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so i dunno how many of u have seen my older mentoring thread i made about 8 months ago. its pretty out of date ad stuff so i figured id do a newer one. I'm still in diamond league but im winning between 60-90%, depending on day and wat matchups i play. I have around 70apm, pretty good macro and strong builds. In TvP i play more of an aggro end game early style, or ill do a really long term macro builds. in TvT i usually play mech or rine/tank depending on map(ingeneral mech is strongest imo) in TvZ i currently have a few builds, atm ive been doing a turtle mass xpo build while doing harrassment with nukes and drops

just a basic info thing about wat i do for those interested.

IMPORTANT, MSG ME INGAME, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. last thread i had ppl leaving me their id and such, im not able to get everyone so please msg me@cheesfactory/579. remember that when you msg me i might be busy or not wanting 2 right then, given that im not charging or anything i feel im totally ok with just not doing anything when i dont feel like it, in general though when im online im able 2 tutor.

TLDR message me at cheesfactory/579
hey u need to get on skype more...john..

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