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Since a few patches ago, Starcraft 2 has really been giving me crap over my sound setup.

I have a laptop computer, whose speakers suck, so I usually use headphones or a really nice pair of Harman Kardon speakers. Starcraft 2 will play sound through the speakers and headphones just fine.

If I try to play music while playing the game, the music ONLY comes out of the laptop speakers. It WILL NOT play from the plugged in speakers or the headphones. I seriously do not understand this problem.

Blizzard, please help me fix this, I have made a few posts in the past, to no avail. Tell me what you need to know. TELL ME, BLIZZARD. DANCE THE DANCE OF LIFE WITH ME.
Thanks for the help blizz.
Yeah I'm experiencing the same problem... My skype will work on my speakers but my starcraft sound will only come out from my laptop speakers...
so what was the solution?... haha i have the same problem
I have the same issue. Bumping this thread because it is important.
I have the exact same issue but it's that Starcraft II's sound only comes out of the internal speakers even when it's the only program using the soundcard. I almost returned these speaker's I just bought. I thought they were broken
I'm not sure what the issue is...if I have music playing when I start the game, and my headphones on, the music changes to play over my laptop speakers. I can manually set the game to use my headphones (normally I have it set to default), but the music will still play out my speakers. It seems as though the game actively changes your default when it starts up.

When I close the game, my sound goes back to my headphones.
Wait...I think I found the solution (at least for me...maybe it will help others too):

In my audio settings, it shows both my speakers and my headphones as separate devices. I had my headphones set as my default. When I changed the default to the speakers, it seems to fix the issue (the sound was going out the speakers according to this, anyway, even when it was playing through my headphones).
Same problem with my HP laptop. Tried rolling back the audio driver files and every single different setting on Starcraft 2.
Ya, I am having a similar issue. I even re-installed starcraft to see if that would fix it, but it did not. Whenever I start sc2 the sound will not play through any external sound device and only plays through my laptop speakers.

I have played warcraft a couple days ago and I did not come across this problem. I am not sure what is wrong I have even played with sound settings
i have a hp laptop and have the hp docking station and when i start starcraft 2 it makes my sounds come out thru the laptop speakers, did anyone ever figure out why this happens?
I wish we could get some kind of response from Blizzard since this issue has clearly not been resolved.

The only way I can get it to play through headphones is if I completely disable the laptop speakers as a sound device, but than Foobar doesn't work so it's not a good solution.
Issue still hasn't been resolved in anyway that doesn't involve me disabling sound devices in Windows which I shouldn't have to do.
I have the same issue. When Starcraft 2 is opened, all sound will play through my speakers, but as soon as I turn Starcraft off, sounds returns to my headphones.

It seems like HP laptops have this problem, as my laptop is an HP Pavillion DV-6, and all the other problems are off of HP machines.
Search 'manage audio devices'

Disable Communications Headphones.
Monkeylord's solution fixed it for me. Thanks
Finally got it to work. Thought I'd tried that already but I guess I was just disabling the laptop speakers
Search 'manage audio devices'

Disable Communications Headphones.

Thank you! This worked!
Search 'manage audio devices'

Disable Communications Headphones.

Sir, I love you. Thank you oh so very much.

I logged on just to say this.
Search 'manage audio devices'

Disable Communications Headphones.

Finally fixed my problem. Thank you sir.

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