The Crash (Part 3)

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"If it is the captain, I will eviscerate him myself..."
I look at the explosives we had just found.
"We may not have to my friend." I gesture to the explosives.
"Landing aboard the ship, get ready for drop."
We boarded off the shuttle, then it left as soon as the last man got off. The ship was going to pick us up after the mission was done to prevent lost of a shuttle.
"Alright men, move out."
We moved towards the first set of doors, which of course was blocked.
"Everyone got their suits on?"
They nodded, and I had one of them place charges on the door. We stood back until we heard the explosion, then we moved inside the hall. Halfway I get a message from the ship.
"Sir, Zerg pods heading you're way. They've been identified as Vans creatures. Prepare for the first wave of impacts."
The ship soon rocked, indicating they landed.
"We're moving out. Focus fire on the pods and the Leviathan should ignore you."
"It left sir, it's heading to the planet."
"Roger, Captain out."
"All hands brace for impacts!"
*pods hit*
"Multiple hostiles on board. Please also note that a terran and protoss strike force has landed in launch bay two."

"Well this keeps getting better... Who should we send to deal with the ones coming to us?"
I hear the impacts on the ship and I contact John. I warn him to prepare for a fight as I hear a general announcement from Discord warns the crew of incoming zerg and protoss. I run to the room where the adjutant is stored and I open the door and I see yet another monstrosity. I seal the door shut, but the creature already noticed me. I activate my cloaking device. The creature starts banging on the other end of the door and it is very powerful.

It seems things weren't complicated enough, huh?

OOC: Ball's in your court Naitsrich. You said there was a monster, so what does it look like?
Wait, am I with anyone?
OOC: You can be in the ship with John.

"Hey John? Is there a room where I can a little... Privacy? I want to see something, but I'm not sure if it will work. I need to be locked in there just in case it doesn't work..."
Locked in huh?

"Yea, there is a second floor to this ship. Go up there and I'll lock the entrance. The stairs are over there. What about your Defiler friend here? He better not bite me."

"He won't bite you. He trusts you more than he trusts Jeff."
I go in the room and John locks it in, I start to concentrate. I feel rage start to curdle in my left side. I compress all of it and cast it out, but when I regain consciousness, there is another Changeling. But he is RED.
"Heh, guess it worked."

"Hell yeah it did!"

"Wow, I was thinking you would just be, aggressive, but are you going to be just less rude or are you going to be plain violent?"

"It depends, brother."

"OK, John, it worked, you can let us out now." (Notice I said US)
I guess I have no choice. I look at the Defiler. I wonder if he really does trust me. He probably could kill me at any time, so I guess I should just do what the Changeling says. Plus, Jeff got pretty aggressive last time I tried to hurt him. Maybe that Changeling can kill off some of the intruders for me also.

"Ok, the door's unlocked. Show me what you did."

I dial the family's secure line again, but there is still no answer.

I'm getting worried. Even if they moved to another planet, the number should still be connected with their line. Trouble's on the horizon. Well, more trouble than we have now that is.
I sense Fleming's worry. "What is bothering you?"
"I'm getting no answer from the family and that's a problem. This line should reach them even if they are off world. I'm getting nervous. According to Jeff's computer there have been renewed attacks on fringe worlds by the zerg. Plus, the dominion tried to silence our ship and its crew. Do you think they went after our families? My family was also anti-Dominion. Who knows what those monsters would do to them?!"

As it would turn out, my worries were not unfounded.
"Well, we finally can give us names now." I step out of the room.

"Yeah, you can be green, I'll be red." I step out of the room after him.

"Hmm, but what about the defiler?"

"Ugh, you know I'm no good with names!"

"Yeah I guess that makes sense..."

"Hey... John? No, not Flint, the one dressed as a ghost. What's wrong? You looked depressed!"
//The Beast//
(Giant hydra with protoss hands instead of claws, attached psi-blades, ultralisk-like shell on its back, and a long tail that goes in glowing segments. This is the creature the Capt. said that could absorb living things)
It was annoyed, the creature ahead of it blocked it's path. It could break it down, but did not want to deal with these pathetic creatures. It called a pack of giant zerglings to it side. When they arrived, the Beast attacked the door; it gave way easily. Then, the zerglings came in the room while the Beast went another way around.
Damn, that thing will be a pain... gotta kill it with some explosives....
"Explosives, besides those you have, can be found in the armory on deck two."
(flash of light and wraith pops out)
This is commander Jones, the pro toss zeratul is chosen me and I need help!
(wraith crashes and kills John)
Commander Jones walks out,
Hey, um, sorry, ran outa gas.

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