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^ Na account


^ Eu account

I will be looking over this thread answering questions / reviewing replays to the masses. And updated this with replay packs that I play on the NA / EU servers. Feel free to leave questions so that I may assist you. ^^ I am a high level masters player currently on team Vector Gaming.

NA replays
1)Here are some games that I played at top 8 masters at season 4. Includes my practice games for the first 2 days.

2) 11.9.2011 all games. includes a game vs CatZ aka CoLStandard TvZ

EU Replays
1) All played on 11.5.2011. I went something like 20W - 3L? Even some GM action in there, enjoy!

2) All played on 11.6.2011.

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Thanks for all the feed back!
A single bump, not doing more.

I am surprised as to how this is not receiving any questions. The threads I'm reading has very low league people giving advice constantly? Is it not better to try to get advice from someone with more experience? Or someone that is exceptionally active on the ladder? I see new threads being opened as well asking for Terran advice. After this bump, if the trend continues I'll just let the thread die. Thanks for the read! Hope some of you at least got your hands on the replays to improve your play.
Mutas come in at around the 9-10 minute mark, so should you sim city your buildings closer to your CC?

Can you stay on Tank Marine Thor well into the late game in a TvZ?

11/06/2011 11:20 AMPosted by vGYosho
I am surprised as to how this is not receiving any questions.

*dons a duster, earpiece, and sticks out a microphone"

You have a 57% win rate! How does that make you feel?

You can help delay Mutalisk timing to make it come later by doing drops or a hellion opener.

The way I sim city is I try to keep my production close together and in between my main and my natural so I can keep my marines + 1 medivac or thor at the production facilities and easily move to either main or natural.

I try to keep 2 turrets at production and 3 at each mineral line mid - late game so I can attack. otherwise 1 in production and 2 in mineral line while the muta ball is low.

You can stay on thor marine tank however you want at the most about 2-3 thors in your army because you need tanks more to destroy the ground army. Also you should scan his main around the 15-16 minute mark (when the pro's get a hive) to see how close he is to hive. Because once he starts building the hive or he has infestors you want to throw in ghosts. Or vikings. Also prepare for a switch to marauders if he goes ultralisks.

So yes you can stay on that comp until hive tech. Usually before 16 minutes.

That it means i'm doing slightly better then even against Grand masters / Top master players in the united states. Makes me feel pretty good actually! Considering that anyone in the top 300 has the potential to be in GM, there simply just aren't enough spots and they rotate in and out in the season.
Tell me how to beat Zerg. I just get rolled by mutaling every game.

First, I don't want to veto this map but hands down I lose 100% vs. Zerg.

From 2 Rax/No Gas FE Bunker Rush, to Hellion Harass, to 1/1/1, I cannot gain any ground. Zerg can pick up their 2nd and 3rd so quickly and easily defend both. If I try to expand as quickly or dump a ton of minerals into bunkers and turrets to defend my natural, my army's too small and gets wiped out.

What are your tips and/or strategies?

I could post a replay but I'm afraid the focus would be on my mechanics, which are good enough to compete at my level (Silver) and still earn me decent wins, but I'm looking for specific strategies for metalopolis vs. zerg.

Thanks for the assist!

P.S. - I created a separate thread for this without realizing this one was already here. :P

P.P.S - This topic is "vs. Zerg - Metalopolis" o_O

If it is just muta ling then a timing push before the spire is done 9-11 minutes can close the game opening up with hellions and run in's. Another Defending muta ling is a lot about spreading out your marines / thor / siege tanks so that if they decide to attack you aren't all clumped together. Throw in some random buildings as well to add in more spread to your army. Such as supply depo walls or turrets placed in, maybe some production facilities. always having 1 thor will help as well.

Really though the best way to help is with a replay to show what you are doing well and what you aren't.

I also have some excellent examples of the hellion openers in the replay pack!

On metalopolis it is really hard to defend hellion openers. Such as reactor hellion into expand (Many examples in the replay) Transitioning into marine tank thor and just heading straight for the gold as your 3rd expo. This allows you to help control the flow of the middle. Meaning you can attack his main or has farthest expo and his army has to travel. This also puts an immediate threat on his radar that you have a gold and stops his main army from being able to travel to your natural 3rd. Do be aware of drops in your main in this scenario though. I love metalopolis because of the hellion opener and gold expand. If you gain a significant lead it can even be your 2nd base with hellion / siege tank / thor. leaving 1 thor and 2 tanks in your main to defend muta / make it harder to break your main.
Throwing up my stream for EU practice!

How do you deal with 2 base bling bust all ins? i just throw up mass bunkers, but it doesnt always work...
11/06/2011 12:06 PMPosted by Echofivefour
How do you deal with 2 base bling bust all ins? i just throw up mass bunkers, but it doesnt always work...

Production facilities instead of bunkers. Or you could... not give them a target. Meet them on the open field, be aggressive. That's... pretty much the top advice to any zerg strategy.

"He's massing mutas!"
Go attack him. He'll have to pull the mutas.

"He's baneling busting!"
Go attack him. Unless he has hooks and is on creep, your marines will rock his world.

"He's just churning out ultralisks!"
Ultralisks cost a lot of money. That means he has many expos active. You probably should've attacked them.

"The entire map is creep! He has home field advantage everywhere!"
Why were those queens allowed out of their base? You should've attacked and kept them pinned.
I though you are #1... and you are so uber leet.
I missed the middle chunk, and needless to say you just got facerolled, but I have to ask... did you ever actually do anything with that tech-port?
He was pretty mineral capped, i dont think he had the extra minerals to spend his gas.
11/06/2011 12:16 PMPosted by LRonHubbard
I missed the middle chunk, and needless to say you just got facerolled, but I have to ask... did you ever actually do anything with that tech-port?

He just made medivacs.

Try to split up your army / bunkers more at your natural with the 2 base all in. Or split them up more in your base. The downside with banelings is if they can't splash, they are near useless.
On the Europe account ^^

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