Make Marines attack ground only

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Marines attack ground only and then they can attack air after getting stimpack.

Fair enough?
then terran would be the worst race ever......... but i will still play it and will never leave it but come to think of it marine do shoot 50 cal bullets and the ghosts shooot like a gezus bullets so i think that it would do damage and this game isnt supposed to be super real
SC is not real life if it was toss would win 100% of the time by the tech and zerg would not be able to out run jets. terran need the AA to stop the game from being broken
Someone on TL made a compliation of LOL bnet threads. this was one

Did you just do a rage quit because you massed pheonixes and realize that they suck against ground?

If ANYTHING blizzard should decrease the marine's AA range by one.
making them not able to fire on air units completely is a a bad/dumb idea. It makes no sense. Small arms or not if i have a rifle i can still shoot at a target in the air. instead to balance it maybe make the dps or overall damage to air units weaker than to ground maybe -2 or more
11/10/2011 01:03 AMPosted by EmbryoCadavr
making them not able to fire on air units completely is a a bad/dumb idea. It makes no sense. Small arms or not if i have a rifle i can still shoot at a target in the air. instead to balance it maybe make the dps or overall damage to air units weaker than to ground maybe -2 or more

I had this kind of idea when I saw the title.

Maybe give Marines two different attack values air vs ground, like the Queen. In fact, reverse it.

Ground Attack: 6, Air Attack: 4, pretty much the reverse of what the Queen does (3/7).
Think of everything before you post. there woulde be MANY flaws. its not as easy as "take down their ability to shoot air."
11/09/2011 09:55 PMPosted by AFK
Someone on TL made a compliation of LOL bnet threads. this was one

Lol I want to see it. Link pls?
This is a game OP, not real life. Application of real life logic does not equal to a balanced game (even though there are many imbalances that still exist in SC2)
You do realize that all of Terrains AA (besides the Marine) attack and move very slowly, and die to Mutalisks rather quickly, correct? Have you ever had a Viking against a Mutalisk? It does pathetically bad for it's cost. It's range is lovely, but it's even difficult to kite with, considering how fast and MOBILE Mutalisks are, and it does bonus damage to armored, which Mutalisks are not considered. Vikings are good for Colossus, Carriers, Battle Cruisers, and taking advantage of the range of Seige Tanks, but not much of anything else.

If the Marine was ever removed from the Terran's army, they would have no viable AA against masses of air units like Mutalisks and Void Rays, because God KNOWS Thors are terribly Cost-Ineffective, and Vikings SUCK, even when MASSED, against unarmored Air Units, and only shine against armored air units, and with their slow attack speed will be precicely what kills them against quicker attacking air units like the Void Ray.

Don't even get me started about early game harass. Protoss has the Stalker, and Zerg has the Queen. These are all VERY powerful forms of early game AA.

EDIT: I don't mean to be rude by posting this, I'm just pointing out some things to consider and understand.

Naw, its all good, we're just having fun. I'd like to ask if you ever realized that all zerg anti air besides the MARINE is slow or fragile? Hydras are paper weights, they are so easy to kill, its not right. I can't send queens or hydras into combat since they don't move fast off creep. If I build too many of them, you'll wipe me with your ground army, if I build too little, you'll wipe me with your air ball. And mutas are just made of paper.

Just take a second to think, we've been playing this game acting like Terran somehow deserves to have t1 anti air. WHY?? Why do they get it, but both other races have to tech to get AA??? WHY do other races have to lose to early game air, but Terran doesn't??

Thor, turrets, and vikings will manhandle any mutas while you can send your army over to wipe out a base. Just turtle and expand. Rinse then repeat. I'm also going to point out that with hots, you will be getting your goliath back, except this time he has splash damage...

Mutas and Speedlings/Banelings are probably the most powerful composition of Zerg units I've seen, and they tear right through any Marine Composition. We all have defenses against early air harass, the Queen is actually the single-handed most powerful defense against air harass. Build two or three Queens, and kiss 1/1/1 goodbye. I wish Terran had something like that. Marines get picked off by Banshees like Hydras do to Seige Tanks. And Protoss has Stalkers and CANNONS, must more be stated about early air harass on other races?

Now I understand the Hydralisk is slow and very weak, and I honestly do think they need to be buffed, but Mutalisks are actually VERY powerful AA units, especially against Terran. All their AA (except the Marine and Thor) are meant to kill ARMORED air units, and the Thor, although meant to kill Mutalisks, is usually cost-ineffective to anyone who knows how to Magic Box, hence why it is getting replaced in HotS.

Keep in mind what I stated earlier, even if your opponent has Seige Tanks, a composition ever involving Marines will die instantly to Speedlings, a few Banelings, and Mutalisks. Mutalisks are probably the best air unit in the game, especially for their cost.

Don't even get started on HotS. Swarm Host, who spawns free units w/90 health and decent attack, BURROW CLAW BANELINGS, and Blink Ultras? Who's really getting the long end of the stick here? Come now, you know better.
from a lore standpoint i completely agree, this takes the suspension of disbelief to retarded levels. no gauss rifle is going to penetrate a battlecruiser hull and hope to bring a behemoth like that down.. lol

however as far as gameplay is concerned this would make terran anti air more worthless than zergs (lol). so if you do this than you would need to put in the goliath, and make it so it doesnt require a tech reactor to produce, which i would actually be fine with because it would give terran a reason to go meta-game mech, which would be awesome
11/06/2011 04:37 PMPosted by PwigZ
machine gun


Although Marines, in their huge-%^- suits, probably make use of light machine guns.
if marines couldn't attack air, then they would need a cheap unit like a goliath to attack air. Otherwise phoenix openings and void ray openings would be ownage. Also bio would no longer be useful EVER in TvZ. I'm not a fan of this suggestion.
Anyone who tries to take on marines with a void ray is an idiot that deserves to insta-lose.

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