crutch until i get back into the shape i was back in may. long break was long at least playing sc, not following it.

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