1-1-1....how exactly does it work?

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So I read the forums alot and since im in silver i often try the qq'ed about strats and see what happens. recently ive tried the 1-1-1 (and close variations of)and had good sucess because nobody looks for it. But should you frontal the banshees or harass while the tanks/rines chew the army?
also is it the same for tvt and tvz, because ive tried vs both and had sucesss.
I usually only use it for PvT...

I use the banshee to attack the mineral line then tank up outside his natural.
Basically, you inform the opposing player that you wil be going 111... he gg's and the game is over.
kk....i guess ill switch 2 that if my version fails. currently i go later then 10 but xpo faster and only get gas on it, 4/5 tanks + that # of cloaked banshees and X marines. never need raven or scv because in silver NOBODY knows what 1-1-1 is and hence cant stop it.
I've tried it in customs, just move out at like 9ish minutes with like 10-15 marines, 3ish siege tanks with siege, one raven, and a couple of no cloak banshees.
1. Make 1 Marine, 1 Siege Tank, and 1 Banshee.
2. A-move.
3. ??????????????????????????????????????????
4. Profit!
1. Make one of each structure (Barracks, Factory, Starport)

2. Build a bunch of stuff - whatever you can afford

3. Thank your opponent for the ladder points

then protoss drops 4 zealots with an additional warp in of zealot or stalker in your base mineral line thanks to warp prisim and then you loose because most of your units are out of position and cant defend your base.

1/1/1 been dead for quite a while, but the everything terran imba bandwagon runs very strong on this forum

Not sure if serious... Or just bad.

I've found that the best way to win against a 1/1/1 is to get about 5 phoenixes.
A 1-1-1 is a terran opener that involves making one barracks, one factory, and one starport.

It's an effective build because it offers a good deal of flexibility, opening up all tech paths for terran fairly early in the game.

There are several things terran players can do with a 1-1-1 opening -

1. Banshee harass. Getting a fast banshee with or without cloak is a good way to do early harassment. The banshee is a strong unit that almost always pays for itself as long as you don't fumble your micro and lose it in a silly way. Banshee harass leaves you low on forces early on but has plenty of nice mid game transitions. This is not an all in style 1-1-1 like some of the ones discussed below.

2. The dreaded marine / tank / banshee / raven timing attack. This is the all-in style 1-1-1 variant that has caused so much rage over the last couple months. It's a one base play that involves getting fast tanks with siege and air units - usually banshees. Sometimes ravens and even medivacs can be added. Difficult for Protoss to stop on small maps like Xel naga.

3. The Polt timing push. This is an older all in that has been mostly phased out by the marine / tank / banshee all in. Invented by Polt Prime, it's a one base push that masses marines, get fast stim, and has a raven for PDD + 2 banshees.

4. Early medivacs for marine drops. This variant is much less common because if you 1-1-1 to immediately get a medivac and try to drop, you leave yourself with almost no forces for defense at your front door. Banshee harass is much safer and more effective overall because your marines stay at home to defend rather than leaving with a medivac.

5. Blue flame drop. Terran can quickly get medivacs, a techlabbed factory, and get blue flame hellions to try and deliver a devastating early blow to the opponents economy.
The point is that it's a flexible BO. The only effective Protoss answer to it when executed properly involves seizing an early expo or getting a Stargate and cranking phoenixes, both of which are easily answered by 3 rax and pushing. It's a damned if you do, damned if you don't scenario that uses fast Terran upgrades to beat a lower tech Protoss force.

It's also not an all in, despite the name - you have enough resources to expand behind the push @ 9 minutes - if you do, it's a Polt timing push, if you don't, it's a 1/1/1. If the first wave fails for whatever reason (usually sloppy unit control on the T players part), you can rebuild your army and push again - it's basically a tech version of 3 Rax.

The only thing that's particularly imba about it is that it's not like a DT rush or 1 base Mutalisks, where if you get caught you just roll over and die. If your first attack in a 1/1/1 fails and you lose all the SCV's you sent to screen your push, you can keep rebuilding off of MULE's and push again in a few minutes. If the first attack didn't succeed, your second wave will. If that one doesn't, you have 1 more wave of 1/1/1 before your main is mined out and you have to float to your natural. If you haven't killed your opponent by then, it's because they have an expo.
I thought 1-1-1 was solved a year ago when it was big. Kinda nice to see something I actually know back though.
I think the deadliest version is the 3/1/1 that comes kinda late at 10 minutes. Having a bunch of SCV with you is really important.
11/10/2011 11:26 PMPosted by Rafaello
I've found that the best way to win against a 1/1/1 is to get about 5 phoenixes.

But in silver they dont know this ;)
What about thor version of 1-1-1 that hit at 15 minutes with 6 thors, 6 banshees, a raven full of energy (2 pdd) and a swarm of marines? In this scenario the first push always "fail" but the second is more than often successful because of high economy.
I though that "all-in" versions were off and replaced by 2 base + versions.
Its an overrated strategy.

People learned how to deal with it back in Beta.

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