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Hey Guys, WinterBornRH here again. Some of you guys might have been here long enough to remember when myself and Mattness were real big in helping out this forum, along with several others. I remember one thread in particular, the "Help lower level Terrans here" thread.

I want to bring that thread back! We're going to bring some help back to this forum, and get people on the right track with this game. So I'd like to introduce the "Official Terran Help Thread" Right now it is just me pledging to help with this thread, but it's my hope that others high ranking Terrans join me in making this thread rock hardcore!

The purpose of this thread is to provide comprehensible and solid advice to struggling players in order that those players can improve their skill and thus enjoyment of the game. All this information will be in a central location, instead of scattered all over the forums, so browsing becomes easier.

This will be done through several ways, the primary being:

Replay analysis -

Someone will post a single 1v1 replay * and we will watch that replay and identify the area the you are struggling the most and offer advice to improve. Please understand, if this thread takes off like I hope it will, we won't have time to go over each aspect of the replay you provided, so focusing on one area for you to work on helps us, and you

Also note "Single replay" I know you might have 2 or 3 you want help with, but usually the case is that the underlying problem is there in all three, so just post one at a time please.

*I say 1v1, because its the easiest to identify problems and critique. Team games have way too many weird strategies and things you can to that would never work in a 1v1 situation. If thats all you have, then go ahead and post, but all those reviews will be strictly mechanical early game reviews
Answering Questions

While I hope Theory-crafting doesn't take over this thread, asking questions about things that confuse you or that you need help with here, instead of making a completely separate post on the forums is cool.

Practice Partners/ Bnet Channel

Asking for a practice partner is legit, or playing against one of us high ranking players. Understand we are busy and might not be able to play right when you ask us, because we might be helping someone else, or just want to ladder for a few games. But someone WILL play you before long!

Also, to help out with this, I'm making a channel in-game called "Official Terran Help Channel" I'll be in there whenever I'm online and have some time to help, and this will also make finding practice partners easier. Also feel free to ask questions. And for the sake of everyone who is not 15, please don't troll that channel. We have an opportunity for something great, but it's going to require everyone to make it that way

Streams/Youtube channels

Some of us have streams, like mine, and others also have youtube accounts where they have videos to help you out. I'll be listing them here, so if you have one, feel free to tell me in a post and I'll edit the thread to show it.

And you guys should feel free to check out our streams/vods/videos, because the answer to your question might already be answered

PS: Since some of us have to work, there might be days where the thread backs up. If that happens, don't fret! Someone will be along to help out soon as they can. Also, you can help by waiting til we get caught up to post :D

So there you have it guys! Let's get the helping started!

Mentor for RelentlessHeroes Clan

Thread designed to help low level players improve by:

Giving feedback on single replays, focusing on biggest problem at a time
Answering questions about builds/combos of units/ counters
Providing practice partners, also in game channel "Official Terran Help Channel" (No trolling please)
Providing links to streams/vods/youtube channels that help out players
Post Reserved for links for streams/vods/youtube channels players find helpful

WinterBornRH's Stream-

Topmattness's stream-

Topmattness's youtube channel -

Casts done by me:

How to watch your replays, Part 1:

Watching replays, part 2:

Master League level TvZ Lesson

2-Rax Expand Build Analysis

More to come

Note - added this to Compiled Terran Learning Thread
Winter, may the Gods of Auir and... of... erm... the Xel'Naga bless your face.

I'll be in there frequently. You can be sure of that.
Hey there everybody... just thought I'd jump in here and say Winter is an awesome teacher and y'all should like his post! :D

Also, I'll try and stream all my (and Winterborn's if he decides to tell me when) teaching stuff on my as well as announce it on Twitter (@topstarcraft2).
Mattness! Why you no agree to help? :D

Guys, I just had the chance to watch one of our high masters Terrans play a great Zerg from our clan, and guess what? I streamed it, and used it as a lesson against playing Zergies!

