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am i the only one who isn't h8ing on him

if you don't have a problem with David Kim post here :)
The game is almost balanced no need to hate him
He definitely understands what he's doing. It was nice to hear what exactly a SC balance designer does to assess a balance issue. Its just a shame that they've got to sacrifice so much to keep their casual audience.
I like him yeah.
I have a problem with the manner in which you substitute numbers for letters in your writing.
I had faith in him for the entire beta, and the first half of the release. I gave up hope when he said PvP was too much 4 gate and summarily nerfed protoss to the point where it couldn't compete with the other races. The final nail in the coffin was the blink nerf - protoss players stood a chance against the other races if they have 300+ apm micro, lets nerf this and put them back down below 40% win rating.
Well i have no reason to not like him.

And he seems like a happy lil dude.
He's a Terran player and the balance director. And lo and behold, by pure coincidence Terran just so happens to be the dominant race.
Maybe what Blizzard should do is hire 2 more balance directors, one who plays zerg and one who plays protoss. They'd be the Council of Balance. Maybe the game would be more balanced if the wasn't balanced from the point of view of one race?

No taxation without representation! (ie: nerfs)
He did good. It's too bad that people are going to hate him no matter what he does.

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