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Buffing the carrier would give protoss a viable siege weapon without being forced to go robo and David Kim simply can't allow toss to have options.
Good catch, OP
Wut the hell is wrong with you people you all !@#$%ed about it forever now they fixed by giving u aoe air with an awesome looknig unit and you already have good ground aoe and you qq god damn then give it to terran we will gladly take the tempest you can keep the carrier .
Get rid of the whole tag things, no more "extra damage to armored" or "extra damage to light" or whatever, just make then do damage straight up then use armor as damage reduction as is the point of armor.

The tags are remnant of a simpler but somewhat invisible system in Sc1.
Unit sizes(armor type): Small, medium, large
Attack type: Normal, explosive, concussive
Normal did 100% to all sizes.
Explosive did 100% to large, 75% to medium, 50% to small (70 dmg tank did 35 to lings)
Concussive did 100% to small, 75% to medium, 50% to large

Nonetheless... To the OP - You should add a line at the end about the carrier being ignored and then thrown out in HotS

Also, to all -
According to Dustin Browder, "the Tempest didn't feel right and that there was too much of an emotional connection with the original unit."
10/23/2011 09:56 PMPosted by Quirriff
It's been underpowered from the start and blizzard hasn't even done a thing to fix it.

its not under powered, its just not worth it to get, it shares a counter with colossus, and between colossus and carrier, we already know whos better, even though the new ship replacing colossus are still sharing a counter, they have different roll then carriers did, and their aoe damage versus air is really nice, trust me, id rather have u guys keep carriers then have to deal with that capital ship, besides, isn't protoss the superior tech race? maybe its just time for an upgrade >.>, i can count on 1 hand how many times I've seen carriers used at the pro level, and its not because they are bad, its because they don't fit any useful role
10/23/2011 10:05 PMPosted by Moridin
The annoying thing is it'd be relativity simple to make better, a 20 second build time reduction, extra one or two points of armor, and the ability to move the carrier while interceptors are attacking like in BW... voila viable capital ship worth its cost.

uhh... the carrier can move and attack at the same time..... Every protoss flying unit can attack and move at the same time....
STOP COUNTERING THINGS!! This is the problem with the balance in the game, they are trying to make it paper rock scissors instead of chess.

It's not rock paper scissors because you can have rock and paper and scissors all in the game at the same time, and instead of having three options there are dozens with a complex web of interactions. This kind of balancing has always existed in games; if it didn't, then units would be nothing more than better iterations of the same basic stat line. The entire notion of strategy relies on the fact that units will perform better or worse against certain other units; thus the player is forced to try to predict, scout, and outsmart his opponent.

Comparing it to chess in inappropriate because in chess you only are in a position to control the pieces you have been given; you aren't trying to decide what pieces you want to add to the board as the game progresses, you and your opponent have access to the same types and number of pieces. Thus there is no uncertainty about what pieces your opponent has and also where they might be.

Also, the rock paper scissors analogy isn't effective because it doesn't convey the fact that, in a game like SC2, units can end up beating what are intended to be their "counters" by employing better positioning, micro, control, etc. But the core concept of every unit having individual strengths and weaknesses and (more importantly) a specific purpose on the battlefield is still there.

The problem isn't that the carrier is bad. The problem is that the design of the carrier is such that it's hard to imagine what purpose it would fulfill on the battlefield. It is an expensive, high health flyer that attacks both air and ground and does the same damage to every type of unit. It would have to be seriously reimagined in order to become useful. A stat change alone wouldn't fix it.
All i want is a carrier hero with kamikaze abilyti, like tassadar´s
This is pathetic, I mean come on Blizzard.

Guess we'll have to wait for LotV for protoss to be complete.
OH MY ADUN! REALLY???? C'mon blizz! This is so retarded its not funny! Even if you don't buff them, just keep them for Aiur's sake! They are the icon of the protoss!

Carrier has arrived B****! Now get back in your corner and take this wuppin' like a MAN!
I see the carriers used as much as the battlecruiser, one goes and the others gets NAWWWZZZ!!!
make the carriers viable like cut the build time by about 20% or 40% like the ULTRALISK had.

make it happen blizz

and who says nobody is using it. and its a hell fun using it in pvt. its the most SICK and SEXIEST Build ever.

here are the replays and its even viable and very strong.

the timing attack is also achievable.
This thread is winning

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