Check it out, if you wish to learn how a master league Terran plays against a Zerg

But be warned, I was fairly tired, so I stumbled over my southern accent a few times ;) (vod)

Edit: Did I say a great zerg? I meant one of our top 3 players. Really, Terran and Zerg player that plays at a GM level. Epic game
Good to see you guys are actually doing something useful and not just sitting on your hands :P
Don't forget to mention the TOP channel?
Well, this should be helpful.
I am a (mostly) Terran player in Bronze league (yes, laugh, but in your heads please).
I am playing decently for the amount of time I am able to play, but I still think I could do better. In this game I was playing a very poor player, and I did win, but I still feel like i played poorly. Probably because my standards are GM replays from Husky and HD. Anyway, what should I do better? What can I improve on? The ones that I notice are
Not spending resources well, especially when attacking
Not attacking early enough, due to no scouting
Awkward siegeing of tanks, they didnt end up doing anything
Way too late medivacs for my build
What else is there? And how can I improve on the above?

OH and here's the replay
@ Jamob

After watching it, I see your biggest problem is going to be basic mechanics, which are:
SCV production
Building Supply
And nailing production cycles

Early game was better then I expected, but still needs some work:

You qued up too one too many SCV's before building your rax. Get it on 12, not 13.

You rushed your wall off for no reason. His pool wasn't even done. And you got gas. Got to choose: rush the wall off, or get gas. Doing both delays your Orbital too much. No need to rush a wall off unless close positions 6 pool is coming

And remember to get your orbital asap for the mules.

The purpose of a wall is to keep those early Melee units out. Leaving a depo down can hurt you big time, as you saw :) Think you learned your lesson on that one

Mid game:
Remember to set your rally point on your OC in the natural as soon as it lands, and keep building the SCVs. There were large gaps in production time

You were queing units. Don't do that. If you have to money to que 4 units, you have the money to build 4 units at once. Build more structures. Read my post on Terran Macro for more info on that.

Also, when a building gets done, you need to start using it. A building is useless unless it's being used. Your two factories sat there for quite some time. Use them. Your unit production should come first!

And you got heavily supply blocked on 54. And you couldn't build depos because you had build 13 turrets around your bases. You don't need that many. I put 2 or 3 around the mineral lines, and maybe another 1 or 2 around my structures/depos. Marines are your answer to muta harassment of buildings.

I also feel like you need a good plan. You build a lot of buildings, which I am proud of, but I feel like you didn't really know how to use them. You want to always be making units out of what you have. Always. If you have 2 rax, then those two rax never stop producing marines. Thats a production cycle: the time it takes to make a unit. Always make units. You add in stuff when you are making ONE unit at a time out of everything, and have minerals left over. Thats when you expand, or add in a factory/rax.

At 15 minutes, you were still 89 food, with 41 workers. Here is how much you were off. By that time, I'd have 60+ workers, and my supply would be over 150. Because I'd always be building units. You could have rolled over him easy at anytime if you had been hitting your production cycles

As the game got late, you did better with production, but then you were getting supply blocked, so you made the mistake a lot of newer players make: having one SCV que up depos. But there is a point where your production will require you to make 2 depos at once, and that is usually when you start producing off one base. Once you get 4 + rax/factories you'll need to be building 2 depos at once

Your push was very strong. But you never scouted ahead to see what was waiting. Your whole infantry army stood at his ramp with no vision: baneings could have *#*!d that army if you werent careful

All in all, you are doing well for someone in bronze, but your mechanics need work. You can make a push like the one you made at 19 minutes at 13 minutes off two bases. You just have to nail production and not get supply blocked.
Ok, thanks. I will work on that.

