Blizzard, we love the Carrier.

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Carrier is such a great icon for protoss. A lot of fan art and random pictures as such,
are all based on it. Not to mention it was Tassadar who heroically crashed the Gantrithor(hero carrier) into the Overmind to kill it. If there were no carriers then there would be no protoss.
You know at first I didn't care at all really, I was glad to see Tosses new air unit and happy that the Carrier was out cause of how bad it is in SC2.

Now that I've read some posts in this thread I am actually starting to feel bad about it being removed.
Every post posted is another post closer to a billion pages.

If you love the carrier and want to see it receive SOME SORT OF BUFF then you have to post in this thread.

Hell, why didn't they just give interceptors area of effect damage and reduced the build time of carriers to half of what they are now? <---------------------EFFECTIVE TEMPEST
10/23/2011 10:41 PMPosted by Reaver
billion pages
I'd also like to add that this thread has received 400 replies so far, and over THREE-THOUSAND VIEWS!

10/22/2011 12:24 AMPosted by Crimson
Certain units don't work in SC2. This isn't SC1, because so much has changed, certain units don't make sense to exist anymore from both a story standpoint and a pure gameplay standpoint.

This. I don't see carriers working anymore even if they tweaked them. That being said, still don't think they should just throw it away.
all it needed was a reduced build time and 50 minerals and 50 gas slashed off the price

*shakes head*
Copied this straight from StarCraft Wiki


*Carriers are capable of making jumps through warp space[6] and can operate in both atmospheric and deep space conditions.[5] When not on the bridge, a carrier commander is entitled to his/her own quarters.[5]*

There we go. Give Carriers a "Super Blink" and they will become used. Also reduce their build time and increase the range of their Blink. Give them an energy pool and make the blink an upgrade.

This could easily balance the carrier to the point of it being used very statically.
10/22/2011 12:41 AMPosted by Rafaello
ITP: Newcomer to the starcraft universe who doesn't know how blizzard destroyed an entire race in sc2, and now wants to take our iconic unit away instead of fixing it.

Newcomer to SCII please go play SC1 if youre so nostalgic. Your profile is too pathetic to make any remarks about game balance.
Blizz is probably too afraid of what it might do to the balance if carriers were buffed.
Im so sorry blizzard, i promise ill start using the carrier and mother ship more if you keep them in the game, i know ive been bad sticking with ground units and colossus but i promise ill change, ill build carriers every game! just keep them in for heart of the swarm!

(OR if you want to replace the carrier with the OLD TEMPEST that shot shirukins and was a dark carrier that would be cool too =D, but the new tempest is so lame, anyway why would we use a tempest when we dont use a carrier??? its in the exact same place on the tech tree and MORE expensive yet, LESS cool)
Why is the tempest so flat?
I wish I had the Selendis or Carrier portrait already so I could post here and say "they took my job!" .
I'm going to go to sleep now. When I wake up I expect this thread to have at least doubled in either views or posts.

Please Blizzard, for the love of Tassadar keep the carrier. There is NO NEED to remove it. None at all. Please at least TRY to fix it.

give back our mothership and carrier,please
10/23/2011 11:21 PMPosted by Reaver
Please Blizzard, for the love of Tassadar keep the carrier. There is NO NEED to remove it. None at all. Please at least TRY to fix it.

Tassadar died in his carrier in honor of saving the sector. The carrier is all that we have left of that legacy.
BLZ plz pay back the carrier for us!!!FOR AIUR!!!
The carrier is the iconic unit? Why is everyone quoting the zealot then?
Keep the Carrier..

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