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And to be fair, -1 if you like Replicant.

Replicant is a boring idea. If you like the idea of mixing up army compositions, play team games.

Give protoss a unique unit Blizzard; Replicant is the only unit that's quite literally redundant to ever other unit in the game.
I think it's cool.
It may have already been scrapped, you never know. It's very likely that it has not, but that's not my point. Game isn't out yet.
I don't feel it has a place in this game. +1
-1. You obviously haven't played the HotS custom game.
It's cool, but the cost isn't justified considering you can't replicate massive units. It's too gas intensive, for what you can get with it.

I agree, remove it, and put in something different. Something more unique to Protoss.

+1 -- Yes I've played the custom HOTS game, and seen the worthless *no upgrade* (non-massive) units you can replicate, and the cost just isn't worth it.
I think its a good idea but not for Starcraft. Something bothers me about the idea of giving Protoss units from other races. Overall, I'm not too enthusiastic about the replicant and the tempest. The Oracle, with some adjustments, can be promising.
Pretty sure it was getting replaced. Check on the interview TL did with Dustin Browder. They ask him about the thought process about removing a unit and the first thing he brings up is the replicant.

He talks about it as if it was already gone.

I'm not a big fan of the whole "Hey toss, we realize your units sucks so you can play units from other races with your race!" logic.
11/09/2011 06:26 PMPosted by TheGentleman
-1. You obviously haven't played the HotS custom game.

lol, Indeed.

Replicants automatically have 3/3 upgrades when they replicate into enemy units. Pretty imba!
+1 bad idea for a unit.
I like the reppy. Don't scrap the little guy. =(


It could be an interesting unit, depending how they intend it to work. However, the current representation I've seen hasn't seemed that spectacular. If they came up with a different unit for Protoss to replace it, I would not be upset.

Get rid of replicator give toss shreader.
-1, the replicant is not exactly cost effective, but I'd love to see what pros could do with it. I don't think it should replace any other unit, and it doesn't, but it adds another level of playability to protoss and I think that's for the best. For example: terran 1/1/1 push comes, replicate the raven, use your own point defense drone and use the repli-raven to detect cloaked banshees. Or use the replicant to create an scv, build a cc just for scvs, then all-in your opponent with them repairing your collosi.

EDIT: I'm not actually going to -1 this thread, as I like the discussion and the ideas that could come from it :P

wait and see

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