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When burrowed, are the Swarm Hosts invisible like other burrowed units? They looked so huge burrowed on the vid clip that it looked hard to tell.

Also, the pathing issue could be a good thing when you're talking about the enemy forces and not your own. Similar to how a BL screws up the pathing of enemy units marching toward you. Would be like the enemy is walking up-stream to get to your forces.

I wonder if you can halt production of the raptors? Plant a few and wait till the ball passes, then unleash them to block pathing backward while you ram them in the front with Blings.

Personally, I think complaining about the pathing issue would be like Terrans complaining about tanks causing friendly fire. You just have to position and use them correctly. I usually don't have much problem with BLs causing pathing issues with my own units. Usually because they're all headed the same direction though...
Don't compare lurkers and swarm hosts, they aren't similar other than attacking while burrowed. Lurkers are more similar to banelings in the role they fill.
The Swarm Host feels more like a Sc2 Zerg unit in the sense that Zerg units in Sc2 are designed to be expensive garbage. The Lurker fits the Brood War Zerg race because the units were designed to be effective and they had strength in numbers.

I was going to type something to this effect, but I see that someone already did it for me. Thanks.

Honestly, SC2 Zerg is never going to feel like SC1 Zerg because we lost too many integral units. The Swarm Host is a better fit in this game, though I'm worried that it will turn out to be "expensive garbage".
Swarm Host definitely feels like a zerg unit, and I'm sure it will be a great unit but that's not the problem.

The problem is that despite Dustin Browder claiming otherwise, Swarm Host does not fill the role of a ranged siege unit like the lurker does. It has long range but there's no splash damage and it can't "fire" over a cliff.
A unit with those things is exactly the role that is missing in Zerg and the SH doesn't fill that.
A lot of valid replies and concerns. However, I have to agree with some statements. Those being that the SH does not fill the role of a siege unit for zerg, and "slow and methodical" is a terran role, with zerg being "fast and swarmy". Also, given the costs, its more associated with a T2-3 unit for late game, not early game pressure. I wasn't trying to necessaray "compare" the two, just stating that the lurker fills the role that zerg needs, whereas the SH doesn't. Add on top of that, the lurker is a burrowed, splash, make a terran army think twice about a-moving unit, where as the baneling is a "lol-kite-split" unit. Baneling has its uses, but its nothing near the lurker zerg needs.
Swarm host is more zergy. I dont know if its more powerfull but it definantly looks more fun and it certainly has more of the Sc2 feel to it.

Im glad they didn't bring the lurker back. It really annoys me, just how many people keep whining about it.

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