The Crash (Part 3)

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A continuation of The crash series.

Reserved until further notice.
OOC: Wow, didnt know my RP was going to live to have a part 3 o.O
IC: The Carrier moved smoothly, we would land in an hour. All was fine and quiet, but there was a omniscient feeling above us. To confirm this, the sensors went off.
"Sir, the sensors have detectors have indicated Zerg that..... By Auir, it's a leviathan! It has unconfirmed hostiles with it."
"Focus on landing on the planet, and have the gunners focus on closest targets."
"But what about the other Carrier?"
"Tell them that we recommend to do the same. We can't kill that Leviathan until we get bigger guns. So, get this ship moving!"
OOC: Hey that good and I'm glad I am part of it. The other isn't full yet.
Im really glad my changeling hasn't died yet :D
OOC: Ahaha. You need to decide where your chars are Babys. I thought you had your chars run towards the Hercules cockpit. I had my chars run in the opposite direction. And this post would've finished up part 2, but you did it before me LeKroger with yours. Which is funny because of what you said. I wonder if that is irony. IDK.
OOC: I'm simply running alongside the changeling. He's deciding where the f*ck we're running to.
OOC: Yeah made me laugh when I saw where my post was. It was irony at its finest.

IC: The insects making the creature were moving fast yet still harmed by the bullets from the autocannons. The beast moves behind some crates to gain cover from my fire.
"Heh, looks like Flint is already busy."

"What he can't take that thing on! I don't remember him even carrying a weapon."

"What did he forget to tell you? He's a goliath pilot."

"I don't recall. Ok, I got the flamethrower. Are you sure you're ready? You don't have a torch or anything."

"Yea, I'm good. Let's go!"

I open the door to the ship and we run out ready to fight.
I launch a shedder grenade at the crate where the creature was hiding. The crate is ripped apart and the insects scream in pain. I had to cover my ears because of the screeching. I have forgotten the sounds of the dieing zerg. It was worse when I was on Char I remind myself. The UED had me there for a that short, but was more zerg there thats for sure.
I see the ghost and Flemming come out of the ship. "Bout time someone decided to come and help." I turn my attention back to the insects, firing at them when ever I could.

OOC: Forgot to mention there are still some UED marking on my walker but they are hard to find. Most are over the engine compartment.
...We are in the ship, tis official.

I ran towards the inferno creature as screamed in pain. I made a hand signal directed at Flint to tell him to cease to fire. I hoped he understood. I fired my flamethrower at the creature and as the insects in front burned, the insects in the back retreated and scattered. I was sure it would get away...

As John burned the creature, I circled around to the side of the creature. I was protected from the flames by a nearby box. I told John on the suit's comm system to cease fire. I ran forward and I raised my hands.

"Hey, you bugs. I want all of you to burn!!"

Fire seemed to appear out of thin air as the temperature of the surrounding area increased drastically. Fire burned everything around me, but never burned me. The insects trying to escape were fried into tiny crisps. Each insect screeched individually prompting me to finish it fast. As the fire ceased to exist, I collapsed onto my right knee. I looked back at John and I saw the astonishment on his face.

"I told you I could handle it."

OOC: I have been waiting to have a chance to display that power. Oh, and just so you know, there could be more of that creature, but that destroyed all the parts in the docking bay, presumably.
Seeing Flemming's motion to cease fire, I let off the trigger. The ghost after a bit releases some immense psionic powers. The heat he created fried all the insects in the bay. I power down the autocannons.
Nice display of power. Hope it didn't drain you to much, you'll need your energy.
I move over to the ghost and Flemming and get out of the walker. "You two ok?"
“Yea, we're good. He wasn't so tough now was he?"

"Umm, I just noticed that this box says, ‘Danger Explosives...’"

"Well, uh... It looks fine… but I don't feel safe with a flamethrower and a goliath walker right next to it. Let's go over there... near my ship."

OOC: No, Jeff is fatigued, but it won't knock him unconscious. I'm just going to assume that the psionic shock knocked him out with the help of the drugs the medic give him. Umm, what was the medic's name again?
Inside the ship, I feel Jeff's immense energy flare and then dissipate. I rush out and see him exhausted.
"What did you do Jeff? You look like you ran a marathon!" I then notice all the crisps that were once the insects.
"Jeff, what just happened?" I ask in a serious tone.

I sense the Ghost's Psionic power come close to overwhelming him, but just when he couldn't build it up, he released it, killing the mass of creatures outside. My Broodmate comes out of the ship, and begins to question him. I sense his worry, and the Ghost's too. I can read them both clearer than anyone else on this ship. I go up to him, and put one of my feelers on the back of his neck, I then let my psionic powers flow into him, he seems to be less exhausted now. My broodmate looks at my questioningly. Using our connection, I tell him that I have more psionic abilities than him, but far less than the ghost.

(Remember, Jeff can hear my "private" discussions due to being connected to the changeling...)
OOC: Medic's name is Jennifer
"Considering what I fought Char, yeah this wasn't to bad."
I look at the crate. Yeah explosives wouldn't be good to have a walker or flamethrower near. I activate the walker through the p.d.a. and move it a safe distance from the crate.
I decide to open the crate and see if there was anything useful in it. I found 5 more shredder grenades, a 4 flashbang grenades, 3 explosive ordinances, and 2 dozen warheads for hellfire missiles.
"Looks like a good find. My walker has a grenade launcher so I can use the shredders. If i had the missile bodies I could use the warheads."
"Umm, thanks for that. And to answer your question, I'm a pyro. Umm, what should I call you again?"

"Jeff, what the hell did the Defiler just do to you?"

"Put down the flamethrower John. He just gave me some psionic energy."

OOC: Jeff isn't actually a pyro; he's just messing with him.
"Broodmate, are you sure we can trust this man?"

"I can count on it, I have seen into his mind and he has seen into mine, there is nothing to worry about."

Despite what he says, I feel safer around the medic than around this Ghost. I go back inside and seek her company.
"Heh, it seems your companion mistrusts me almost as much as my companion mistrusts you."
"Hey Flemming found some good stuff in the crate. Anything you can use?"
"I'll take a few flash bangs and maybe some shredder grenades. Is there anything else in there?"

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