Here is a game I played just now, trying to keep that in mind. Again I won, but as he said it was because he tried to focus down my tanks. And maybe some other stuff...
Anyway I think I did pretty well towards the beginning, scouting alot for fun and only delaying a little, then when there were more it got out of control. Specific things, I didnt do anything with my factory for a while, got supply blocked or mineral blocked alot (probably didnt expand early enough) and in the battle I didnt move my marines. A couple died from the random cannon.
Technically I'm posting this more for my friend, not myself, but meh, I'll take criticism for myself as well since I'm not the best TvT player either. Oh and I'll also maybe email this link to him

It's a TvT with a friend of mine. He's technically played longer than me, but he's mostly played Team Games and he said he's trying some 1v1's and isn't used to nobody covering his back. Except he's in Silverland and getting rocked. He wants to improve (As in get to Gold before Thanksgiving in about a Month), but he won't believe me when I tell him stuff like "Make more workers" or "Use your dang control groups better" or "Make more production buildings!" etc.

Seeing as how you're High Masters, he'll probably believe you more than me

Oh and also: That wasn't an offensive "gg" by me, he said "gg" like 3 times in the chat, I am not a douchebag :)
I need help with my TvP.

I'm really not sure what I did wrong. I had him contained so that I could safely expand, but it seems like he was just able to get a lot more units than me. Obviously that rally point didn't help, becasue a lot of units were getting sniped before they got to my army, but besides that I don't see what I did wrong.

Also note that I didn't use control groups at all. I use hotkeys, but I just can't get into control groups. Any idea on how I should practice, what I should have done better in this game, and how should I set up my control groups?

@ Jamob, SliceNDice, tumi

sorry I didn't get to these last night. Had a headache and passed out. I'm watching them now and I'll get back to you guys soon
@ Jamob

Much, much better than the first game! I saw where you took what I said to heart, and it did you good. However, as this game is a non-stop learning platform, there are a few things you need to tweak still

Your opening build order is off a bit. You did well with the supply depo, and the barracks, but after the rax was done you went ahead and threw down 2 more rax before your converting your orbital command (OC) and getting your second supply depo. It worked out, but you supply blocked yourself for a bit, which early game isn't HUGE but its still a problem.
Try this order out. There are two basic terran build order for any build opening, and I'm going to give them to you:

Gas opening:
10 supply
12 rax
13 gas
15 OC (or 16, if you want to wait on the 16'th SCV to get done)
When the rax is done, you should have 200 minerals, 150 for the OC, and 50 for your first Marine
Get second supply when you have 100 minerals after OC is converting

Gasless opening
10 supply
12 rax
15/16 OC
second supply

By doing this every game, you make the early game solid, and that helps out a lot. By getting mules as quickly, you make up for the lost mining time of your workers that are building/scouting/fending off harass, and catch up with the other race's income, because they can make a lot workers quicker than you can.

Speaking of that, Your SCV production was great. Still some gaps, but much better that last time. Also, your supply production was better as well. You still got blocked, but overall you were making the supply you needed

Now, the only thing left I'd caution you on is that the build you did is pretty much an all in. You have 4 rax and a factory on one base, and that's pretty much stretching your income off one base. You did make an expansion, but it started after 10 minutes, which is late. If that push had failed, odds are you would have lost. But if you keep building up like that on one base, then you will win 80%+ of your matches, because other bronzies are not going to have the production to fend you off.

Thats why I tell people to stay on one base and practice their mechanics and make a large one base push, instead of trying to quick expand when you can't take advantage of it. I'd say keep doing that build til it's easy: you constantly make SCV's, you don't get supply blocked, everything is fairly solid, then add in an expansion and learn to do a 2 base push.
10/23/2011 07:26 AMPosted by MtlGuitarist
@SliceNDice - Will watch the replay and edit as I get farther into the game.

thanks bro ;)


Would you mind if I did a lesson about how to watch replays and critique yourself on my stream with this replay? I haven't watched it, and I can promise you the criticism wont be harsh, but helpful
10/23/2011 07:41 AMPosted by WinterBornRH
@SliceNDice - Will watch the replay and edit as I get farther into the game.

thanks bro ;)


Would you mind if I did a lesson about how to watch replays and critique yourself on my stream with this replay? I haven't watched it, and I can promise you the criticism wont be harsh, but helpful

Yeah that sounds fine. I'll be watching your stream whenever you're ready :).

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