The Crash (Part 3)

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The Consular took a step back, activating his psi blade. The golden light shined, giving a nice warmth.
"Give me a moment."
He disappeared to the shadows, then returns after a few seconds.
"Had to deal with some..... business. Let's continue."
He started with a jab, which the changeling dodged with ease. They scuffled, jabs here, slashes there, but none of them reached there mark. Until the consular stopped. He looked at his arm, noticing something. Then the changeling met his mark. The blade went through, but no blood. The changeling moved the blade around trying to make him bleed. But the Consular didn't flinch. The Consular looked at the changeling eyes.
"You have won this duel, but you aren't the one that killed me."
Then he died in flash of light. Everyone looked in confusion at the lack of blood, and when their eyes passed where Troy was: He was gone.
"Well, looks like the Terrans had some ulterior motives. I've had my fun for today, We'll be leaving now."
The Other clones and I begin to fade into the shadows, our green eyes the last thing to fade away. But before we were completely gone, I relished the moment. The Changeling's objective was fufilled, and I felt incredibly happy. We materialize next to our master, who is watching everything from his Monitor.
"Good job, my Servants... You have eliminated one of the biggest threats to me. For that, you shall serve by my side once my government is established..."

While my clone fights the Counselor, I walk over to Jennifer, who is feigning unconsciousness.
"Well, if she's unconscious, then I'll just have to carry her on my shoulder."
Before the Zealot can say anything. I give him a smile and a wink. I hoist Jennifer over my shoulder and she wakes up and starts telling me to let her down.

"Got ya!"
By now I realize that the Counselor is dead, the Captain is gone, and the Clones disappeared. As I bring Jennifer over to the center of the Lab, (She's still a little bit wobbly) John Flint's face lights up when he sees her awake.
The deckmaster met with Troy, seeing that he was okay. But he didn't see the Consular.
"Is he......"
"Ya, he dead in a bright flash."
"We know, he brought the device. He knew the results."
"Well, al least he passed on his power."
"Yes, the child is going to be our new commander, more powerful than the Consular."
"But until he gets here, I'm in charge. Is the device ready?"
"Yes, now the child has to get here."
We both look at the ship.
"And let's get prepared for him. Clean up the place, and make it formal like. And I have to you something."
"Which is......."
"The Guardian's pissed. Respect the Temple, unless you want to face it yourself."
I get on the ship's cargo bay to drop off the mech, and then I walk to the cockpit. I have some orders that I want done.
Counselor- Uber High Templar (Just died)
Deckmaster- A Protoss, commands the counselor's ship.
Troy- The Captain? (I think)
OOC: Troy's the Captian, Deckmaster is second-in-command, Consular was Uber High Templar who lost because majority of his powers (which is a lot) was given to the Protoss child.
Any more questions before we move to part 4?
Well looks like the clones have disappeared for a moment. I guess I better take this time to see if I can repair any of the damage done to the leg unit.
After an hour of examining the damage there wasn't much I could do. I didn't have the parts that I needed to fix the damage hydraulics that lifted the leg nor did I have any extra wires to replace the damaged ones. Further examination show that the leg will hold out for a short while under normal use, if I move at 50% of my normal speeds then it will hold out longer. Either way is needs repairs that I cannot preform here.
I decide to leave it here. No one can really hijack it, even if they could it is out of auto cannon ammo has one shredder with a few flash bangs and the rockets are STA anyway. I lock the hatches and disable the engines.
I look at the Andy (the changeling) "What are we needing to do now."

OOC: Note I probably won't be on a whole lot today got work. If i can post i will try to.

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